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Friday Night Fanstand

Posts from April 2013

Spring Camp '13 Preview: Westwood
(PICTURED: Westwood QB Bear Fenimore ('14) and i-Reporter Hannah Huffman ('14) at 2013 prom)

OVERVIEW: 2012 was the most successful football season in Westwood Warriors history.  Area champions, Coach Anthony Wood continues to bring this football program to new heights.  He is a great role model for the district, and a key personality in the world of Texas high school football.  

The Warriors lose some tremendous senior talent (Wake Forest's Brad Watson, Rice's Parker Hanusa, Fresno State's Colin McGuire, ect), but thre's no shortage of players in waiting.  The question is: who will fly from the under-the-radar to become a Warriors star?


This could be the year for Warriors RB Mason Bartek ('14). He led the team in carries and rush yards (over 560) last season, and could go for over 1000 yards in 2013.  While the reliable Tanner Osborn is gone, we expect RB Erik Tran ('15) to contribute to the run game. Don't let Tran's polite demeanor fool you - he has speed and stamina to burn.

Reports say WR Josh Bishop ('14) has turned the corner.  He's catching everything in practice, and has always had big play potential.  But WR Travis Dale ('14) could win up having the biggest season (600 yards receiving).  Dale actually was a full time player his sophomore year, but was used more in blocking schemes.  The 3-year letterman is ready to become the team's top receiving target.  We're willing to bet Nick Andress ('15) and Colton Kirkby ('15) will snag their fair share.  ATH Travis Wilde ('15) attempts to cash in on his potential.  As usual, the Warrior skill players look legit.

The offensive line returns 7 players with Varsity experience, led by Brenden Moore ('14).  Seth Pitman ('14) and Hayden McSorely ('15) provide experience in the trenches.  Protecting QB Bear Fenimore ('14) is of ultra-importance when it comes to Westwood.  Bear was one of only two 16-5A quarterbacks to throw for over 1250 yards (1890 total yards), despite missing playing time last season.  His passing production, coupled with his Tebow-esque run style make him a deadly duo threat.  He could pass and throw for more than 1000 yards easily in 2013.


The line starts with emotional leader Lucas Dielman ('14).  #56 plays with passion on every play.  In total, we count five players returning up front, including Brandon Brown ('14).  The athletic Christian Benford ('15) could find himself with a handful of sacks if he takes the next step.   Its important that the line gel quickly, because the Westwood is young at linebacker.  Can Marcus Fisher-Jones ('14)  live up to the hype he had as a sophomore?  Dayton Ames ('15) must progress.  Walter Nunez ('14) and John Bentatcourt ('14) gives re-enforces the youngsters, and could exceed expectations.

DB Sean Hoeferkamp ('14), my how time flies.  Since picking off a postseson pass his sophomore year, #20 has come a long way.  He could be an MVP type, if he applies himself.  Adding Michael McCaughey ('14) makes Westwood's defensive backfield a strength.   DB Daniel Fry ('15) is as tenacious as they come.   Brandon Meaux ('14) and Joe Gugala ('14) return for what could be their career year.  Gugala  could perhaps contribute on offense as well.  Zach Sigler/Mitchell Tellez are eventual three year lettermen, vying for more playing time.  We're exctied to see this unit at work during Summer 7 on 7.


5 Michael McCaughey DB, WR Jr.
51 John Betancourt LB Jr.
60 Ryan Harrington OL Jr.
63 Seth Pittman OL Jr.
71 Chase Saxon OL Jr.
64 Brendan Moore OL Jr.
61 Andy Acevedo DL Jr.
56 Lucas Dielmann DL Jr.
50 Walter Nunez LB Jr.
44 Brandon Brown DE Jr.
38 Trent Maindelle DE Jr.
37 Marcus Fisher-jones LB Jr.
33 Daniel Fry DB Jr.
4 Josh Bishop WR Jr.
6 Travis Dale WR Jr.
8 Garrett Gibbins WR, PR Jr.
18 Joe Gugala DB Jr.
22 Mason Bartek RB Jr.
29 Brandon Meaux DB Jr.
20 Sean Hoeferkamp DB Jr.
16 Bear Fenimore QB Jr.
3 Nick Andress WR So.
47 Dayton Ames LB So.
53 Christian Benford DL So.
72 Tanner Ross OL So.
57 David Puryear OL So.
52 Michael Buckley OL So.
30 Zach Sigler DB So.
24 Mitchell Tellez DB So.
2 Travis Wilde WR So.


RB Erik Tran ('15)
WR Colton Kirkby ('15)
OL Hayden McSorely ('15)

Follow i-Reporter Boyd Kennemer ('14) for the latest on Warriors Football in 2013 @BoywithaD
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Fanstand: Fantasy Cen-Tex Draft '13
(PICTURED: We felt Severt's pick up in Round 2 had the most upside of the second round, with 3 signal callers drafted in Round 1)
With the NFL Draft ongoing...we thought, 'what if'?  So we convinced 7 area coaches (most relunctantly agreed) to participate in an Austin-area draft.  The selections are solely comprised of our five major UIL districts (25, 17 and 26-A, plus 15 and 16-5A).  We asked them to draft according to what they felt each player would contribute in 2013.  We provide you the results and ask YOU...who has the best team?


1 QB
2 RB
2 WR


TEAM1:  RB Samaje Perine, Hendrickson
TEAM2: WR Garrett Gray, Marble Falls
TEAM3: QB Nathan Grimm, Cedar Park
TEAM4: RB Shaun Nixon, Lake Travis
TEAM5: RB/QB Billy McCrary, Rouse
TEAM6: QB Te’Rel Simmons, Elgin
TEAM7: RB Stedman Mayberry, Vista Ridge
OVERVIEW: Only 1 wideout went in the first round, but Gray is special. No surprise with top pick.  Mayberry’s pick at end of first round is perhaps biggest sleeper pick.  Obviously anybody in the first round is considered a preseason MVP candidate (round 2-3 for that matter).
TEAM7: RB Tyrone Owens, Manor
TEAM6: RB Deandre Story, Round Rock
TEAM5: RB Donnie Holmes, McNeil
TEAM4: QB Jordan Severt, Westlake
TEAM3: RB Thomas Middleton, Cedar Park
TEAM2: WR Travis Dale, Westwood
TEAM1: QB John Albert Mansour, Austin High

                                                                                                              ROUND 3:

TEAM1: RB Darian McClatcher, Leander
TEAM2: RB Keith Jerome, Marble Falls
TEAM3: RB Justin Miller, Crockett
TEAM4: RB Malik Spence, Hutto
TEAM5: RB Donald Walton, Georgetown
TEAM6: WR Latrell Martin, Hendrickson
TEAM7: QB Bear Fenimore, Westwood
OVERVIEW:  RBs were the rave in round 2 and 3, with teams choosing to take higher end backs over receiving help.  Walton going above teammate Moody was a surprise.  Miller and McClatcher were sophomore last year that could have huge follow ups.
                                                                                                           ROUND 4:

TEAM7: WR Trevon Louis, Crockett
TEAM6: RB Quin Goode, Austin High
TEAM5: WR Luke Peterman, Vandegrift
TEAM4: WR Keyon Dilosa, Round Rock
TEAM3: WR Datrean Simmons, Elgin
TEAM2: QB Brandon Hopp, Leander
TEAM1: WR Blake Allen, Anderson

TEAM1: ATH Tyler Moody, Georgetown
TEAM2: RB AJ Badour, Rouse
TEAM3: ATH Stevie Johnson, Bowie
TEAM4: WR Justin Gamble, Stony Point
TEAM5: ATH Keith Newton, Lanier
TEAM6: WR Samuel Brock, Cedar Park
TEAM7: WR Grant Foster, Lake Travis

                                                                                                              ROUND 6

TEAM 7: ATH Christian Lee Reyes, Vandegrift
TEAM6: ATH Jordan Tonkins, Stony Point
TEAM5: ATH Sabian Cannon (McCallum)
TEAM4: ATH Kelvin Foster, Del Valle
TEAM3: WR Devin Tuggle, Cedar Creek
TEAM2: ATH Quincy Reese, Austin High
TEAM1: WR Andre Alger, Rouse

OVERVIEW: Plenty of value by waiting on receivers into rounds 5 and 6, reflecting more depth vs. top end talent.  Both Austin High backs went off the board.  Tuggle and Foster stand out as the sole picks from their respective programs.  Alger is another under-the-radar pick.
                                                                 ROUND 7 (DEFENSE ONLY, Reversed From Round 1)
TEAM7: Cedar Park
TEAM6: Manor
TEAM5: Lake Travis
TEAM4: Vista Ridge
TEAM3: Leander
TEAM2: Rouse
TEAM1: McCallum

OVERVIEW: Blake Rain reigns supreme.  Manor’s defense is both under rated and under appreciated.  Cecil-led MAC defense an enticing pick.  Most of the selections from the notorious 25-4A district.

QB John Albert Manour (Austin)
RB Samaje Perine (Hendrickson), Darian McClatcher (Leander)
WR Blake Allen (Anderson), Andre Alger (Rouse)
ATH: Tyler Moody (Georgetown)


QB Brandon Hopp (Leander)
RB Keith Jerome (Marble Falls), Quincy Reese (Austin High)
WR Garrett Gray (Marble Falls), Travis Dale (Westwood)
ATH: AJ Badour (Rouse)


QB Nate Grimm (Cedar Park)
RB Justin Miller (Crockett), Thomas Middleton (Cedar Park)
WR Datrean Simmons (Elgin), WR Devin Tuggle (Cedar Creek)
ATH: Stevie Johnson (Bowie)
DEFENSE: Leander


QB Jordan Severt (Westlake)
RB Shuan Nixon (Lake Travis), Malik Spence (Hutto)
WR Keyon Dilsosa (Round Rock), Justin Gamble (Stony Point)
ATH: Kelvin Foster (Del Valle)
DEFENSE: Vista Ridge


QB Billy McCrary (Rouse)
RB Donnie Holmes (McNeil), Donald Walton (Georgetown)
WR Luke Peterman (Vandegrift), Sabian Cannon (McCallum)
ATH: Keith Newton (Lanier)
DEFENSE: Lake Travis


QB Te’Rel Simmons (Elgin)
RB Deandre Story (Round Rock), Quin Goode (Austin)
WR Latrell Martin (Hendrickson), Samuel Brock (Cedar Park)
ATH Jordan Tonkins (Stony Point)


QB Bear Fenimore (Westwood)
RB Stedman Mayberry (Vista Ridge), Tyrone Owen (Manor)
WR Trevon Louis (Crockett), Grant Foster (Lake Travis)
ATH: Christian Reyes (Vandegrift)
DEFENSE: Cedar Park
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Spring '13 Tour: Westlake Chaps (HD)
We takea a look at 2012's State Final Four Westlake Chaps - as they are alrady a week deep into Spring camp.

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Spring Camp '13 Preview: McCallum


WHERE WE LEFT OFF: Head coach Jason Cecil will have his Knights in camp on April 26th (Friday).  The Knights first round playoff exit can be excused (27-59), as Rouse went on to play in the State Final Four.


The departure of Griffin Stuesser (20 total TDs) leaves a big void in stats and leadership.  But that doesn't mean the role won't be filled by capable hands.  We know Sabian Cannon ('15) enjoys playing QB, but he's also one of the Knights' most dynamic receivers/rushers.  Outside of practice, we haven't seen QB Kris Reyes ('14) in action - but neither have 26-4A opponents.  His unknown talent could become an x-factor for McCallum behind center.  

The return of all-district offensive linman Robert Brown ('14) and Xavier Castillo ('15) will ensure continuity going into 2013.  But the Knights have to replace all-district RB A.J. Herrera (820 rush yards, 9 TDs).   RB Clement Jones ('15) showed some promise as a speed runner.  K.P. Smalls ('14) could factor in as a goal line bruiser.


WR Willie Mays ('14) is one of the district's very best.  He has the upside to play on Saturdays one day (avg. 20 ypc, 490 yards, 5 TDs).  Our breakout pick is DeAndre Williams ('14) - an athletic option with a world of upside.  Since many players will play both ways, Knights Wes Bellomy ('14) could also have big offensive years.  Time will tell.


The Knights arguably have the best defensive front returning for 26-4A in 2013 - four of their players honored as all-district performers in 2012.  The quadrant of returning trench players (Rashad Jarmon, Marquis King-Smith, Courtney Organ and Dewayne Bryant) will cause headaches for opposing offenisve lines.  Last years loss of Ed Armstrong hurt McCallum, but the experience earned will play off in 2013.  

Wes Bellomy is a speedy linebacker with deceptive strength.  He can also play the pass, he'll rarely be mis-matched.  Khalil Gant ('14) returns with all-district stripes to anchor the defensive backfield.  Roosevelt Matthews ('15) could contribute more this season - but we could see the DB positions manned by two-way starters like Mays.


The Knights have their kicker set for the next two years.  Jacob Carter ('15) was 3-4 on FG attempts, and relatively automatic (33-39) with extra points.  Kris Reyes ('14) should once again handle punt duties.  Any number of skill players for MAC could return kicks/punts - all with the ability to go for six on any given play.


Repeating as 26-4A champion is never easy, but Coach Jason Cecil has the pieces to do it.  Much will lie on the shoulders of the team's new signal caller.  After years of Lusson and Stuesser, Knight fans will be watching the new quarterback.  A motivated coaching staff combined with several experienced returning stars bodes well for McCallum in 2013.

SPRING GAME DATE: May 25th (Saturday) at House Park

SEASON OPENER: August 29th (Thursday) v. Anderson at House Park
KEY DISTRICT GAME: October 18th vs. Travis
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Fanstand Spring '13 Preview: Hendrickson

(Pictured: i-Reporter Meg Haney ('14) and DB Chance Waz ('14) rep Hawk Nation and Fanstand during an interview)
Note: The Hawks will forgo 'spring camp' this year, and return the first week of August for conditioning.  The next time we'll see Hendrickson in action will be May 25th's State Qualifying 7 on 7 Tournament (SQT) at Round Rock.

Picked to finish last in 16-5A by Dave Campbell's magazine, Hendrickson Football resoundingly silenced its critics by going undefeated in district play en route to the school's first-ever 5A district title.  Now picked by critics to challenge for a State title in 2013, we're anxiously awaiting the the Hawks' upcoming season.  And before we dive into the players - S/O to 16-5A Coach of the Year, Chip Killian.

(PICTURED: Perine figures to be the next in a long line of Division I star RBs from Hendrickson)


Things begin with RB Samaje Perine (Some-ah-jay Pee-r-eye-n).  Verbally committing to Oklahoma over the offseason, the Austin-area will get one more look at the future Sooner star.   The reigning 16-5A MVP (over 2000 total yards, 15 TDs) and Austin-area returning rush leader is a legit superstar.  The evolution of QB Xavier Conely ('14) continues, as the junior expects a jump in production with a full year now under his belt.  Top receiver Latrell Martin ('14) has already been offered by University of Houston/Texas State, offering balance to the Hawks' offensive attack.

The offensive line is well aware of the skill players surrounding them.  Returning linemen Max Gouge ('14), Mason Bell ('14) and Blake Browning ('15), Anson Friday ('14), Jacob Cameron ('14) and Trey Thomas ('15) offer a deep lineup of experienced blockers.  'HFL' may be Hendrickson's biggest (and most underrated) secret weapon.

The Hawks' ex-factors could be what pushed them over the top.  Not as heralded as the aforementioned start: ATH Tazh Malloy ('15), WR Reggie Daniels ('15), RB Lane Griggs ('14), ATH Craig 'Primetime' Roberts ('14) and others are capable of a breakthrough campaign.  

(PICTURED: Now with a full year of health underneath him, we have yet to see the best of #6 on the field)


The Hawks pass defense went from a liablilty in 2011, to a strength in 2012.  The shifting of DB Chance Waz ('14) from corner to safety allowed 'Superman Waz' to emerge as a star.  His 100+ tackles last season led the Hawks defense.  DB Trai Mosely ('14) bounced back from a tough injury to become one of the best one-on-one cover corners in Austin.  Chip in the ever-improving Jordan Washington ('14), as you have one of the state's top DB units.   


LB Nikko De La Cruz ('15) snagged all-district honors as a sophomore, but the best is still ahead.   DL Corby Fontenette ('14) was also recognized as one of the district's best in 2012.  Before an injury took his junior season away, Tyler Williams ('14) displayed the ability to be a big time contributor.  Tyler is considering going baseball fulltime, but we will know more as the school year progresses.  It looks like Alex Blair ('14) will get the Varsity minutes he's always earned, replacing a tenacious Cordell Bunch.  Ex-factors like DB Josh Wydermeyer ('15), Jailen Prince ('14) and LB Jason Slownwright will help soften the loss of seniors McMillon/De la Cruz/Gutierrez.


First SQT: May 25 (Round Rock

Season Debut: August 30 (v. Rouse)

Key District Game: November 1 (v. McNeil, possibly to clinch district title)


Returning Lead Rusher: yes (Perine)

Returning Lead Passer: yes (Conely)

Returning Lead Receiver: yes (Martin)

Returning Lead Tackler: yes (Waz)

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Fanstand Spring '13 Preview: Cedar Park

After losing the first two games of the 2012 season, people began to question Cedar Park Football.  They answered their critics with a 14-game winning streak, resulting in the school's first-ever State title.

This time last year, current head coach Joe Willis was still 'interim' after Chris Ross ascended to Leander ISD athletic director.  The former defensive coordinator seamlessly transitioned to the the head coaching role.  

(PICTURED: Coaches knew since he was in junior high that Chris would be a Varsity star.  He was all-district as a sophomore in 2012)

Cedar Park 2012 varsity players returning for 2013:

David Moritz, Nick Neuman, Lane Waller, Blake Bouffard, Nate Grimm, Bill Estevanott, Zach Hancock, Mac Gilpin, Nolan Foster, Sean Angle, Nick Gutierrez, Logan Imbornone, Thomas Middleton, Brandon Burgett, Mack White, Thomas Hutchings, Chris Hutchings, Peter Maniekis, Cole Baughman, Alex Langlois, Shawn Taylor, Jake Harris. Cooper Blow, Davis Geerts, Austin Bryant, Keenon Purslow, Chad Whitehead, Colt Owen, Sam Brock, Myles Cheatum, Alex Cuteri, and Jake Barber

This amounts to 32 lettermen. Eight of these Timberwolves have scored touchdowns.

Full-time defensive starters returning (4):

DB Lane Waller, DB Blake Bouffard, LB Thomas Hutchings, LB Peter Maniekis

(PICTURED: Lane had a good 2012, but we think the light flipped on for him during the State title game.  We're projecting a huge leap in production for the retruning DB)

Players who logged significant playing time on defense in 2012, even starting several games:

DB Sean Angle, LB Brandon Burgett, DE Myles Cheatum, DT Jake Barber, DB Mac Gilpin

This gives the Black Rain NINE returning players with extensive and significant playing experience, at all three layers of the defense. These nine are likely starters in 2013, leaving only two more positions to fill (one LB and one DL).  There are whispers that Thomas Middleton ('14) could be a LB at the next level, prompting more playing time on the defensive side.  Stay tuned.

(PICTURED: Sam Brock is also arguably the best basketball player at Cedar Park.  Showing shades of Dylan Cox, Brock can do it all)

Full-time offensive starters returning (7):

QB Nate Grimm, RB Chris Hutchings, C Davis Geerts, TE Chad Whitehead, TE Colt Owen, OL Austin Bryant , WR Sam Brock

(PICTURED: The offensive line will be anchored by Geerts/Bryant in 2013 - they will deserve MVP consideration in their own rights)

Players who logged significant playing time on offense in 2012, even starting several games (including players who would have been full-time starters if not injured for some portion of the season):

RB/LB Thomas Middleton, OL Shawn Taylor, WR/RB Bill Estevanott, OL Cole Baughman

This gives the offense ELEVEN returning players with extensive and significant experience, at every position, plus the regular place-kicker, Zach Hancock.

Additional returning players who will likely see extensive playing time in 2013 - perhaps even start - and who logged much quality playing time in 2012:

(PICTURED: Musicallly gifted as well, CPFB RB Foster hopes to show his promise more often on the turf in 2013)

WR David Moritz, RB Nolan Foster, RB Logan Imbornone, LB Mack White, OL Cooper Blow 
In total, this amounts to far greater experience than returned from 2011 for 2012, and which won a state championship.

During the 2012 season, even considering the two “young” schools that were barely past their program’s “startup” stage, every 25-4A team started more seniors than Cedar Park. Nearly no one realized it, but it was the Timberwolves who were actually the youngest team in the district!

Keeping that in mind, consider that Cedar Park has never lost to Dripping Springs (3-0), never lost to Marble Falls (5-0), never lost to Vandegrift (3-0), never lost to Vista Ridge (5-0), never lost to Rouse (3-0), and is 7-4 all-time against Leander, having won the last five straight. In fact, the last time Leander beat Cedar Park, the 2013 Lion seniors were in 6th grade, and their juniors and sophomores were still in elementary school.  Cedar Park is 26-4 all-time against the six 25-4A teams it will face in 2013, having won 19 straight against these teams since 2007.

Returning defensive players for the Timberwolves include the two DBs who were the leading and second-leading interceptors for the Black Rain in 2012, a unit that set a school record for picks. Also returning are the team’s leading and second-leading tacklers.

For defenses, seeing Nate on the other side has their prospects of success looking Grimm.  (Sorry)

(PICTURED: From project to MVP, QB Grimm surpassed all expectations in 2012 by winning a State title)

Returning offensive players include the team’s leading passer, first, second, and fourth leading rushers (plus the leading returning rusher in the district from 2011 into 2012), and the team’s second, third, and fifth-leading receivers. The eight returning players who ran the ball produced 2,014 rushing yards and nine touchdowns in 2012. The eight returning players who had catches produced 906 receiving yards and ten touchdowns in 2012. The returning passer produced 1,906 passing yards and 24 touchdowns.  Except for the nine rushing touchdowns, all of these ARE THE LARGEST RETURNING NUMBERS IN THOSE CATEGORIES IN THE HISTORY OF CEDAR PARK FOOTBALL.

The Timberwolves will be gunning for their second straight district crown, and fourth in the last five seasons.

Not to mention a return trip to Jonestown in December...


Spring camp opener: May 1st

State Qualifying Tournament (tenative): May 25 (in Round Rock)

Preseason Scrimmage: August 22nd (v. Connally)

Season Debut: August 30th (hosting Westlake)

Key District Game: October 18 (@ Rouse, Bible Stadium)
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McNeil's Murphy Inks with Mary Hardin Baylor
One of Fanstand's faves, McNeil WR Ryan Murphy ('13) will play football for Mary Hardin Baylor next Fall.  As you can see from a 'proud mom' post - he earned serious recognition in his senior season.  One of the biggest personalities we've had the pleasure of covering, we'll miss you next season #15.

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Fanstand Spring '13 Preview: Georgetown
(Pictured: Eagles lead returning rusher, RB Tyler Moody)

2012 was a historic year for Georgetown Football.  15 wins and a trip to Jerry's World will be hard to top, but the Eagles are up for the challenge.  Returning several key members will help their case, but losing key members at other positions will pose questions.  We feel last year will provide residual momentum, and another legit shot at the 17-4A title.


(Pictured: Tyler Preston earned all-state honors as a junior, and enters 2013 as a star offensie lineman)


Does anyone remember the offseason prank that an out-of-area QB played - saying he was transferring to Georgetown?  It was the hottest topic in Austin for the span of 3 hours.  That's how significant the Eagle signal caller position is in 2013.  Who will replace Jake Hubenak?  Since no players besides seniors Hubenak and Brent Ellerbee threw a Varsity pass in 2012, there will be a learning curve next season.  We've heard names like Noah Corse ('15), Ben Bottlinger ('15) J.D. Kelly ('14) and Dustin Prater ('16).  When its all said it done - it should be the running game that will dictate the Eagles' success.  

To some, Donald Walton's ('15) all-district selection came earlier than expected.  But the coaches (district-wide) realized the massive talent of the Super Soph.  Even more surprising was the emergence of RB Tyler Moody ('14).  The Moody Train took off after Tory Dominguez missed time - and it never stopped steam rolling.  With all-state OL Tyler 'Mongo' Preston ('14) and underrated David Vicars ('14) up front, defenses will be hard pressed to stop the Eagle run game.  One noted departure is OL Calvin Anderson (Westlake), but the coaching staff is preparing his replacement

Truthfully, the outside production of Bedford/Knightner/Weston/Douglas will be tough to replicate.  The chemistry they shared with QB Hubenak cannot be forged overnight.  Randy Knightner will reportedly be working closely with some youngsters during spring camp.  Receivers like Ben Nunes and Cameron Lepley could soon be 78626-household names.  We also liked what we saw in short session from sophomore Logan Hagar.  One unique addition to the receiver squad, will be current baseball star Wade Harris ('14).  HIs transition to the football field should pay off immediately.

(BELOW: Eagle super sophomores: QB Noah Corse and WR Logan Hagar from 7 on 7 vs. Round Rock, A. Plueckhahn)



The reigning district D-MVP returns for the Eagles - making him one of Texas' marquee players.  Also winning a state title in wrestling, LB Jace LaCaille ('14) is prepared for a mammoth encore.  He made an offseason visit to the studio - its a must watch.
There are few returning starters from this unit.  Junior DB Jordan Haas and DL Jake Blakenship will be called upon to have their best year yet.  DB Kolten Hoehn ('14) returns as a starter from '12, and could be the Eagles' top corners.  Gage Parker ('14) missed the majority of 2012, but will look to make up for lost time next season.  He is reportedly moving to defensive line, giving the Eagles an athletic pass rusher.  Our pick for surprise super sophomore goes to Dakota Cahill ('16).  His poise and maturity makes him an ideal candidate to replace the graduating safties.  Toss in players who have patiently waited their turn like DB Rusty Shackleford ('14) (Twitter S/O) and ATH Micah Downs ('15) we feel a new era of Eagle defenders will reveal themselves in 2013.


Scrimmage v. Austin High: August 22nd

Season Opener v. Ellison: August 30th

Key Game: Hosting Elgin, September 21st


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New Friday: Hendrickson's Waz Offered By Utah

Soon after Hendrickson DB Chance Waz ('14) was offered from Colorado, the Hawks safety got good news again.  Teammate WR Latrell Martin ('14) tweets the news!

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Fanstand Life: Round Rock Moment
i-Reporter Lauren and sidekick Savannah, share an all-too Round Rock moment in this Life look at Vine.  

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Breaking: Hutto Head Coach Leaves for Medina Valley
(Photo: The Hutto News)

After missing the playoffs for the first time in 2012, Hutto head football coach Steve Hale has accepted the same position at Medina Valley High School.

Hale took over for Lee Penland (now at McNeil) during the 2010 season.  He led the Hippos to back to back 9 win seasons in 2010 and 2011.

In 2012, the Hippos won just 2 distrct games, despite carrying a slew of both older (Tanner Thrift, James Felderhoff) and younger (Roland Ruiz, Malik Spence) talent.  Medina Valley finished 8-3 last season, but lost its two 1000 yard rushers to graduation (Weston Beck, Ben Matta).
With 8 total teams in district 17-4A, playoff spots are hard to come by.  3 of the 4 playoff teams from 17-4A made it to the State quarterfinals or further in 2012.  Coach Hale leaves behind some talented players - here's who could vault the Hustlin' Hippos back into postseason play next season.


RB - Malik Spence ('14) 560 rush yards, 8 TD, averaged nearly 8 yards/carry

LB - Ryan Robison ('14) second on team in tackles last season (95)

DL - Rolando Ruiz ('14) 2-time all district performer, Hippo sack leader in 2012 (4 sacks), 9 tackles for loss

WR - Darryl Harrison ('14) second on team in receving yards in 2012 (520 yards), 3 TDs

RB/LB - Luke Evans ('14) 4 rush TDs with limited touches, 3rd leading returning tackler (85)

LB - Brooks Baack ('14) capable receiver, solid tackler (70 tackles in 2012), 2 sacks
QB - Brandon Douglas ('15) expected to get majority of time behind center, should QB Adams play baseball fulltime

TE - Hayden Doggett ('14) averaged 9 yards/catch as an all-district TE in 2012

K - Jared Haynes ('15) over converted XP as a confident sophomore in 2012

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