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Posts from November 2013

16-5A All District Second Team (2013)

We're proud to unveil 16-5A All District Second Team.  Certainly, cases can be made for these gentlemen to be on first team.  But this list was chosen via a collaborative effort by the area coaches.  Kudos to each and every one - and also to those who feel they should be on this list.  We wil vouch for you :)  <3

QB Collin Hinson ('15), Round Rock

RB Colton Russell ('14), McNeil
RB Clarence Guidry ('14), Pflugerville 

WR David Racine ('15), Cedar Ridge
WR Caleb Horton ('14), Pflugerville
WR Keyon Dilosa ('14), Round Rock
TE Jailen Prince ('14), Hendrickson

C  Gerardo Calderon ('15), Stony Point
OG Duawan Sheffield ('14), Stony Point
OG Seth Pittman ('14), Westwood
OG Kyle Truax ('14), Cedar Ridge
OG Solomon Perdue ('14), McNeil
OT Terrell Scales ('14), Cedar Ridge
OT Jacob Jimenez ('15), Pflugerville

DE Zach Vaughn ('14), McNeil
DE Alex Blair ('14), Hendrickson
DT Bryant Buzzard ('15), Round Rock
DT Koby Fonetennette ('14), Hendrickson

ILB Matt McKee ('14), Round Rock
ILB Daniel Fry ('14), Westwood
OLB Louis Kelley ('16), Pflugerville
OLB Ryan Lamar ('14), Round Rock

DB Spencer Engelke ('14), Cedar Ridge
DB Josh Wydermyer ('15), Hendrickson
DB Trai Mosley ('14), Hendrickson
DB Sean Hoeferkamp ('14), Westwood

KR Nick Andress ('15), Westwood
KR David Racine ('15), Cedar Ridge

P Marcel Donosso ('14), Stony Point

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16-5A 2013 All District First Team Selections
We proudly present the 2013 16-5A All District Teams, as selected by the head coaches of the district.  While there are dozens more not listed worthy of recognition, these were the players chosen as the year's best.  Congrats to all who made the list!  <3

PLAYER OF THE YEAR - Hendrickson RB Samaje Perine ('14)

OFFENSIVE MVP - Cedar Ridge QB Mike McCann ('14)

DEFENSIVE MVP - Hendrickson DB Chance Waz ('14)

LINEMAN MVP - Round Rock OL Robert Castaneda ('14)

NEWCOMER OF THE YEAR - Hendrickson LB Jordan Williams ('16)

COACH OF THE YEAR - Chip Killian, Hendrickson


QB Bear Fenimiore ('14), Westwood

RB Tazh Maloy ('15), Hendrickson
RB Deandre Story ('14), Round Rock

WR Charles Porter ('14), Cedar Ridge
WR Justin Gamble ('15), Stony Point
WR Josh Bishop ('14), Westwood
TE Darren Hendrson ('14), Pflugerville

C  Blake Browning ('15), Hendrickson
OG Spencer Hendee ('14), Round Rock
OG Max Gouge ('14), Hendrickson
OT Garrett Garza ('15), Stony Point
OT Brendan Moore ('14), Westwood

Kicker - Josh Burton ('16), Westwood

DE Kourtland Busby ('14), Hendrickson
DE Tillman Johnson ('14), McNeil
DE - Breylin Mitchell ('15), Round Rock

DT - Anson Friday ('14), Hendrickson
DT - Michael Ezimako ('14), Stony Point
DT - Lucas Dielmann ('14), Westwood

ILB - Dajour Collins ('15), Hendrickson
ILB - Deandre Conner ('15), McNeil
OLB - Matthew Zebrowski ('14), McNeil
OLB - Nikko Delacruz ('15), Hendrickson

S - Justin Bickham ('15), Pflugerville
S - Mason Ramirez ('15), Round Rock
S - Mike McCaughey ('14), Westwood
S - Matthew Wright ('16), McNeil

CB - Brian Bullock ('16), Round Rock
CB - Darrell Horne ('14), Stony Point
CB - PJ Mbanasor ('15), Hendrickson

KR - Jeremey Carr ('14), Stony Point
P - Caleb Horton ('14), Pflugerville

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OFFICIAL: 26-4A 2013 All-District List

We are proud to release the 2013 26-4A All-District list, as chosen by the coaches of the district.  Congrats to all these young men, as they have given the Austin-area a season to be proud of. <3  (Cover Photo: Sandy Jonas Fleming)
  Position Name School Grade
  District MVP Sabian Cannon* McCallum  11
  OFF MVP Clement Jones McCallum  11
  OFF MVP Jonathan Caldwell Travis  12
  DEF MVP Marquise King-Smith* McCallum  12
  Linemen  Lance Hyder LBJ 12
  Newcomer Mulbah Car* Reagan 10
  Coach John Waugh Crockett  
      1st Team Offense
  QB Leeanthony Dawson* LBJ 12
  RB Justin Miller Crockett 11
  RB Eric Strait Travis 11
  WR Tarrel Davidson LBJ 11
  WR Willie Mays* McCallum 12
  WR Johnny Williams Travis 12
  WR Keiman Reynolds Travis 12
  TE Jaylen Rose* LBJ 12
  C Ethan Mata Travis 11
  G Xavier Castillo* McCallum 11
  G Dominique Thomas Travis 12
  T Robert Brown* McCallum 12
  T Aaron Lopez* Travis 12
  P Tristen Mendez Reagan 12
      2nd Team Offense
  QB Zach Ochoa* Crockett 10
  RB Juanye Johnson Lanier 10
  RB Deandre Wytaske* LBJ 10
  WR Trevon Lewis* Crockett 12
  WR Nikko Tamez Crockett 12
  WR Devin Allen LBJ 12
  WR Vondel Hargrove* Travis 11
  TE Tristen Mendez*  Reagan 12
  C Jak Holbrook McCallum 12
  G Adrian Davila Crockett 11
  G Jonathan Hernandez McCallum 11
  G Rodrigo Cruz Reagan 11
  T Sean Freeman Crockett 11
  T Walter Stroup LBJ 12
  P Kris Reyes McCallum 12
    * = unanimous    
      1st Team Defense
  DL DJ Wilhite* Crockett 12
  DL Dyquan Howard* LBJ 11
  DL Rashad Jarmon* McCallum  12
  DL Max Hernandez* Travis 12
  LB Seth Riojas Crockett 11
  LB Ashton Williams LBJ 10
  LB KP Smalls* McCallum  12
  LB Tristen Mendez Reagan 12
  LB Juan Garza Travis 12
  DB Jonathan Garcia* Crockett 12
  DB Robert Satterwhite LBJ 11
  DB Zae Giles LBJ 11
  DB Wes Bellomy McCallum  12
  DB David Jacob Reagan 11
  K Adrian Herrera Crockett 12
  Ret. Spec Deandre Wytaske* LBJ 10
      2nd Team Defense
  DL Zachary Rodriquez* Crockett 12
  DL Kendall Caro* LBJ 12
  DL Juan Berrelleza* McCallum  12
  DL Brandon Anderson* Reagan 12
  LB Jose Arriaga LBJ 11
  LB Jairo Oyuela* McCallum  12
  LB Josh Smith Reagan 11
  DB Justin Dixon Lanier 12
  DB Juwan Smith* LBJ 12
  DB Khalil Gant* McCallum  12
  DB Keiman Reynolds Travis 11
  K Julio Herrera Lanier 12
  Ret. Spec Wes Bellomy McCallum  12
  Ret. Spec David Jacob Reagan 11
    * = unanimous    
      Honorable Mention
    Vincent Lopez Crockett 11
    Craig Rose Crockett 10
    Oli Bhuiyan Crockett 11
    Isjalea Greene Crockett 11
    Javier Morales Crockett 11
    Trevon Louis Crockett 12
    Jonathan Gonzales Crockett 11
    Edzon Ramirez Crockett 12
    Joel Rodriguez Crockett 12
    Sebastian Amador Crockett 12
    Darius Jones Crockett 11
    Louis Sanchez Crockett 12
    Marc Williams Crockett 11
    Trevon Harris Crockett 12
    Alex Martinez Lanier 12
    Ahmad Collins Lanier 12
    Luis Flores Lanier 11
    Derrin Wytaske LBJ 12
    Bernard Tucker LBJ 12
    Kevin Moore LBJ 12
    Cameron Meeks LBJ 11
    DeVonta Jenkins LBJ 12
    Sydney Hairston LBJ 11
    Alejandro Uretrotugei LBJ 12
    Kris Reyes McCallum 12
    DeWayne Bryant McCallum 12
    Jake Carter McCallum 11
    Courtney Organ McCallum 12
    Armando Aguilera Reagan 10
    Chris Pittman Reagan 11
    John Martinez Travis 12
    Jared Alemon Travis 12
    John Garcia Travis 11
    Ralph Sauls Travis 11
    Johnny Williams Travis 12
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Fanstand Week 12 Austin-area schedule
Broken down by the schools we cover, here's a look at Week 12's playoff matchups.  Wishing the best of luck to all of our Central Texas teams <3


Westlake Chaparrals: Westlake vs A&M Consolidated Tigers (Friday, Waco) (i-Reporter Kayrn Sowell)

Lake Travis CavaliersLake Travis vs Humble-Atacostia Eagles (Bryan, 2pm) (i-Reporter Hannah Huffman)

Cedar Ridge RaidersCedar Ridge vs Westfield Mustangs (Friday, Bryan High) (i-Reporter Mikayla Barker)

Round Rock DragonsRound Rock vs The Woodlands Highlanders (Saturday, 2pm, Waco) (i-Reporter Lauren Spikes)


Elgin Wildcats FootballElgin vs Crosby Cougars (Friday, Huntsville) (i-Reporter Kate Wellings)

Georgetown EaglesGeorgetown vs Nederland Bulldogs (Saturday, 2pm Huntsville) (i-Reporter Alison Plueckhahn)


McCallum KnightsMcCallum vs Brennan Bears (Friday, Alamodome) (i-Reporters Ashlyn Eddy and Stasia Foster)


Cedar Park Timberwolves Cedar Park vs Kerrville Tivy Antlers (SA Ferris) (i-Reporters Paige Parks and Mya Murillo)

Rouse Raiders Football Rouse vs Hays  RRISD Athletic Complex (Kelly Reeves) (i-Reporters Mandy Lee & Sammi Jones)

FRIDAY: Hyde Park vs  Regents House Park (i-Reporters Julia Bush/Alison Plueckhahn)
SATURDAY: St Michael's vs Argyle Liberty Waco (i-Reporter Araceli Colmenero)
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