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Friday Night Fanstand


Fanstand: Preseason All-Austin Area Team (5A)

The biggest and best in the State play 5A.  Now that Lake Travis has joined the Austin-area's most-populated group, the magnifying glass is on.  16-5A is going to be one of the most vicious district's in the State.  With only two 5A size districts in our coverage-area, we're really able to highlight our talent.   Remember: Dozens of players that went unnamed in our preseason projections, will make their mark in 2012. Check out our All-Austin 4A team, here.

QUARTERBACK: Bear Fenimore ('14), Westwood
2nd Team: Baker Mayfield ('13), Lake Travis
3rd Team: Blain Kruemcke ('13), Pflugerville/Tyler Gerds ('13), Round Rock
Newcomers of the Year: Xavier Conely ('14), Hendrickson/Damian Lindley ('15), Stony Point
Biggest Omissions: Dontae Harris ('13), Bowie/Jordan Severt ('14)/Michael Mann ('14), Cedar Ridge

OVERVIEW: Westwood's Fenimore has two former Heisman QBs as his mentors.  He also has the man who groomed Ben Johnson as his head coach.  Lake Travis' Mayfield has proven on the biggest stages that he is among Texas' best - the most successful QB returning (40+ TDs in '11).  Pflugerville's Kruemcke enters his 2nd full year as starter, with an outstanding cast surrounding/supporting him.  This year's Round Rock Gerds could scarily be an improvement over Garrett.  Hendrickson's Conely and Stony's Lindley will be names you'll get to know over the next two years.  Cedar Ridge's Mann gives his Raiders a shot at the postseaon in its first Varsity campaign.  Bowie's Harris and Westlake's Severt are future Saturday-stars.

RUNNING BACK: Shuan Nixon ('14), Lake Travis
2nd Team: Adrian Dilworth ('13), Pflugerville/Anderson/Josh Cleveland ('13), Del Valle
3rd Team: Breylin Davis ('14), Hendrickson/Deryl Bunton ('13), Anderson/Romey Kelso ('14), Lake Travis
Newcomers of the Year: Deandre Story ('14), Round Rock/Brandon Scott ('13), Bowie/Daniel Williams ('13), Cedar Ridge
Biggest Omissions: Samaje Perine ('14), Hendrickson/Tanner Osborne ('13), Westwood/Quincy Reese ('14), Austin High/Keith Carter ('13), Westlake/Aunrie Davis ('14), Akins

OVERVIEW: There is obviously no shortage of capable backs in the Austin arena.  LT's Nixon sets himself apart, as one of the nation's best.  Anderson's Bunton and DV's Cleveland are similar in that they are leaders on and off the field.  Bunton has great vision, and Cleveland has world class speed.  Pflugerville's Dilworth is likely the sharpest of this bunch - and hardest working.  Our Newcomers are storylines, waiting to happen.  Bowie's Scott benefits from the move of Gino Jonasanit.  Westwood's Osborne and A-High's Reese proved themselves productive in 2011.   While Hendrickson's Perine reclaims his throne, teammate Davis will ease the workload - forming a dynamic duo.  (S/O Lane Griggs)  Cedar Ridge's Williams has the pedigree and skill set to earn district honors immediately.  Akins' Davis is a great option to replace Raindle, while Westlake's Carter will emerge from Dolezal's shadow to follow up an all-district 2011.

WIDE RECEIVER: Jon Rhoads ('14), Westlake, Isaiah Jones ('13), Austin High
2nd Team: Ty Marshall ('13), Westwood, Zach Austin ('14), Lake Travis
3rd Team: Caleb Horton ('13), Pflugerville, Marcus Bailey ('14), Cedar Ridge, Nick Parinella ('13), McNeil
Newcomers of the Year: Latrell Martin ('14), Hendrickson/Tyler Payne ('14), Lake Travis/Justin Gamble ('15), Stony Point
Biggest Omissions: Ray Racine ('14), Cedar Ridge/Brandon Box ('13), Westlake/Troy Murphy ('13), McNeil/Chris Campbell ('13), Del Valle

OVERVIEW: Westlake's Rhoads is the son of Chap's offensive coordinator.  Austin High's Jones is the son of a Super Bowl champ.  Both have pedigree and playmaking ability.  LT's Austin continues to dazzle fans with the crispest of routes, while Westwood's Marshall could have a breakout similar to Zach's from last year.  Pflugerville's Horton proved this Summer that he's the Panthers #1 receiving threat.  McNeil's Parinella is the Austin-area's top returner in receiving yards.  Cedar Ridge is stocked with skill talent, Bailey and Racine being among the district's best.  Any one of our three 'newcomers' could rank in the top five by the end of 2012.  Martin/Payne/Gamble have very bright futures.  Westlake's Box returns to shine without brother Blake.

TIGHT END: Jordan Smith ('15), Stony Point
2nd Team: Wake Smith ('13), Anderson/Noah Menke ('13), Pflugerville
3rd Team: John Subia ('13), Bowie
Biggest Omission: Julieene Brown ('13), Pflugerville

OVERVIEW: Many teams have removed tight end from their offensive set, in favor of an extra receiver in the spread.  These highlighted gentlemen have displays great zone blocking prowess, as well as red zone efficiency.  Stony Point's Smith is the youngest Fanstand first teamer - and is worthy of the selection.  Anderson's Smith will play both sides of the ball, while Bowie's Subia is just now getting back to game speed.

OFFENSIVE LINE: Hunter Siddons ('13), Lake Travis/Robert Castaneda ('14), Round Rock
2nd Team: Chad Loitz ('13), McNeil/Casey Winn ('13), Pflugerville/Dayne Bullock ('13), Westwood
3rd Team: Mason Castaneda ('13), Pflugerville/Judge Finley ('13), Westlake/Juston Rivers ('13), Del Valle
Newcomers of the Year: Austin Edgemond ('14), Cedar Ridge/Clayton Law ('14), Bowie, Daniel Laden ('14), Austin High
Biggest Omissions: Max Gouge ('14), Hendrickson/Jacob Overstreet ('13), Westwood/David Garza ('13), Akins/Ben Salazar ('13), Akins/Jacob Valadez ('13), Anderson/Zach Renfrew ('13), Hendrickson/Barton Cheatham ('14), Round Rock/Reggie Terry ('14), Stony Point/Frank Pendleton ('13), Stony Point

OVERVIEW: Yes, we jam packed our lineman section - but there's a slew of talent in Austin-area 5A!  

KICKER: Kevin Marcotte ('13), Lake Travis
2nd Team: Michael Barden ('13), Westlake
3rd Team: Colin McGuire ('13), Westwood
Newcomer of the Year: Caleb Garza ('14), Bowie
Biggest Omission: Will Janosek ('13), McNeil

OVERVIEW: All of our highlighted 5A Austin-area kickers have 50+ yard range.  Depending on how their offenses perform, they'll be able to contribute points if given the opportunity.

DEFENSIVE LINE: Anthony Patino ('13), Westlake/Stephen Weinberger ('13), Austin High
2nd Team: Spencer Staples ('13), Lake Travis/Quaymaye Haynes ('13), Akins/D'Andre Roach ('13), Westwood
3rd Team: Tillman Johnson ('14), McNeil/Connor Shannon ('13), Lake Travis/Jackson Burris ('13), Round Rock
Newcomers of the Year: Michael Ezimaro ('14), Stony Point
Biggest Omissions: Adrian Price ('13), Pflugerville/Xavier Garcia ('13), Anderson, Elliot Carter ('13), Del Valle/Parker Hanusa ('13), Westwood

OVERVIEW: Austin High 's Weinberger has MVP potential.  Patino is already on the State radar.  Staples/Shannon ensure Lake Travis' smooth transition from 4A to 5A up front.  Pflugerville's Price is underrated, while McNeil's Johnson should make a splash in 2012.  Anderson's Garcia will impact the Trojans on both sides of the ball.  Westwood's Roach returns with all-district swagger, as does DV's Carter.  

LINEBACKER: Luke Hutton ('14), Lake Travis, Jacob Mansour ('13), Westlake, Marcos Curry ('13), Stony Point
2nd Team: Sam Lawliss ('13), Round Rock/Ryan Taylor ('13), Bowie/Tyler Logan ('13), Westwood
3rd Team: Ashton Thielke ('13), Pflugerville, Blake Thomas ('13), Westwood/Jason Disney ('13), Bowie/Kelly McBride ('13), Del Valle
Newcomers of the Year: Joe Davis ('15), Bowie/Matthew Zebrowski ('14), McNeil/Blake Allen ('14), Anderson
Biggest Omissions: Joseph Resendiz ('13), Pflugerville/Ryker Trees ('13), Round Rock/Trey Gutierrez ('13), Hendrickson

OVERVIEW: We are projecting 100+ tackles for each of our first teamers. Westlake's Mansour is as huge without pads as he is with.  LT's Hutton is on another mental level from most juniors, while Stony Point's Curry has a relentless motor.  RR's Lawliss is a difference maker for his Dragons, while Westwood's Thomas/Logan make a tenacious tandem.  Bowie challenges for the best core in 2012 with Disney/Taylor/Davis, while Pflugerville's Thielke goes under the radar.  Anderson's Allen could have a sneaky productive year (on both sides of the ball) - same with McNeils' Zebrowski.  DV's McBride is the heart of the Cardinals defense.  Hendrickson's Gutierrez is the centerpiece and lead returning tackler on the Hawks.

DEFENSIVE BACK: Brad Watson ('13), Westwood, Dakari Antonie ('13), Round Rock
2nd Team: Wes Moore ('13), Stony Point, Brock Kenyon ('13), Lake Travis, Jack Merideth ('14), Westlake
3rd Team: Sterling Kersey ('13), Anderson, John Dodd ('13), Westlake, Brandon Roberto ('13), Round Rock
Newcomers of the Year: Sean Hoeferkamp ('14), Westwood/James Bailey ('15), Lake Travis/Tyler Walker ('14), Bowie/Mason Ramirez ('15), Round Rock
Biggest Omissions: Jay Byrd ('13) Pflugerville, Chance Waz ('14), Hendrickson, Christian Ahrens ('13), Stony Point

OVERVIEW: We feel defensive back is the deepest position in Austin-area 5A.  Watson is already Wake Forest-bound.  Antoine, Merideth and Kenyon are also.  We can't rave enough about Westwood's Hoeferkamp. which we think will be special - same for LT's Bailey.  When we're omitting talents like Pflugerville's Byrd and Stony Point's Ahrens - you know this position is deep.

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07/26/2012 5:49AM
Fanstand: Preseason All-Austin Area Team (5A)
Please Enter Your Comments Below
07/26/2012 10:37AM
Fanstand: Preseason All-Austin Area Team (5A)
Good preview, Daniel Williams is 2013 not 2014. Can't wait for the season to begin.
07/26/2012 11:54AM
This list seems like its based off hype and potential. All-district picks from last year should get more love because they are proven players. Good player selections though.
07/26/2012 3:23PM
The four sleepers according to Texas Football Mag
07/27/2012 6:56PM
Justin Gamble is class of 2015
07/27/2012 7:42PM
Defensive back
Mason Ramirez class of 2015
07/27/2012 7:49PM
Defensive Back
Mason Ramirez 2015 Round Rock
07/28/2012 5:45AM
thank you!
thanks for heads up on class for Ramirez/Williams!
07/28/2012 5:48PM
Fun side note
Jordan Smith, Damian Lindley, Justin Gamble and Mason Ramirez all played with the Pflugerville Hawks Select team together - won state twice, once as 4th grader and then as 6th graders. Justin and Jordan have known each other since kindergarten.
07/31/2012 4:05PM
Thanks on Gamble
He plays much older than 2015 - Justin G.'s gonna be a good one for sTp. Thanks for the fun side note. Will make good content for the show this season.
08/14/2012 8:12PM
Incorrect name
The Quarterback for Cedar Ridge is Michael McCann not Michael Mann.
08/16/2012 3:51PM
Cedar ridge has a lot of talent accumulated from stony point due to the boundary changes. They will have a very talented first string, but are not exceptionally deep. Not to mention the extrodinary pedigree of coaching their. I'm not saying they'll win district, but If they can stay healthy, be ready for a very competitive team in there first varsity season.
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