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15-5A All District '12 2nd Team

A host of all district 2nd team talent returns in 2013, raising optimism for next season's success.  As voted on by the head coaches of Cen-Tex South, here are your 2nd team all-dsitrict selections for 2012.

Check out the first team selections, here.

2nd Team Offense
Quarterback Austin Eschenburg Jr. Bowie
Running Back Dominic Packer Jr. Lake Travis
Running Back Keith Carter Sr. Westlake
Running Back Quincy Reese Jr. Austin High
Wide Receiver Patrick Elliott Jr. Westlake
Wide Receiver Grant Foster So. Lake Travis
Wide Receiver Rakim Jackson Sr. Akins
Wide Receiver Blake Allen Jr. Anderson
Wide Receiver Trent Olson Sr. Bowie
Tight End Zach Dansby Jr. Westlake
Center Bobby Dwyer Jr. Westlake
Center Chance Williamson Sr. Del Valle
Offensive Guard Anthony Herrera So. Del Valle
Offensive Guard Taylor Works Sr. Westlake
Offensive Guard Ben Salazar Jr. Akins
Offensive Tackle Andrew Alvarado  Jr. Bowie
Offensive Tackle Marquis Moses Sr. Anderson
Punter Michael Barden Sr. Westlake
2nd Team Defense
Defensive Line Zach Davies Jr. Lake Travis
Defensive Line Luke Womack Jr. Westlake
Defensive Line Robert Navejas Jr. Austin High
Defensive Line Wilfred Grear Sr. Del Valle
Defensive End Justin Miller Sr. Westlake
Defensive End Matt Jones Sr. Austin High
Defensive End Feno Pearson So. Lake Travis
Inside Linebacker Kelly McBride Sr. Del Valle
Inside Linebacker Luke Hutton Jr. Lake Travis
Inside Linebacker Breckyn Hager So. Westlake
Outside Linebacker Alek McCracken Sr. Austin High
Outside Linebacker Darius Bender Jr. Del Valle
Outside Linebacker Alec Cohen Sr. Westlake
Defensive Back Tyler Walker Jr. Bowie
Defensive Back Vincent Wilson Jr. Del Valle
Defensive Back Jacob Pate Sr. Lake Travis
Defensive Back Derek Cohen Sr. Westlake
Kicker Caleb Garza Sr. Bowie
Kicker Michael Barden Sr. Westlake
Return Specialist Deryl Bunton Sr. Anderson
Honorable Mention Offense
Running Back Romey Kelso Jr. Lake Travis
Wide Receiver Preston Dupree Sr. Lake Travis
Wide Receiver Bryson Hoskins Sr. Bowie
Wide Receiver Mac McGarah Jr. Bowie
Wide Receiver Chayce Pannell Jr. Lake Travis
Wide Receiver Tyler Payne Jr. Lake Travis
Wide Receiver Jake Walton Jr. Bowie
Tight End Braden Buckman Soph. Anderson
Offensive Line Matt Bailey Jr. Del Valle
Offensive Line Gus Crutcher Sr. Lake Travis
Offensive Line James Dixon Sr. Anderson
Offensive Line Clayton Law Jr. Bowie
Offensive Line Garrett Stotts Soph. Lake Travis
Offensive Line Jeremy Pavia Sr.  Austin High
Offensive Line Pedro Rodriuez Jr. Del Valle
Honorable Mention Defense
Defensive Line Charlie Bender Sr.  Del Valle
Defensive Line Charles Crandal Sr.  Del Valle
Defensive Line Wilfred Grear Sr.  Del Valle
Defensive Line Michael Islava Jr.  Lake Travis
Defensive Line Xavier Garcia Sr.  Anderson
Defensive Line Will Griffin Jr. Anderson
Defensive Line Stephen Weinberger Sr.  Austin High
Linebacker Mason Choate Jr. Austin High
Linebacker Connor Gabriel Jr. Anderson
Linebacker Joe Hermosa Sr.  Austin High
Linebacker Logan Martin Sr.  Bowie
Linebacker Jaydon Nichols Sr.  Del Valle
Linebacker Hagen Patterson Jr. Lake Travis
Linebacker Khalid Taylor Soph. Del Valle
Defensive Back Desmon Barrett Jr. Austin High
Defensive Back Camera Cappel Sr.  Bowie
Defensive Back Chris Elizondo Jr. Austin High
Defensive Back Cody Reichle Sr.  Lake Travis
Defensive Back Anthony Smith Sr.  Del Valle
Defensive Back Vince Villagomez Sr.  Lake Travis

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12/18/2012 7:54AM
15-5A All District '12 2nd Team
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12/18/2012 12:33PM
Justin's Mom
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