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Friday Night Fanstand

Posts from June 2013

State 7on7 '13 Preview: Austin-area

The official pools and schedules for the 2013 State 7 on 7 Championship tournament was released moments ago!  Check out the Austin-area teams Fanstand will be covering during the July 12-13th showcase.


 i-Reporter: Hannah Huffman ('14)

Morning Pool Opponents: Pool A of vs. Houston Stratford, El Paso Coronado and Arlington Sequin

Notes: Every Summer, new Cavalier faces surface.  We saw this with players like WR Tyler Payne ('14) and LB James Bailey ('15) in the past.  This year, its names like Bear Christianson ('15), Tanner Bush ('16) and Charlie Villanueva ('14).  Using a QB tandem featuring Dominic DeLira ('15) and newcomer Nick Nezami ('15), Lake Travis has looked like the skill player powerhouse they've always been.  Having DB Chayce Pannell ('15) on offense helps.  RB Shaun Nixon ('14) has been wowing his new Aggie fans, and everyone that sees him.  DB Luke Hutton ('14) is getting valuable reps at his new position.  Talent runs deep at LT, with DB Chris Roller ('15) Dom Packer ('14), Jason York ('15) and John Brewer ('15), Lastly, it will be i-Reporter Hannah's birthday weekend.  A celebration is at hand.



 i-Reporter: Mikayla Barker ('14)

Morning Pool Opponents: Pool M of vs Abilene, Pearland Dawson and Plano

Notes: Featuring two three-year Varsity receivers has played a role in WW's Summer success.  Traditionally a strong skill team, the Warriors look strong again.  That's mainly due to the maturity of Josh Bishop ('14).  Paired with Travis Dale ('14), Houston-commit QB Bear Fenimore ('14) has two outstanding options.  ATH Nick Andress and Travis Wilde have also stepped up their game.  The defense is primed for 7 on 7, with DBs Sean Hoeferkamp ('14), Dan Fry ('14) and Michael McCaughey ('14) roaming.   LB Marcus Fisher-Jones ('15) is proving his ability to defend the pass.  We won't see new Maryland-commit Brendan Moore ('14) running routes, but since the tourney's in Round Rock - he may be there.  i-Reporter Mikayla Barker ('14) traditionally covers Cedar Ridge, but will serve at our 16-5A in-district reporter.


Hendrickson Hawks FootballHENDRICKSON HAWKS

Meg Haney i-Reporter: Meg Haney ('14)

Morning Pool Opponents: Pool C of v. Jersey Village, Mesquite Horn and San Angelo Central

Notes: Some call them a Dallas/Houston school inside an Austin district.  But Hendrickson reps Pflugerville/Austin like no other.  The names are plentiful here.  Samaje, Waz, Martin, Mosley - all four have already committed to Division I schools.  The star studded Hawks hope to put on a good showing - but their focus is on their season opener vs. Rouse.  QB Xavier Conley ('14) has shown proper progress since last Summer.  DB Jordan Washington ('14) and LB Nikko Delacruz ('15) also have Division I aspirations.  Under the radar players like Tazh Maloy ('15), Craig Roberts ('14) and Jordan Williams ('15) could come up big.  We must mention the progress of WR Reggie Daniels ('15), DB Josh Wydermyer ('15) and ATH Lane Griggs ('14).   Along with ATH Jalen Prince ('14) and Isaiah Townes ('16), there's talent from top to bottom.  Much like Lake Travis, this is a chance to see the faces of a team with legit 5A State title hopes.


Elgin Wildcats FootballELGIN WILDCATS

Kate Wellings i-Reporter: Kate Wellings ('16)

Day One Opponents:  Pool E of vs. Coppel, Brenham and Rosenburg Terry

Notes: This year has been a while in the making.  We lightly compare this Elgin team with the Georgetown team from 2012.  A gifted group of youngsters (seniors 2013) have finally become seniors.  The intresting element to this team are the tandem of brothers.  The Simmons (Te'Rel, Datrean) and The Snell Families (Colin, Kyle) anchor this talented skill squad.  Last year's 17-4A Newcomer of the Year (Anthony Nash) has looked great on offense and defense during 7 on 7.  And we've come to know that Jordan Smith ('15) is fast.  Very, very fast.  DB Dareyon Baker ('14) helps round out a team that could do damage in the tournament.


Hutto Hippos FootballHUTTO HIPPOS

Ollie Baseball i-Reporter: Ollie Andrews

Day One Opponents: Pool C of v. Jersey Village, Mesquite Horn and San Angelo Central

Notes: Clinching their first-ever State 7 on 7 trip came as a surprise to most.  But this Hippo team has steadily built chemistry since the middle of last Spring.  With Chase Adams going into baseball fulltime, the QB reins were handed to DB Brandon Douglas ('15).  Douglas has exceeded expectations thus far.  We've known that Darryl Harrison ('14) can ball, but we're just now discovering the talented Davion Davis ('15).   The fact that Hutto clinched a state berth without two of its starts (TE Hayden Doggett, RB Malik Spence, both '14) speaks volumes.  DB Tyler Matlock, LB Ryan Robison ('14) and ATH Luke Evans ('14) give this team balance on both sides of the ball.  Don't be surprised if the Hippos upset some big name teams. i-Reporter Ollie 'Slick Stallion' Andrews returns to cover his former high school.



Kate i-Reporter: Kate Buffy ('15)

Day One Opponents:  Pool L of vs. Houston Reagan, Lubbock Monterey and Mesquite Poteet

Notes: What a joy this team has been to watch over the Summer.  After forgoing Spring camp, this is the first extended look that we've had of the new Bulldogs.  With Olson, Harris and Subia gone - who will step up?  Several players answered that question, leading Bowie back to the State 7 on 7 Tournament for the first time since 2011.  The Dawgs did it without their all-district QB (Austin Eschenburg), using future stars Preston Wheeler ('15) and Kamalii Akina ('16).  WR Mac McGarah ('14) had so many athletic catches, we gave him a few nicknames.  Air McGarah.  Snag McGarah.  Moss McGarah.  WR Jake Walton ('14) and Ben Setterquist ('14) add talented depth to the Bowie receiveing corp.  RB Cole Myer ('15) and Steve Johnson ('15) are proving they can contribute to the passing game, too.  The strength of this team, however, is the defensive backfield.  DB Tyler Walker ('14), Joe Lewright ('14) and newbie Pedro Silva ('16) have played outstanding.  Toss in DB Pedro Martinez ('14), LB Mark Matinez ('14) and others...the Bulldogs can score in bunches, and defend at will.  



 Tempra Watson  Mandy Lee    Kynadie Fikac   Lauren Spikes Lauren Spikes 

Follow score updates via our Twitter page, and follow us on Instagram!  Prepping for a year of coverage LIKE NO ONE ELSE!  
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Fanstand '13 Preview: QB Corner (15-5A)
District 15-5A is stronger than ever heading into 2013.  A few teams have legit State title hopes, while others are eager to upset the powerhouses.  We take a look at the quarterbacks of CenTex South in this 2013 season preview.


PROJECTED STARTER: Dominic DeLira ('15)

BACK UP: Nick Nezami ('15)

TOP TARGETS: Bear Christianson ('15), Tyler Payne ('14), Grant Foster ('15)

NOTES: Dom and Nick represent a changing of the guard at LT.  Neither own a State title ring, but both hope to change that by the end of '13.  DeLira is a crowd fave, garnering the respect of both old and new school Cav fans.  There's no denying the physical capabilties of Louisiana-transplant Nezami.  From what we have seen over the Summer, both signal callers can guide this team to success.


PROJECTED STARTER: Jordan Severt ('14) 
BACK UP: Max Mangum ('16), Sean Rollings ('15)
TOP TARGETS: Patrick Elliot ('14), Rhodes Legg ('14), Harrison Lines ('14), Zach Dansby ('14)
NOTES: Severt (2600 pass yards, 24 total TDs in '12) can go into two-a-days with his mind clear.  After verbally agreeing to attend SMU in 2014, the third year letterman can concentrate on leading his Chaps at State title.  Athlete Sean Rollings (avg. 7 yards/carry, 7 total TDs) is built in the mold of past Westlake greats.  An uber-smart, deceptively strong talent, Rollings is likely to get some wildcat looks.  Mangum looks to be the heir apparent at QB, with an impressive showing on the freshman level in '12


PROJECTED STARTER: Austin Eschenburg ('14)
BACK UP: Preston Wheeler ('15), Kamalii Akina ('16)
TOP TARGETS: Mac McGarah ('14), Jake Walton ('14), Ben Setterquist ('14)
NOTES: Eschenburg (1700 total yards, 20 TDs in '12) enters the new year as an all-district signal caller.  His sports career may eventually steer him towards the Major Leagues, but he's Bowie's poster child in 2013.  Bulldog fans are also excited about the future of QB play.  Both Wheeler and Akina have looked exceptional during Summer skill league play - leading Bowie to this Summer's State 7 on 7 Championship. 


STARTER: Juan Padron ('14)
TOP TARGETS: Andre Butler ('15), Altany Willis ('14), Alex Hardeman ('14), Ashton Robinson ('15)
NOTES: With the departure of Denzel Feaster to Manor, the job is once again Padron's to hold.  The returning junior completed 45% of his passes (2 TDs, 400 yards), but is reportedly stronger in 2013.  Talented RB Foster will take the pressure off Padron, but Juan will need to keep defenses honest with the passing game.  A third year letterman, Juan is destined to take the lead role - and holds the hopes of a rabid Cardinal fan base on his back.  He may not be the district's top player, but we could argue he is the most important component of a single program. 


STARTER: Kirby Hill ('15)
BACK UP: Jordan Harrison ('15)
TOP TARGETS: Braden Buckman ('15), Chad Lanfer ('14), Blake Allen ('14)
NOTES: Hill (480 yards, 3 TDs) led the Trojans to their lone victory last year.  In limited playing time, he displayed the leadership and physical abilities to lead a 5A Varsity program.  He won't have the comfort blanket of Deryl Bunton, but that should hasten his development as 2013 wears on.  Harrison was on and off with Anderson in 2012, but we've seen the returning junior during skill league play this Summer...he's ready to contribute if called upon.


PROJECTED STARTER: John Albert Mansour ('15)
BACK UP: Beau Kalbacher ('16)
TOP TARGETS: Kendrick Price ('14), David Eastty ('14), River Beall ('14), Trey Blake ('14)
NOTES: We think the Maroons offense enters 2013 under the radar.  Mansour (1100 yards, 10 TDs) proved that he was ready for Varsity play as a sophomore.  There's no "Jones" at wideout, but that could pressure others to create names for themselves.  The skill talent runs fluid for Mansour, as he'll have plenty of options.  We think he could easily throw for 2000+, with the upside for  more in 2014.


STARTER: Teddy Lowery ('14)
BACK UP: Ryan Medrano ('15)
TOP TARGETS: Joe Featherstone ('14), Ronald Tate ('14), Marshall Trevino ('14)
NOTES: After notching triple digit tackles in 2012, Coach Garza will entrust the quarterback role to Lowery.  A leader on and off the field, the Eagles will rally around the charismatic senior.  His athletic attributes will allow him to make plays while improvising.  Trevino is returning from a broken hand, and still looks like one of the more talented Eagles on the field.  
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Fanstand '13 Preview: QB Corner (16-5A)

We are two months away from Zero Week, as we begin to preview the 2013 season.  Quarterbacks are not only team leaders, they are team icons.  Their faces are usually the first thoughts that pop into fans heads when they think about the team.  Let's take an early look at the figurehead front runners for CenTex North (District 16-5A).

Hendrickson Hawks Football HENDRICKSON HAWKS

PROJECTED STARTER: Xavier Conely ('14)

BACK UP: Ian Starkey ('15)

MAIN TARGETS: Latrell Martin ('14), Craig Roberts ('14)

NOTES: The playing time Conely earned last season will pay off big in 2013.  Firmly entrenched as the Hawks quarterback, Xavier is ready to cash in on his potential.  Coach Killian limited the amount of times Xavier threw last season, but when he did, he was efficient.  Completing 65% of his passes, and throwing for 1000 yards in his first Varsity season bode well for Conley's fuure.  We've had a chance to see Starkey for the first time this Summer - and the returning junior has been impressive in limited time.


PROJECTED STARTER: Bear Fenimore ('14)

BACK UP: Jack Swensen ('16), Travis Wilde ('15)

MAIN TARGETS: Travis Dale ('14), Josh Biship ('14)

NOTES: The University of Houston-bound Fenimore is on the verge of showing his very best.  He's equally deadly with his arm and feet - making him one of the area's best dual threat signal callers.   Bear totaled nearly 2000 yards with limited snaps in 2012 - completing 60% of his passes.  Swensen is the younger brother of last year's back up QB, while Wilde is an athlete who could sneak some wildcat snaps.


STARTER: Zach Milner ('15)

BACK UP: Ezra McClain ('15)

MAIN TARGETS: Caleb Horton ('14), Justin Bickham ('15)

NOTES:  After two years of Blain Kruemcke, coach George Herrmann has a couple of nice options in 2013.  As you can see above, both Milner and McClain are mature players.  Reports from Panther camp indicate they will return to the Wing-T offense next Fall - but one can see the big play pass potential with these two behind center.


STARTER: Zach Bellville ('14)

BACK UP: Collin Hinson ('15)

MAIN TARGETS: Keyon Dilosa ('14), John Patterson ('14)

NOTES: Bellville has the most experience returning 2013, replacing Tyler Gerds at times last year.  Hinson is still developing as a signal caller, but his strength/speed are unquestioned.  Coach Cheatham can rest assured that he'll have two capable quarterbacks to take into the new season.

Eastside Memorial Panthers CEDAR RIDGE RAIDERS

STARTER: Michael McCann ('14)

BACK UP: Travis Malesky ('15), Chase Randle ('15)

MAIN TARGETS: Charles Porter ('14), David Racine ('15)

NOTES: Last year's 16-5 First Team all district selection, McCann has been the topic of much discussion (1800 total yards, 12 pass TDs).  With a possible MLB career in his future, some wondered if he would return in 2013.  Seeing him work during 7 on 7 answered that question with a resounding 'yes'.  We still expect to see junior Travis Malesky (60 pass attempts, 450 yards, 5 TDs) to get his fair share of reps this year.  With so many skill players (Racine, Porter, ect), the Raiders are best served by having both studs ready for the season.


STARTER: Aidan Barrera ('14)

BACK UP: Damian Lindley ('15)

MAIN TARGETS: Justin Gamble ('15), Jordan Smith ('15), Jeremy Carr ('14)

NOTES: It feels like Aidan and Damian have grown up together.  Since the departure of Aaryn Sharp/Gus Barrera in 2011, we've seen the younger Barrrea and Lindley alternating snaps.  Barrera was the most consistent, totaling over 1000 yards and 8 TDs.  The younger Lindley showed flashes of brillance, leading the team in rush yards (400+) in 2012.  Both are upperclassman entering this season - and we're projecting their best performances to date.  


STARTER:  Colton Russell ('14)

BACK UP:  Matthew Dubelbeis ('14), Hayden Cooper ('16)

MAIN TARGETS: Corans Fisher ('14), Justin Johnson ('14)

NOTES: Entering his third year on Varsity, Russell (over 1500 total yards, 7 TDs in '12) is battle tested for his senior campaign.  This Summer, Colton has proven to be one of the most versitile athletes on the Mavericks roster.  Throwing deep passes, and snagging a couple while playing wideout - Colton is ready for anything in 2013.  We've always know Dubelbeis can play QB - but what we saw from Hayden Cooper was outstanding.  Its still early, but Cooper could emerge as one of the best 2016 talents over the next couple of seasons.
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Breaking: Hutto and Bowie Clinch State 7on7 Trips

Joining Lake Travis, Westwood, Hendrickson and Elgin...Bowie and Hutto, after clinching spots in the annual 7 on 7 tournament today.

Bowie knocked off Georgetown, while Hutto upset Round Rock in the final three seconds of the game.

Special thanks to our team of i-Reporters/parents helping keep the Austin-area informed with up-to-the-second updates.
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Topics: Sports
Locations: AustinGeorgetown

OFFICIAL: Marble Falls 7on7 SQT Schedule

This tournament will be a 16 team tournament with pool play in the morning and the 4 pool winners advancing to the afternoon state qualifying round.  Pool play will take place at two locations; Marble Falls High School and Marble Falls Middle School. All of the fields are natural grass. Two pools will be played at MFHS and two pools will be played at MFMS. The Middle School is less than two miles from the HS and the Final Four bracket play will be at Mustang Stadium (HS campus) with the 1st place team and runner-up receiving an automatic bid to the State Tournament being held in Round Rock on July 12-13th.
Games will be played according to state rules that can be found at .
POOLS - * indicates the team has already qualified for State
POOL A – Mustang Stadium                                     POOL B – HS practice Field
Fields 1 & 2 on the map                                              Fields 3 & 4 on the map
1    Marble Falls                                                          1   Lake Travis *
2    Burnet *                                                                 2   Del Rio
3    Hutto                                                                     3   Round Rock
4    Bastrop                                                                  4   Vista Ridge
POOL C – MS            Game Field                                        POOL D – MS Practice Field
Fields 5 & 6 on the map                                              Fields 7 & 8 on the map
1   RR Cedar Ridge                                                    1   Copperas Cove
2   Austin High                                                           2   Cedar Park
3   RR Westwood *                                                    3   SA Alamo Heights
4   Georgetown                                                           4   Austin Bowie

Please Note:  Bring Both White and Dark colored jerseys. The team listed first in the pairings will wear Dark and the second team listed will wear white. Please refer to the pairings on the page below.
Pool Play and Championship Play for Mustang SQT
The team listed first wears Dark jersey, the second team wears White
Pool A                                                 Schedule         Time                Location
1 Marble Falls                                     1 vs 2               9:00                 Field 1
2 Burnet *                                           3 vs 4               9:00                 Field 2
3 Hutto
4 Bastrop                                            1 vs 3               10:00               Field 1
                                                            2 vs 4               10:00               Field 2
                                                            4 vs 1               11:00               Field 1
                                                            2 vs 3               11:00               Field 2
Pool B                                                 Schedule         Time                Location
1 Lake Travis  *                                  1 vs 2               9:00                 Field 3
2 Del Rio                                             3 vs 4               9:00                 Field 4
3 Round Rock            
4 Vista Ridge                                     1 vs 3               10:00               Field 3
                                                            2 vs 4               10:00               Field 4
                                                            4 vs 1               11:00               Field 3
                                                            2 vs 3               11:00               Field 4
Pool C                                                 Schedule         Time                Location
1 RR Cedar Ridge                              1 vs 2               9:00                 Field 5
2 Austin High                                     3 vs 4               9:00                 Field 6
3 RR Westwood *     
4 Georgetown                                     1 vs 3               10:00               Field 5
                                                            2 vs 4               10:00               Field 6
                                                            4 vs 1               11:00               Field 5
                                                            2 vs 3               11:00               Field 6
Pool D                                                 Schedule         Time                Location
1 Copperas Cove                                 1 vs 2               9:00                 Field 7
2 Cedar Park                                       3 vs 4               9:00                 Field 8
3 SA Alamo Heights  
4 Austin Bowie                                   1 vs 3               10:00               Field 7
                                                            2 vs 4               10:00               Field 8
                                                            4 vs 1               11:00               Field 7
                                                            2 vs 3               11:00               Field 8
Semi Finals – will be played @ Mustang Stadium
Final Four Schedule
11:50 – 1:00 LUNCH BREAK
1:15 – 2:05  SEMI-FINAL GAMES @ Mustang Stadium
            Pool A winner vs Pool B winner
            Pool C Winner vs Pool D winner
2:15    CHAMPIONSHIP GAME @ Mustang Stadium
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Students React To New UIL Proposal On Practice
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Belton SQT Teams/Schedules Revealed

(UPDATED: June 7th, 2013) The Belton State Qualifying Tournament (SQT) is today (June 8)!  Find out who is playing where, and get directions by clicking stadium names below

POOL A: Belton*, Bastrop-Cedar Creek, Bowie, Waco

POOL B: Lake Travis*, Copperas Cove, Elgin, Shoemaker

POOL C: Connally, Corsicana, Hendrickson*, Temple

POOL D: Cooper, Georgetown, Killeen, Vista Ridge

* denote team has already clinched state tourney berth (July 12)


Pool Field Assignments    
Pool Fields Location
A 1,2 Tiger Stadium
B 3,4 Wilson-Kerzee Stadium
C 5,6 UMHB Practice Field
D 7,8 S. Belton Middle School
Semi Finals    
Winner A vs Winner B Field 1 Tiger Stadium
Winner C vs Winner D Field 2 Tiger Stadium
Winner Semi 1 vs Winner Semi 2 Field 1 Tiger Stadium
3rd Place  / Alternate Qualifier Game  
Loser Semi 1 vs Loser Semi 2 Field 2 Tiger Stadium

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LTSQT Morning Pool Locations (June 1)
Here is a quick list to let you know what teams are playing where this morning at Lake Travis' 7 on 7 State Qualifier.

Pool A (Cavs Stadium): Lake Travis, Belton, Stony Point, Lehman

Pool B (Track Field): Bowie, Copperas Cove, Marble Falls, McNeil 

Pool C (Middle School Field): Austin High, Cedar Creek, Hendrickson, Dripping Springs

Pool D (Upper Practice Field): Georgetown, Westwood, Elgin, McCallum

Follow us on Twitter for score updates: @FridayFanstand
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Topics: Sports
Locations: Georgetown

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