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Controversy and outrage swirls over dog killing

The outrage over an Austin police officer shooting and killing a dog over the weekend continues to grow as the story goes viral.

APD spokesman Sgt. David Daniels said officer Thomas Griffin, who has been with APD for 30 months, responded to a 911 call indicating a domestic disturbance in the 2600 block of East Fifth Street on Saturday afternoon around 4:45 p.m.

Michael Paxton was in the backyard of his triplex home at the time, playing frisbee with his dog Cisco. When he went around to the front of the residence to grab something from his truck, he came face to face with Griffin - who had his gun drawn and immediately ordered Paxton to put his hands up. Cisco heard the commotion, ran around to the front of the property, and charged Griffin, who fired a single shot "in self defense", according to APD.

Dashcam video released by APD shows that the entire exchange took place on Paxton's property, and Griffin can be heard yelling "get your hands up" and "get your dog" just moments before a gunshot rang out. Paxton then pleads with Griffin, asking why his dog was just shot. Austin police say the individual who made the disturbance call to 911 gave dispatchers the wrong address; it was actually taking place next door to Paxton's residence.

Listen to the 911 call that triggered this incident:

Audio from Officer Griffin's dash camera of the shooting and immediate aftermath:

More from the dashboard camera:

APD says there is an internal review every time an officer's firearm is discharged. Griffin is still on duty and APD would not answer questions about why a firearm was used instead of a taser. "We are not going to second guess our officer," said Daniels who says officers can use force when they feel physically threatened by an animal. Daniels says there is no specific policy at APD regarding agressive animals.

Paxton's Facebook page, Justice For Cisco, has gathered more than 33,000 likes as of 6am Tuesday morning. APD officials say they received thousands of calls Monday from individuals expressing their outrage over the incident. The story has reached national and international media attention as well.


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04/17/2012 7:24AM
Controversy and outrage swirls over APD dog killing
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04/20/2012 8:59AM
Let's divide the blame
Does this Paxton guy take ANY responsibility for this at all? Or does he consider himself completely blameless? Because I see a guy with a history of not taking responsibility for his dog's behavior....who left the gate open yet some very unfortunate results that are MOSTLY not his fault. I know if it were my dog I would be upset with myself for not shutting the gate...after all this dog did have a history of scaring passer-by and biting strangers. While I was sympathetic at first now I wondering if maybe this clown is just a media hoe.
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