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Friday Night Fanstand

Posts from December 2012

Fanstand: Mock 17-4A All-District '12 Teams
Players/fans will have to wait until January 10th of 2013 before finding out the coach's picks for 17-4A's all-district team.  We have composed this list of Cen-Tex East stars, and fashioned the awards similar to 25-4A's list (superlatives, 1st team, 2nd team, no honorable mentions).  Did we mention this is NOT an official list?  OK, take it for what its worth.  Coaches, feel free to consider!  We watched these players pretty close this year.

OVERALL MVP: QB Jake Hubenak ('13), Georgetown

OFFENSIVE MVP: Tyrone Owens ('13), Manor

DEFENSIVE MVP: LB Quinton Grant ('13), Manor

O-LINEMAN MVP: Jacob Hildebrand ('13), Georgetown

D-LINEMAN MVP: Clement Oyewale ('13), Manor

SOPHOMORE OF THE YEAR: WR/LB Colin Snell ('15), Elgin

MOST IMPROVED PLAYER: WR Kelton Evans ('13), Manor

SPECIAL TEAMS MVP:  Ed'drick McDonald ('13), Connally


QB - Te'Rel Simmons ('14), Elgin

RB - Dae Payton ('13), Connally

RB - Austin Weston ('13), Georgetown

RB - Tyler Moody ('14), Georgetown

WR - Randy Knightner ('13), Georgetown

WR - AJ Lopez ('13), Hutto

WR - Detrean Simmons ('14), Elgin

WR - Ryan Bedford ('13), Georgetown

WR - Leo Dawson ('13), Connally

TE - Devin Tuggle ('14), Cedar Creek

OL - David Moss ('14), East View

OL - Tyler Preston ('13), Gerogetown

OL - Bryan Boatright ('13), Georgetown

OL - David Vicars ('14), Georgetown

OL - Jacob Shanks ('13), Elgin

OL - Isaiah Robinson ('13), Connally

OL - Brandon Donnemeyer ('13), Manor

TIE-K - Austin Stevens ('13), Georgetown, Daniel Portillo ('13), Connally


DL - Roland Ruiz ('14), Hutto 

DL - Garrett Neimann ('13), Georgetown

DL - J.W. Barnes ('13), Georgetown

DL - Troy Nash ('13), Elgin

LB - Jace LaCaille ('14), Georgetown 

LB - Casey Waites ('13), Bastrop

LB - Michael Egwaugu ('13), Connally

LB - Chris Walker ('13), Elgin

LB - Jonathan Johnson ('14), Manor

LB - Darrell Songy ('13), Connally

DB - James Felderhoff ('13), Hutto

DB - Anthony Nash ('14), Elgin

DB - Brandon Boone ('13), Georgetown

DB - Daytrin Guyton ('14), Manor

DB - Barion Henry ('14), Manor

DB - Matt McCullough ('13), Georgetown

DB - Quinton Baker ('14), Manor

P - Trey Hicks ('13), Georgetown


QB - Chris Johnson ('13), Manor

RB - Jose Vazquez ('14), Cedar Creek

RB - Cornelio Garcia ('15), East View

RB - David Beltran ('15), East View

RB - Darian Roberts ('13), Hutto

RB - Malik Spence ('14), Hutto

WR - Rodney Molette ('13), Manor

WR - Kyle Snell ('15), Elgin

WR - Chandler Crawford ('14), East View

WR - Nick Rousey ('14), East View

WR - Logan Allen ('14), Bastrop

TE - Noah Douglas ('13), Georgetown

OL - Jay Tijerina ('13), Hutto

OL - Elio Garfias ('14), Elgin

OL - Byrson Hennington ('13), Manor

OL - CJ Chenoweth ('13), Georgetown

K  - Jared Haynes ('15), Hutto


DL - Tanner Thrift ('13), Hutto

DL - Masta Hicks ('15), Bastrop

DL - Jimmy Deleon ('14), Manor

DL - Marcus Hudson ('14), Manor

DL - Ryan Rickerson ('13), Georgetown

DL - Eric Estrada ('13), Hutto

LB - James Biddy ('14), Elgin

LB - Jamal Jackson ('14), Manor

LB - Blair Murski ('13), Georgetown

LB - Luke Evans ('14), Hutto

LB - Ryan Robinson ('14), Hutto

LB - Curtis Williams ('14), Manor

DB - Dareyon Baker ('14), Elgin

DB - Chris Luca ('14), Connally

DB - Romello Wilson ('14), Bastrop

DB - Mason Alexander ('13), Georgetown

DB - A.J. Davies ('14), East View

DB - Bryson Davis ('13), Manor

DB - Adrian Contreras ('14), East View

P - Connor Hamilton, Cedar Creek ('15)

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Fanstand: Social Network 2012 MVPs

Our most socially prestigious post season list.  We must S/O the folks that read and RT us at 3 in the morning on game nights.  There is so much info to disperse, and so little time.  The following gentlemen (and a handful of ladies) played a key role in spreading Fanstand influence throughout their programs.  These individuals were as entertaining on the field as they were with their tweets/instagram pics.  We proudly present our Social Media MVPs for each school we covered in 2012.


Hendrickson Hawks Football Hendrickson - Zach Lucero ('13), Trai Mosley ('14), Chance Waz ('14)

Westwood Warriors Westwood - Travis Dale ('14), Boyd Kennemer ('14), Wes Russell ('13)

Round Rock Dragons Round Rock - Robert Casteneda ('14), Kirby McGuire ('13), Brandon Bullock ('14)

McNeil Mavericks  McNeil - Donnie Holmes ('14), Spencer Pepper ('13), Ryan Murphy ('13)

Eastside Memorial Panthers Cedar Ridge - Terrell Scales ('14), Ray Racine ('13), Andres Beattie (--)

Pflugerville Panthers Pflugerville - Jay Byrd ('13), Brandon Woodward ('13), Ashton Thielke ('13)

Stony Point Tigers Stony Point - Wesley Moore ('13), Marcos Curry ('13), JJ Plattor (--)


Lake Travis Cavaliers Lake Travis - Luke Hutton ('14), Nic Medina ('13), Gabby Tropea ('13)

Westlake Chaparrals Westlake - Sean Rollings ('15), Christopher Bybee ('13), Jacob Mansour ('13)

Bowie Bulldogs Bowie - Elijah Thompson ('13), Mac McGarah ('14), Alan Galbreath (--)

Del Valle Cardinals Del Valle - Charles Bender ('13), Juston Rivers ('13), Josh Cleveland ('13)

Austin High Maroons Austin High - Desmon Barrett ('14), Quincy Reese ('14), Jason Felts ('14)

Anderson Trojans Anderson - Xavier Garcia ('13), Abby Kowal ('13), Braden Buckman ('15)

Akins Eagles  Akins - Rakim Jackson ('13), Tim Callahan ('14), RC Medrano ('13)


McCallum Knights McCallum - Raw'King Culpepper ('13), Griffin Stuesser ('13), Zack Gonzalez ('13)
Del Valle Cardinals LBJ - Sebastian Canizares ('13), Aiden Kahn ('13), Gary'Leigh Lovings ('14)

Travis Rebels Football Travis - Tyler Lamy ('13), Johnny Williams ('14), Chris Clark ('13)

Crockett Cougars Crockett - Justin Miller ('15), Jon Gonzales ('15), Marcellus Hendrson ('13)

Lanier Vikings Lanier - Keith Newton ('14)
Reagan Raiders Football Reagan - Deondre Lott ('15), Ocie Kerr ('14)


Georgetown Eagles Georgetown - Nick Kreider ('13), Chuy Perez ('13), Alison Plueckhahn ('15)

Connally Cougars Football Connally - Michael Egwaugu ('13), Leo Dawson ('13), De'Anna Prince ('13)

Manor Mustangs Football Manor - Jimmy Deleon ('14), Traylon Polo Swag ('13), Chris Johnson ('13)

Elgin Wildcats Football Elgin - Te'Rel Simmons ('14), Detrean Simmons ('14), Colin Snell ('15)

Bastrop Bears Football Bastrop - Logan Allen ('14), Luke Griego ('13), Izayiah Washington ('15)

Eastside Memorial Panthers Cedar Creek - Connor Hamilton ('15), Ryan Fitzpatrick ('13), Devin Tuggle ('14)

Hutto Hippos Football Hutto - Malik Spence ('14), AJ Lopez ('13), Ollie Andrews (--)

Eastside Memorial Panthers East View - Jack Lane ('14), Jonathan Jones ('14), Jerrod Comer ('14)


Cedar Park Timberwolves Cedar Park - Ryan Johnson ('13), David Mortiz ('14), Allison Rice ('13)

Leander Lions Leander - Bryan Resa ('13), Caleb Woodward ('13), Katelin Jackson ('13)

Rouse Raiders Football Rouse - Joey Beauchamp ('13), Chris Hendricks ('13), Kathleen Kani ('14)
Vista Ridge Rangers Vista Ridge - Tyler Ziemann ('14), Mandy Lee ('13), Adrian Duncan ('13)

Marble Falls Mustangs Football Marble Falls - Brian Shrubar ('13), Ishiah Carson ('13), Rex Printz ('13)

Dripping Springs Tigers Dripping Springs - Clint Shields (--), Cole Rogers ('13), Kyle Johnson ('13)

Vandegrift Vipers Football Vandegrift - Christian Reyes ('15), Raquel Pearson ('13), Hayden Tucker ('13)



St. Michael's - Kyle Wurzel ('13), Walker Drewett ('13)

Hyde Park - Senan Jaber ('14), Scott Shelton ('14), Cooper Goen ('15)

Tivy - Parks McNeil ('13), Britany Phillips (--)

Hays - Will Travillion ('13), Sammy Jones ('15), Taven Mayberry ('13)
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Fanstand: All DL Team 2012
The following honorees had much more planned for 2012.  If these gentlemen were able to contribute for a full slate of games, it may have changed the outcome of this season.  Their absence from the playing field was certainly evident at times - as we think back at what could have been.  Feel free to nominate an injured player you feel deserves recognition, below!

Michael McCann ('14), Cedar Ridge (named 16-5A 1st team QB)

Dajon Williams ('13), Connally (missed only playoff game vs. Nederland)


Matthew Zebrowski ('14), McNeil (rumored move to LB in 2013)

Elliott Condos ('13), Westlake


Zach Austin ('13), Lake Travis (netted 7 TDs, 430 yards in 3 games)

Wesley Lewis ('13), Rouse - missed 7 regular season games, but played entire postseason

Aidan Kahn ('13), LBJ


Hunter Siddons ('13), Lake Travis


Edward Armstrong ('13), McCallum - preseason D-MVP pick, no district games in '12

Spencer Staples ('13), Lake Travis


LB Joe Davis ('15), Bowie

LB Austin Herring ('13), Rouse (Photo: C. Davis)


DB Isiah Ockletree ('14), Cedar Ridge

DB Dakari Antoine ('13), Round Rock

DB Daryl Brooks ('13), Leander

DB Jacob Pate ('13), Lake Travis

DB Brandon Bullock ('14), Round Rock

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Fanstand: Super Sophomore '12 Team
The future is now.   Instead of earning their stripes and honing their craft on JV - the following gentlemen learned on the job, and excelled on Varsity.  In our humble opinion, these are the best Class of '15 players our Austin-area has to offer.


1st Team - John Albert Mansour, Austin High (only full season starter, over 1k Passing)

T-2nd Team - Jamie Hudson, Vandegrift

T-2nd Team - Brandon Hopp, Leander

3rd Team - Sean Rollings, Westlake

Honorable Mention - Travis Malesky, Cedar Ridge


1st Team - Billy Ray McCrary, Rouse (led all sophomores in total yards)

2nd Taam - Justin Miller, Crockett (over 1K yards in 10 regular season games)

3rd Team - Darian McClatcher, Leander

Honorable Mention - Christian Lee Reyes, Vandegrift


1st Team - Grant Foster, Lake Travis

2nd Team - Justin Gamble, Stony Point

3rd Team - Andre Alger, Rouse

Honorable Mention - Sabian Cannon, McCallum


1st Team - Anthony Herrera, Del Valle (the only '15 OL to earn all-district coach honors) 

2nd Team - Blake Browning, Hendrickson

3rd Team - Gabriel Hernandez, Connally

CPL Statesman Honorable Mention - Will Noble, Rouse


1st Team - Chris Hutchings, Cedar Park

2nd Team - Mason Homesley, Bastrop
3rd Team - Denzel Feaster, Del Valle

Honorable Mention - Damian Lindley, Stony Point


1st Team - Breylin Mitchell, Round Rock

2nd Team - Breckyn Hager, Westlake
3rd Team - Feno Pearson, Lake Travis


1st Team - Khalid Taylor, Del Valle (led all sophomores with over 100 tackles)

T-2nd Team - Thomas Hutchings, Cedar Park

T-2nd Team - Tuwanda Maluga, McNeil

T-3rd Team - Hudson Hall, Westlake

T-3rd Team - Ryan Heinrich, Rouse

Honorable Mention - Colin Snell, Elgin

Twitter Honorable Mention - Nikko Delacruz, Hendrickson


T-1st Team - Jame Bailey, Lake Travis

T-1st Team - Mason Ramirez, Round Rock

2nd Team - Da'Quan Patton, Vista Ridge

3rd Team - Patrick Sneed, Manor

Honorable Mention - Alex Quintero, Vista Ridge

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Fanstand: All 'Under the Radar' 2012 Team
If none of our articles have ever inspired you before, this is the one to read.  The following gentlemen were below our radar at this point last year.   This could be you in Winter of 2013.  None of the following players garnered any Varsity awards during 2011 season.  Sophomores are excluded from this list.  One player chosen per position (leaving healthy room for discussion on others that should have made the list).  Individuals chosen from area UIL pool (15-5A, 16-5A, 25-4A, 17-4A and 26-4A)


1st Team  - Mike Richardson ('13), Marble Falls 

2nd Team - Chris Johnson ('13), Manor

3rd Team - Xavier Conely ('14), Hendrickson

Honorable Mention - Chase Adams ('14), Hutto


1st Team - Austin Weston ('13), Georgetown
2nd Team - AJ Herrera ('13), McCallum

3rd Team - Tyler Moody ('14), Georgetown

Honorable Mention - Breylin Davis ('13), Hendrickson



1st Team - Samuel Brock ('14), Cedar Park

2nd Team - Johnnie Williams ('14), Travis

3rd Team - Caleb Horton ('14), Pflugerville
Honorable Mention - Latrell Martin ('14), Hendrickson


1st Team - Detrean Simmons ('14), Elgin

2nd Team - Donnie Holmes ('14), McNeil

3rd Team - Alex Chavez ('14), Westlake

Honorable Mention - Jobe Falcon ('14), Dripping Springs



1st Team: Terrell Scales ('14), Cedar Ridge

2nd Team: Brenden Moore ('14), Westwood

3rd Team: Raj Rajab ('14), Anderson

Honorable Mention: Rex Printz ('13), Marble Falls


1st Team - Zach Davies ('14), Lake Travis

2nd Team - Parker Hanusa ('13), Westwood

3rd Team - Ben Harral ('14), Cedar Park

Honorable Mention - Whadi Elurji ('13), Cedar Park


1st Team - Hagen Patterson ('14), Lake Travis

2nd Team - Tim Shomba ('13), Hutto

3rd Team - Aaron Medina ('14), Akins

Honorable Mention - Casey Waites ('13), Bastrop


1st Team - Jordan Vise ('13), Rouse

2nd Team - Tristan Prukop ('14), Vandegrift

3rd Team - Bennett Huddleston ('14), Westlake

Honorable Mention - Daytrin Guyton ('14), Manor
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25-4A Second Team All-District 2012
In a district as talented as 25-4A is, there will be controversy on who is the best.  Some could easily argue that some of these featured 2nd team all-district selections could be first team stars.  But after much discussion amongst the 25-4A head coaches, these are your next-to-elite level performers in Cen-Tex West.  

View the first team/district MVPs, here.

25-4A 2nd Team Offense:


Caleb Woodward ('13) Leander - 2400 total yards, 31 TDs


Dylan Bauer ('13) Leander - 650 total yards, 8 TDs

Nathan Harwell ('13) Cedar Park - 625 rush yards, 6 TDs

Chris Hutchings ('13) Cedar Park - 750 rush yard, 5 TDs


Blake Gossett ('14) Vista Ridge

Colt Owen ('14) Cedar Park


Lane Kelly ('13) Dripping Springs - 46 catches, over 600 yards, 4 TDs

Darrell Cleveland ('13) Leander - averaged district high 24 ypc, 6 TDs

Demetrius Hood ('13) Rouse - 370 total yards, 4 TDs


Rey Baltazar ('13) Marble Falls

Avery McThompson ('13) Dripping Springs

Tyler Kawejsa ('13) Leander

Will Stauber ('13) Rouse

Joseph Cinclair ('13) Vandegrift

Fidel Estrada ('13) Vista Ridge

Austin Bryant ('13) Cedar Park

Bryan Resa ('13) Leander - voted top center


Chris Nichols ('13) Vista Ridge

25-4A 2nd Team Defense:


Gunner Linhart ('14) Vandegrift - 64 tackles,  5 sacks

Chris Fries ('13) Dripping Springs

Phillip Brown ('13) Rouse - 35 tackles, 3 fumble recoveries

Keith Tambe ('13) Cedar Park

Kyle Adair ('13) Dripping Springs

Jacob Green ('13) Leander - led team in tackles (107), 9 sacks, 2 forced fumbles

Matt Conte ('13) Vandegrift - 50 tackle, 5 sacks


Marlin O’Neal ('13) Dripping Springs

Leo Quintana ('13) Leander

Peter Maneikis ('14) Cedar Park

Jason Nicholson ('13) Dripping Springs

Greg Kelly ('14) Leander - 70 tackles, 4 sacks, 1 interception

Travis Eldred ('13) Vandegrift

Dillon Carter ('13) Vista Ridge

Brandon Stepehens ('13) Cedar Park


Jordan Vise ('13) Rouse - led Austin-area 4A in interceptions (9)

Jordan Sonner ('13) Vandegrift 

Trevor Spohrer ('13) Cedar Park

Tevin Smith ('13) Leander - 2 interceptions, played both ways

Tristan Prukop ('14) Vandegrift - 2nd on team in tackles (96)

Alex Quintero ('15) Vista Ridge


Taylor Sugar ('13) Leander - 38 total punts, 38 yards per punt, 4 picks, 85 tackles



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All District 25-4A First Team 2012 Selections

District 25-4A reprented two of the Final Four teams left standing in the Texas high school football playoffs.  With fewer 'DI' prospects than Dallas/Houston - it leaves no doubt that the Austin-area has the best collective effort/coaching in the State.  The following gentlemen were chosen by the head coaches of 'Cen-Tex West' as the best in the district.  View the second team selections, here.
O-MVP: Nate Grimm (’14), Cedar Park

D-MVP: Hayden Newsom (’13), Leander

COACH OF THE YEAR: Joe Willis, Cedar Park

O-Newcomer: Billy Ray McCrary (’15), Rouse

D-Newcomer: Thomas Hutchings (’15), Cedar Park

O-lineman MVP: Austin Hisler (’13), Cedar Park

D-lineman MVP: Kyle Gruber (’13), Vandegrift



Justin Pelt (’13), Rouse

Running back:

Darion McClather (’15) Leander

Keith Jerome (’14) Marble Falls

Logan Kinder (’13) Rouse

Stedman Mayberry (’14) Vista Ridge 

Tight end:

Chad Whitehead (’14) Cedar Park

Eli Shelton (’14) Dripping Springs

Hunter Orona (’13) Leander

Wide Receivers:

Adrian Duncan (’13) Vista Ridge

Samuel Brock (’14) Cedar Park

Cole Rogers (’13) Dripping Springs

Tevin Smith (’13) Leander

Garrett Gray (’14) Marble Falls – also 2nd team all-state

Offensive line:

Riley Mayfield (’13) Cedar Park

Jackson Hoskins (’13) Dripping Springs

 Michael Beckwith (’13) Leander

James Torres ('15) Leander

Tyler Hawkins (’13) Rouse

Rolando Huerta (’13) Vista Ridge

Davis Geerts (’14) Cedar Park


Matthew Wiley (’14) Dripping Springs


Ethan Fry (’13) Cedar Park

First-team defense:

Defensive line:

Lucas Quintero (’13) Vista Ridge

Ben Harral (’14) Cedar Park

Drew Peterson (’13) Dripping Springs

Michael Epley (’14) Leander

Defensive ends:

Micah Thomas (’14) Vista Ridge

Wadih Eljuri (’13) Cedar Park

Mason Hargreaves (’13) Vandegrift

Inside LBs:

Jackson Paine (’13) Cedar Park

Tim Lapaglia (’13) Rouse - season leader in tackles with over 140

James Hallonquist (’13) Vandegrift


Martin Nwakamma (’14) Leander

Sean Hallberg (’13) Rouse

Eddie Brock (’14) Vista Ridge

Geoff Ford (’14) Cedar Park


Taylor Sugar (’13) Leander

Zach Noska (’14) Leander

Da’Quan Patton (’15) Vista Ridge

Kevin Harris (’15) Vista Ridge

Sean Angle (’14) Cedar Park


P.J. Grady (’13) Vista Ridge
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Breaking: Central Texas All-State '12 Honorees

The long-awaited All-State honorees have been named, as we list off our Austin-area heroes who received recognition.  

Austin Area All State Teams
First Team All State
DL— ZACH DAVIES, Lake Travis, Jr.

Second Team All State
RB - Samaje Perine, Pflugerville Hendrickson, Jr

Honorable Mention
OL- Chad Loitz, Round Rock McNeil
OL- Judge Finley, Austin Westlake
WR/End - Ty Marshall, Round Rock Westwood;
RB- Adrian Dilworth, Pflugerville
DL - Parker Hanusa, Round Rock Westwood
LB - Sam Lawlis, Round Rock
DB -Hunter Streuling, Lake Travis
First Team All State
QB — JAKE HUBENAK, Georgetown, Sr.

Second Team All State
OL -Austin Hisler, Cedar Park
OL- Jacob Hildebrand, Georgetown,
DB - Brandon Boone, Georgetown
 Honorable Mention
OL - Davis Geerts, Cedar Park;
OL- Tyler Preston, Georgetown;
WR/End - Randy Knightner, Georgetown;
RB - Stedman Mayberry, Cedar Park Vista Ridge
DL - Junel Barnes, Georgetown;
DL -Brock Drummond, Georgetown
DL -Wadih Eljuri, Cedar Park;
DL -Cantrell Gaines, Austin Travis;
DL -Micah Thomas, Cedar Park Vista Ridge
LB- Jace Lacaille, Georgetown
LB- Jackson Paine, Cedar Park
DB - Mason Alexander, Georgetown
Second Team All State
DB- Zack Lopez, Gonzales, Sr
Honorable Mention
LB - Alden Mann, Wimberley;
DB - Jadon Boatright, Liberty Hill
DB - Rhett Brooks, Llano;
First  Team All State
OL— TYLER VRAZEL, Cameron Yoe,
Second Team All State
OL -Todd Glass, Lexington, Sr
Honorable Mention
OL -  John Lawless, Rogers
OL - Tom Lawless, Rogers
WR/End - Jason Washington, Lexington.
QB - Kogan Garrett, Lexington
QB -Jason Kopriva, Cameron Yoe;
RB - Carson Skala, Rogers;
DL -  Todd Glass, Lexington;
DL -Randle Lane, Cameron Yoe
DL -Edgar Luna, Cameron Yoe
DL -Colton Schwartz, Lago Vista
LB -  Tyler Meyer, Lexington;
DB - Tyler Sapp, Cameron Yoe
DB -Logan Meuth, Lexington
DB -Eriq Mitchell, Lexington;
PUNTER: Jason Kopriva, Cameron Yoe
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2012 Academic All-State Award Recipients
We would like to highlight our Austin-area student-athletes who excelled on both terms.  The following were recognized by the State as the top scholars of the Texas gridiron.

Treeman Baker - ELITE
Joseef DeLeon - Honorable Mention
Sparky Schroer - 2nd Team
Jake Underbrink - Honorable Mention
Stephen Weinberger - Honorable Mention
Adrian  Zamora - Honorable Mention

Sayer Browning - Honorable Mention
Tim Graham - Honorable Mention

Thomas Dunn - Honorable Mention
Nick Ferris - 2nd Team
Dylan Fuller - Honorable Mention
Caleb Garza - Honorable Mention
Jacob McAngus - Honorable Mention
Clark Shellhorse - Honorable Mention
Ryan Taylor - Honorable Mention


Jason Devlin - 1st Team
Wadih Eljuri - 2nd Team
Anthony Farmer - Honorable Mention
Doug Franklin - 1st Team
Nathan Harwell - 2nd Team
Stoney Schoenfeld - 2nd Team
Jacob Smith - 2nd Team
Trevor Spohrer - 2nd Team
Brandon Stephens - 2nd Team
C.J. Udoye - Honorable Mention


Jordan Lehuquet - Honorable Mention
Rayce Morgante - 2nd Team
Tyler Tomasino - 2nd Team


Brian Boatright - Honorable Mention
Brandon  Boone - 2nd Team
Noah Douglas - Honorable Mention
Jacob Hildebrand - Honorable Mention
Lorenzo Martinez - Honorable Mention
Ryan  Rickerson - 1st Team
Jordan Szura - 1st Team


Trey  Gutierrez  - Honorable Mention
Zach Renfrew - Honorable Mention
Brett Wilson - 2nd Team


James  Felderhoff - ELITE
Tim  Shomba - 2nd Team

Will Argueta - 2nd Team
Travis  Henry Austin - 1st Team
Zach  Joiner Austin - 1st Team
Brock Kenyon - Honorable Mention
Kevin Marcotte - 2nd Team
Troy Stevenson - Honorable Mention
Dean Young Austin - 2nd Team


Chandler Mabray - Honorable Mention
Brennan Parker - 2nd Team
Rex Printz - 2nd Team
Cody Schulz  - 2nd Team
Jonathan Sharp - 2nd Team
Brian Shrubar - 1st Team
Travis  Sparks - Honorable Mention
Jay Watson - 2nd Team


Jake Whitefield - 1st Team
Billy Won - 1st Team

Phillip Hawkins - 2nd Team
Reagan  Hsu - 2nd Team
Aiden  Kahn - 2nd Team
John  Williams - 2nd Team


Adrian Dilworth - Honorable Mention
Player Dakota Kubacak - Honorable Mention
Player Noah Menke - 1st Team
Player Joseph Resendez - 2nd Team
Player Ashton Thielke - Honorable Mention
Player Casey Winn - ELITE
Player Brandon Woodward - Honorable Mention


Will Bowden - 1st Team
Alec Cochran - ELITE
Josh Shokraeifard - 1st Team
Joseph Cinclair - 2nd Team
John Elder -A 1st Team
Travis  Eldred - 2nd Team
Mark Giles - 2nd Team
Dylan Hosek - 2nd Team
Chris Lick - 1st Team
Tristen Paffe - 1st Team
Alex Quintos - 2nd Team
Jonathon Ramlow - Honorable Mention
Jake Reynolds - 1st Team
Jordan Sonnier - 2nd Team
Forrest Threadgill - 2nd Team
Kole Thurston - Honorable Mention


Will Campos - Honorable Mention
Jamison Geracci - 1st Team
Peter  Grady - 1st Team
Jeremiah  Gress - 2nd Team
Chris Nichols - Honorable Mention
Henry Oliver - Honorable Mention
Chris  Sample - 2nd Team

Parker Hanusa - 2nd Team
Tyler Logan --2nd Team
Jacob Overstreet - ELITE
Collin Smith - Honorable Mention
Sam Swensen - Honorable Mention
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Just in: AP All-State 4A 2012 Selections
As reporterted this morning by KRGV-TV (ABC), the 4A coaches of Texas have released their All-State selections.  Representing Austin, is Georgetown QB Jake Hubenak ('13).  His 45 total TDs and chance for a State title deem Jake the top spot.  Eagle lineman Jacob Hildebrand ('13) was also honored - along with Cedar Park OL Austin Hisler ('13).  A bevy of Cedar Park/Georgetown honorees, but not much else from our area (Vista Ridge LB Micah Thomas).  We've bolded our Austin-area heroes below.



ANDREW BILLINGS, Waco, Sr. -- 132 pancakes

REED DARRAGH, Buda Hays, Sr. -- 102 pancake blocks, team avg. 38 points & 437 total ypg; allowed no sacks

EDUARDO HERMOSILLO, Edcouch-Elsa, Sr. -- 96 pancakes, graded 93 percent, 32 key blocks.

TREVOR MELUGIN, Prosper, Sr. -- graded 95 percent, 0 sacks allowed, team averaged more than 400 yds per game

GUY ROECKER, Lucas Lovejoy, Sr. -- Graded 92 percent, 51 pancakes, 0 sacks allowed


ADDISON BUSTOS, Amarillo Caprock, Sr. -- 97-1,717 receiving, 19 TDs; 4 rushing TDs

KADARRIUS CANNON, Mount Pleasant, Jr. -- 96-1,516 receiving, 25 TDs


JAKE HUBENAK, Georgetown, Sr. -- 185-282 passing, 3,032 yds, 40 TDs; 64-300 rushing, 5 TDs



Running backs:

KE'AUN KINNER, Little Elm, Sr. -- 314-2,763 rushing, 26 TDs

D'MAUJERIC TUCKER, Wolfforth Frenship, Sr. -- 219-1,868 rushing, 25 TDs

JAMES WHITE, Pearland Dawson, Sr. -- 185-1,697 rushing, 22 TDs


JOSH SPARKMAN, Wolfforth Frenship, Sr. -- 13-13 FGs, 42-44 PATs

Offensive Player of the Year: Ke'aun Kinner, Little Elm.




TYUS BOWSER, Tyler, Sr. -- 42 solo tackles, 5 assists, 15 sacks, 12 QB hurries, 4 caused fumbles

DEON BROWN, Angleton, Sr. -- 109 tackles, 5 caused fumbles, 7 sacks, 3 recovered fumbles, 19 pressures

DAESHON HALL, Lancaster, Sr. -- 83 tackles, 24 TFL, 16 sacks, 2 FF, 4 PBU, 3 blocked kicks, 20 QB pressures

ROBERT TREVINO, Edcouch-Elsa, Jr. -- 130 tackles, 18 sacks, 4 fumbles caused, 2 fumble recoveries


BUCKY BARRERA, Edcouch-Elsa, Jr. -- 145 tackles, 3 sacks, 5 INTs, 6 forced fumbles, 4 fumble recoveries, 1 blocked punt

MALIK JEFFERSON, Mesquite Poteet, Soph. -- 92 tackles, 20 tackles for loss , 7 sacks, 5 forced fumbles, 4 blocked kicks

NICK URETSKY, SA Alamo Heights, Sr. -- 162 tackles; 37 solos; 16 TFLs; 3 sacks; 7 QB hurries, 2 FRs; 6 PBUs

Defensive backs:

CADE DAVIS, Wolfforth Frenship, Sr. -- 12 solo, 13 asst., 8 INT, 10 PBU

CARLOS DE LARA, EP Del Valle, Sr. -- 89 tackles, 8 INTs

NICK HARVEY, Lancaster, Jr. -- 50 tackles, 2 FF, 6 INT, 15 PBU

BRYAN VALLE, Edcouch-Elsa, Jr. -- 104 tackles, 2 sacks, 7 INTs, 2 forced fumbles, 1 fumble recovery


JOSH STEVENS, EP Irvin, Jr. -- 29 punts, 46.9 average, long of 87, 9 punts inside the 20

Defensive Player of the Year: Daeshon Hall, Lancaster.




Terrance Franklin, Sherman, Jr.; Cody Hayes, FW Eastern Hills, Sr.; Jacob Hildebrand, Georgetown, Sr.; Austin Hisler, Cedar Park, Sr.; Patrick Morris, Denton Guyer, Sr.; Daniel McCarty, SA Alamo Heights, Sr.; Cory Stitle, Aledo, Jr.


Garrett Gray, Marble Falls, Jr.; Torii Hunter Jr., Prosper, Sr.




Montravious James, Mount Pleasant, Sr.

Running backs:

Larry Cheeks, Crowley, Sr.; Orly Solis, Roma; Aaron Stevenson, FW Western Hills, Sr.


Austin Shoemake, Frisco Centennial, Sr.




Coby Bradford, Hallsville, Sr.; Spencer Cook, Houston Sharpstown, Sr.; Koby Couron, Nederland, Sr.; Deon Hollins, Fort Bend Marshall, Sr.


Dylan Douglass, Canyon, Jr.; Erick Flores, Mission, Sr.; Montana Quirante, Vidor, Sr.

Defensive backs:

Brandon Boone, Georgetown, Sr.; Jacoby Smith, Houston Wheatley, Sr.; Ranthony Texada, Frisco Centennial, Sr.; Tyler Webb, Prosper, Jr.; Shea Wood, Aledo, Sr.


Zach Sinor, Castroville Medina Valley, Jr.



LINEMEN: Jacob Aguilar, Waxahachie; William Barns, Dallas Highland Park; Dalyn Bearden, Wolfforth Frenship; Josh Blackburn, Crosby; Jesse Brubaker, Wylie East; Rawlstan Decoteau, Angleton; Davis Geerts, Cedar Park; Jenner Jackson, Sulphur Springs; Chris Jones, Corsicana; Jeff Jordan, Corsicana; Trevor Lee, Lubbock Monterey; Mason McGinty, WF Rider; Kyle McKinney, Boerne Champion; Garrett Neuman, Castroville Medina Valley; JR Perez, Port Lavaca Calhoun; Maurice Porter, Fort Bend Marshall; Tyler Preston, Georgetown; Harrison Sorge, WF Rider; Draven Taylor, Dallas Adamson; Rylan Veigel, Canyon.

RECEIVERS/ENDS: Tyler Ahrens, Kerrville Tivy; Marcell Ateman, Wylie East; Dylan Cantrell, Whitehouse; Gregory Hogan, Humble Summer Creek; Randy Knightner, Georgetown; Deondric Lofton, Victoria East; J.T. Luper, Sherman; Matthew Merino, CC Ray; Fred Ross, Tyler.

QUARTERBACKS: Jacob Bartholomae, Lubbock Monterey; Collin Bowen, Canyon Randall; Quade Coward, Cleburne; Michael Guerrero, Amarillo Caprock; Jerrod Heard, Denton Guyer; Patrick Mahomes, Whitehouse; Parks McNeil, Kerrville Tivy; Kyle Poeske, Boerne Champion; Montana Quirante, Vidor; Mike Richardson, Marble Falls; Dru Smith, Sherman; Greg Ward, Tyler; Davis Webb, Prosper.

RUNNING BACKS: Jabari Anderson, Wylie East; Cameron Bausley, Red Oak; Travon Benton, Lubbock Monterey; Tyrone Owens, Manor; Teriyon Gipson, Dallas Kimball; Tre Guyton, Bryan Rudder; Matthew Guzman, Mercedes; Kendrick Hopkins, Nederland; Aaron Jones, EP Burges; Ben Mata, Castroville Medina Valley; Stedman Mayberry, Cedar Park Vista Ridge; Alex Sezer, Little Cypress-Mauriceville; Keon Taylor, Houston Wheatley; Austin Walter, Crosby; Joshawa West, Angleton; Josh Woods, Amarillo.


KICKERS: Juan Carranco, Dayton; Noe Diaz, Tyler; Mick Ellis, Lucas Lovejoy; Jose Flores, Red Oak; Destin Wilkins, Whitehouse; Davis Williamson, Lubbock Monterey.




LINEMEN: Junel Barnes, Georgetown; Grant Blankenship, The Colony; Andrew Billings, Waco; Jesse Brubaker, Wylie East; Brock Drummond, Georgetown; Carson Dunn, Wolfforth Frenship; Wadih Eljuri, Cedar Park; Jesus Esparza, Pharr Valley View; Thomas Ferguson, Denton Guyer; Cantrell Gaines, Austin Travis; Jarrett Hall, Corsicana; Silvester Hayes, Dallas South Oak Cliff; Justin Manning, Dallas Kimball; McKendric McKenzie, Dallas South Oak Cliff; P.J. Murphy, Prosper; Brock Pryor, Nederland; Cody Ribble, WF Rider; Derick Roberson, SA Brennan; Kyle Rutherford, Wolfforth Frenship; Graysen Schantz, Lake Dallas; Slayton Shiels, Lucas Lovejoy; K.J. Smith, Frisco Centennial; Micah Thomas, Cedar Park Vista Ridge; De Shawn Washington, Nederland.



LINEBACKERS: Darryl Battles, West Mesquite; Terence Belton, Denton Guyer; Reggie Chevis, Houston Sharpstown; Ian Compton, Dallas Adams; Gumaro Cuellar, Mercedes; Garrett Dolan, Barbers Hill; Cayden Ferrill, Hallsville; Richard Franklin, Dallas South Oak Cliff; Richard Gipson, Tyler; Bradley Goldstein, WF Rider; Josh Harris, Frisco Wakeland; Thomas Kotecki, Lucas Lovejoy; Jace Lacaille, Georgetown; Jordan Mittie, Aledo; Jackson Paine, Cedar Park; Geraldo Perez, Mercedes; Anthony Rhone, Texarkana Texas; Alberto Roque, Mission; Terrell Singleton, Denton Guyer; Stephen Smith, Wolfforth Frenship; Korbin Stampley, Nederland; Brandon Villa, Edcouch-Elsa; Grant Watanabe, SA Brennan; Kahlee Woods, Sherman.

DEFENSIVE BACKS: Mason Alexander, Georgetown; D.J. Arnold, WF Rider; Michael Blanco, Dallas South Oak Cliff; Tony Brown, Beaumont Ozen; Victor Davis, Rosenberg Terry; Justin Dunning, Whitehouse; Peyton Elliott, Wolfforth Frenship; Eric Estrada, CC Ray; David Fernandez, Pharr Valley View; Raffaele Gaines, Mesquite Poteet; Diego Garcia, Edcouch-Elsa; Sergio Guerrero, Mission; Jordan Hume, Sherman; Colton Kimler, Nederland; Jake Margezowitz, Boerne Champion; Hunter Peterson, Castroville Medina Valley; Jaylen Price, Little Elm; Larry Pryor, Sulphur Springs; Charles Smith III, Crowley; Garret Turnbull, Frisco Liberty.

PUNTERS: Dylan Cook, Wylie East; Caleb Lewallen, Humble Kingwood Park

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15-5A All District '12 2nd Team

A host of all district 2nd team talent returns in 2013, raising optimism for next season's success.  As voted on by the head coaches of Cen-Tex South, here are your 2nd team all-dsitrict selections for 2012.

Check out the first team selections, here.

2nd Team Offense
Quarterback Austin Eschenburg Jr. Bowie
Running Back Dominic Packer Jr. Lake Travis
Running Back Keith Carter Sr. Westlake
Running Back Quincy Reese Jr. Austin High
Wide Receiver Patrick Elliott Jr. Westlake
Wide Receiver Grant Foster So. Lake Travis
Wide Receiver Rakim Jackson Sr. Akins
Wide Receiver Blake Allen Jr. Anderson
Wide Receiver Trent Olson Sr. Bowie
Tight End Zach Dansby Jr. Westlake
Center Bobby Dwyer Jr. Westlake
Center Chance Williamson Sr. Del Valle
Offensive Guard Anthony Herrera So. Del Valle
Offensive Guard Taylor Works Sr. Westlake
Offensive Guard Ben Salazar Jr. Akins
Offensive Tackle Andrew Alvarado  Jr. Bowie
Offensive Tackle Marquis Moses Sr. Anderson
Punter Michael Barden Sr. Westlake
2nd Team Defense
Defensive Line Zach Davies Jr. Lake Travis
Defensive Line Luke Womack Jr. Westlake
Defensive Line Robert Navejas Jr. Austin High
Defensive Line Wilfred Grear Sr. Del Valle
Defensive End Justin Miller Sr. Westlake
Defensive End Matt Jones Sr. Austin High
Defensive End Feno Pearson So. Lake Travis
Inside Linebacker Kelly McBride Sr. Del Valle
Inside Linebacker Luke Hutton Jr. Lake Travis
Inside Linebacker Breckyn Hager So. Westlake
Outside Linebacker Alek McCracken Sr. Austin High
Outside Linebacker Darius Bender Jr. Del Valle
Outside Linebacker Alec Cohen Sr. Westlake
Defensive Back Tyler Walker Jr. Bowie
Defensive Back Vincent Wilson Jr. Del Valle
Defensive Back Jacob Pate Sr. Lake Travis
Defensive Back Derek Cohen Sr. Westlake
Kicker Caleb Garza Sr. Bowie
Kicker Michael Barden Sr. Westlake
Return Specialist Deryl Bunton Sr. Anderson
Honorable Mention Offense
Running Back Romey Kelso Jr. Lake Travis
Wide Receiver Preston Dupree Sr. Lake Travis
Wide Receiver Bryson Hoskins Sr. Bowie
Wide Receiver Mac McGarah Jr. Bowie
Wide Receiver Chayce Pannell Jr. Lake Travis
Wide Receiver Tyler Payne Jr. Lake Travis
Wide Receiver Jake Walton Jr. Bowie
Tight End Braden Buckman Soph. Anderson
Offensive Line Matt Bailey Jr. Del Valle
Offensive Line Gus Crutcher Sr. Lake Travis
Offensive Line James Dixon Sr. Anderson
Offensive Line Clayton Law Jr. Bowie
Offensive Line Garrett Stotts Soph. Lake Travis
Offensive Line Jeremy Pavia Sr.  Austin High
Offensive Line Pedro Rodriuez Jr. Del Valle
Honorable Mention Defense
Defensive Line Charlie Bender Sr.  Del Valle
Defensive Line Charles Crandal Sr.  Del Valle
Defensive Line Wilfred Grear Sr.  Del Valle
Defensive Line Michael Islava Jr.  Lake Travis
Defensive Line Xavier Garcia Sr.  Anderson
Defensive Line Will Griffin Jr. Anderson
Defensive Line Stephen Weinberger Sr.  Austin High
Linebacker Mason Choate Jr. Austin High
Linebacker Connor Gabriel Jr. Anderson
Linebacker Joe Hermosa Sr.  Austin High
Linebacker Logan Martin Sr.  Bowie
Linebacker Jaydon Nichols Sr.  Del Valle
Linebacker Hagen Patterson Jr. Lake Travis
Linebacker Khalid Taylor Soph. Del Valle
Defensive Back Desmon Barrett Jr. Austin High
Defensive Back Camera Cappel Sr.  Bowie
Defensive Back Chris Elizondo Jr. Austin High
Defensive Back Cody Reichle Sr.  Lake Travis
Defensive Back Anthony Smith Sr.  Del Valle
Defensive Back Vince Villagomez Sr.  Lake Travis

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15-5A All District '12 Selections

It was a year of progress for Cen-Tex South in 2012.  The re-emergence of Westlake as a state powerhouse, and the addition of Lake Travis makes 15-5A one of the best.  As voted on by the head coaches, here are your all-district first team selections for 2012!  

Find the second team and honorable mention selections, by clicking here.

2012 Football All-District 15-5A
District MVP Baker Mayfield Sr. Lake Travis
Offensive MVP Josh Cleveland Sr. Del Valle
Defensive MVP Hunter Streuling Sr. Lake Travis
Newcomer of the Year Steve Johnson So. Bowie
1st Team Offense
Quarterback Jordan Severt Jr. Westlake
Running Back Shaun Nixon Jr. Lake Travis
Running Back Chris Canter Sr. Westlake
Running Back Deryl Bunton Sr. Anderson
Running Back Quinta Goode Jr. Austin High
Wide Receiver Brandon Box Sr. Westlake
Wide Receiver Isaiah Jones Sr. Austin High
Wide Receiver John Subia Sr. Bowie
Wide Receiver Chris Campbell Sr. Del Valle
Wide Receiver Zach Joiner Sr. Lake Travis
Tight End Charles Schneider Sr. Austin High
Center Dominic Arocha Sr. Bowie
Offensive Guard Drake Rowland Sr. Lake Travis
Offensive Guard Rajab Rajab Jr. Anderson
Offensive Tackle Sam De LaRosa Jr. Del Valle
Offensive Tackle Judge Finley Sr. Westlake
Offensive Tackle Daniel Laden Jr. Austin High
Punter Caleb Garza Sr. Bowie
1st Team Defense
Defensive Line Brandon Quinterro Sr. Lake Travis
Defensive Line Jacob Mansour Sr. Westlake
Defensive Line Elijah Thompson Sr. Bowie
Defensive End Anthony Patino Sr. Westlake
Defensive End Elliott Carter Sr. Del Valle
Defensive End Connor Shannon Sr. Lake Travis
Inside Linebacker Ryan Taylor Sr. Bowie
Inside Linebacker Hudson Hall So. Westlake
Outside Linebacker Jason Disney Sr. Bowie
Outside Linebacker Jaydon Nichols Sr. Del Valle
Outside Linebacker Carsten Hood Sr. Westlake
Defensive Back Dontae Harris Sr. Bowie
Defensive Back Thomas Anderson Sr. Del Valle
Defensive Back Brock Kenyon Sr. Lake Travis
Defensive Back John Dodd Sr. Westlake
Defensive Back Jack Meredith Jr. Westlake
Kicker Kevin Marcotte Sr. Lake Travis
Return Specialist Isaiah Jones Sr. Austin High
Coach of the Year Hank Carter   Lake Travis

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Fanstand '13 Projections: 15-5A Quarterbacks

With Westlake bowing out this past weekend, thus wraps 2012 for Cen-Tex South (15-5A).  Who do we feel will take the starting reins on August 30, 2013?
Westlake Chaparrals WESTLAKE - Jordan Severt  ('14)

Lake Travis Cavaliers LAKE TRAVIS - Dominic DeLira ('15)
Bowie Bulldogs BOWIE - Austin Eschenberg ('14)

Del Valle Cardinals DEL VALLE - Denzel Feaster ('15)

Anderson TrojansANDERSON - Kirby Hill ('15)

Austin High Maroons AUSTIN HIGH - John Albert Mansour ('15)

Akins Eagles AKINS - Ryan Medrano ('15)

As always, offseaon developments could change the landscape. This means only two programs (Westlake, Austin High) will begin '13 with the same starter as they had in '12.  We'll be attending Spring camps in April/May, so stay tuned for details.
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16-5A All District Second Team (2012)

The future of 16-5A is bright with the amount of all-district second teamers returning in 2013.  17 of this year's honorees will be back next Fall, as we present the coaches selections for the best in 'Cen-Tex North'.  View the First team selections, here.

QB – Blain Kruemcke (’13) Pflugerville

RB – Clarence Guidry (’14) Pflugerville

RB – Deandre Story (’14) Round Rock

WR – Latrell Martin (’14) Hendrickson

WR – Travis Dale (’14) Westwood

WR – Keyon Dilosa (’14) Round Rock

WR – Charles Porter (’14) Cedar Ridge

WR – Kirby McGuire (’13) Round Rock

TE – Neil Haight (’13) Hendrickson

OL – Kyle Truax (’14) Cedar Ridge

OL – Solomon Perdue (’14) McNeil

OL – Chase Holtzendorf (’13) Hendrickson

OL – Jacob Overstreet (’13) Westwood

OL – Matthew Cooper (’14) Cedar Ridge

OL – Dayne Bullock (’13) Westwood

OL – Barton Cheatham (’14) Round Rock

OL – Eric Newman (’14) Stony Point
K – David Min (’13) Round Rock 


DL – Cordell Bunch (’13) Hendrickson

DL – Tillman Johnson (’14) McNeil

DL – Jackson Burris (’14) Round Rock

DL – Mitchell Rico (’13) Pflugerville

DL – Stacy Anderson (’14) Stony Point

LB – Jackson Crowley (’13) Westwood

LB - Brandon Roberto ('13) Round Rock

LB – Nikko Delacruz (’15) Hendrickson

LB – Miles Ryan (’13) Cedar Ridge

LB – Lance Scott (’13) McNeil

DB – Andrew Muennink (’14) Round Rock

DB – Antonio Goodlow (’13) Cedar Ridge

DB – Wes Moore (’13) Stony Point

DB – Trai Moseley (’14) Hendrickson

DB – Deion Swann (’13) Stony Point

DB – Michael McCaughey (’14) Westwood
P – Sam Lawlis (’13) Round Rock
KR - Jay Byrd ('13) Pflugerville

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16-5A All District First Team (2012)
While this year's 16-5A MVP is a junior, we have a senior dominated all-district first team for 2012.  With just nine total first teamers returning in 2013, we will have 'changing of the guard' next season.  As voted on by the district's head coaches, we present this year's top honorees in 'Cen-Tex North'.  Find the 'Second Team Seletions', here.
COACH OF THE YEAR: Chip Killian, Hendrickson
DISTRICT MVP: Samaje Perine ('14) Hendrickson
OFFENSIVE MVP: Adrian Dilworth ('13) Pflugerville
DEFENSIVE MVP: Parker Hanusa ('13) Westwood
NEWCOMER OF THE YEAR: Breylin Mitchell ('15) Round Rock
LINEMAN MVP: D'Andre Roach ('13) Westwood

QB - Michael McCann ('14) Cedar Ridge
RB - Daniel Williams ('13) Cedar Ridge
RB - Tanner Osborn ('13) Westwood
RB - Donnie Holmes ('14) McNeil
WR - Ty Marshall ('13) Westwood
WR - Raymond Racine ('13) Cedar Ridge
WR - Ryan Murphy ('13) McNeil
WR - Justin Gamble ('15) Stony Point

TE - Noah Menke ('13) Pflugerville
OL - Chad Loitz ('13) McNeil
OL - Brendan Moore ('14) Westwood
OL - Mason Casteneda ('13) Pflugerville
OL - Casey Wynn ('13) Pflugerville
OL - Barton Cheatham ('14) Round Rock
OL - Robert Casteneda ('14) Round Rock
OL - C.J. Dunagan ('13) Westwood
OL - Coby Fontenette ('14) Hendrickson
K - Colin McGuire ('13) Westwood

DL - Adrian Price ('13) Pflugerville
DL - Lucas Dielmann ('14) Westwood
DL - Andrew Bagaline ('13) Westwood
DL - Michael Ezimako ('14) Stony Point
DL - Joseph Miele ('13) McNeil
LB - Ashton Thielke ('13) Pflugerville
LB - Kyle Plattor ('13) Stony Point
LB - Sam Lawlis ('13) Round Rock
LB - Blake Thomas ('13) Westwood
LB - Will Bowden ('13) Stony Point
LB - Tyler Logan ('13) Westwood
LB - Marcos Curry ('13) Stony Point
LB - Tyron McMillon ('13) Hendrickson
LB - Malachi Bowser ('13) Pflugerville

DB - Demetrius Wilson ('13) Pflugerville
DB - Jay Byrd ('13) Pflugerville

DB - Chance Waz ('14) Hendrickson
DB - Brad Watson ('13) Westwood
P - Will Janosek ('13) McNeil
KR - Ryan Murhphy ('13) McNeil

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Week 15 Preview: Scouting Cedar Hill

Our Westlake Chaps make the Austin-area more and more proud with each weekend.  They now have a State Semi Finals date with the Cedar Hill Longhorns.  What can our Chaparrals expect this Saturday at Waco ISD Stadium?  We'll break down their opponent, here:

Home Away Neutral Win % PF PA Win Strk
2-3-0 4-1-0 4-0-0 .714 546 402 5 W (#416)

Damion Hobbs 186 279 66.67 2443 26 7


Laquvionte Gonzalez 155 1300 8.39 19


Quincy Adeboyejo 81 1145 14.1 16

The Longhorns have scored at least 48 points in their past three games.  The opponents have not been slouches.  From State-favorite Denton Ryan 3 weeks ago, to Hewitt Midway last week, this Longhorn team is battle tested. 

The Horns biggest loss was a 35-48 game vs. DeSoto during 7-5A play.  Cedar Hill also fell to Mansfield in the regular season finale, totaling four losses in 2012.

Luckily, the Chaps are the State's hottest team.  Here is what Damion Hobbs and his teammates have to deal with.

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Austin-area Round Four Schedule
And then there were five.  In what has been a marquee year for Austin-area high school football talent, we have several remaining local programs left alive in the playoff hunt.  Here is where Fanstand will be this upcoming weekend (edited following Cedar Park's 32-7 win over SA Brennan)!

Westlake ChaparralsWestlake vs Plano West 2:00 pm Waco ISD Stadium
Georgetown EaglesGeorgetown vs Nederland 3:00 pm Berry Center
Rouse Raiders FootballRouse vs Corpus Christi-Flour Bluff 7:00 pm Bobcat Stadium
Manor Mustangs FootballManor vs Fort Bend Marshall 8:00 pm Alamodome

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