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Fanstand '13 Stonebarger Awards (i-Reporters)

After the 2011 season ended, an inquisitive sports fanatic named Tamsyn Stonebarger inquired about helping Fanstand.  What followed was a cult following of aspiring reporters that have changed the landscape of Austin-area high school football.  While we owe an immesurable debt of gratitude to each of our i-Reporters - we are proud to showcase the nominees and winners of the FANSTAND 2013 STONEBARGER AWARDS - presented for excellence in i-Reporting.
 Frosh (2017) - Marlayna Chalmers (Bastrop) - emphatically inquiring about the Bears i-Reporting gig, this dual cheerleader/reporter gained valuable experience in 2013.  With the assistance of fellow freshman Will, Marlayna returns to cover Coach Patmon's 2nd season in 2014.  Mar's Week Six video of the Bears' rivalry win over Cedar Creek was one of our faves.

 Sophomore (2016) - Kate Wellings (Elgin) - Kate's rapid improvement over the course of the Summer primed her for a perfect regular season run with her Wildcats.  Featuring nearly every player on Elgin over the course of their State quarterfinals run, Wellings has #WildcatNation excited about the next two seasons of coverage.  Following the Simmons Varsity finale, she'll be front and center for the Snell Twins senior run (and the year after). Check out Kate's beautiful coverage of the Elgin's season finale.

 Junior (2015) - Alison Plueckhahn (Georgetown) - when Alison agreed to help us with Georgetown's coverage in 2013, we were floored.  We knew having a talented eye like hers on our team would catapult our coverage into overdrive.  With the use of GoPro cams, fancy mics and Cannon cams, Alison provided some of our most beautiful footage.  A future award winning photojournalist, we proudly welcome back Ms. Plueckhahn in 2014 <3  Check out Alison's coverage of the Eagles '13 playoff opening win.

TIE: Senior (2014) - TIE: Mikayla Barker (Cedar Ridge) - Deemed ready for the Big Leagues from the jump, Mikayla blessed Cedar Ridge Football with outstandingly thorough coverage.  Displaying a knack for being able to showcase the defense as well as offense, few teams had the balance of highlights that the Raiders had.  Mikayla's videos were routinely among the week's most viewed - one of the rare schools to have a video every week of the season (preseason through their area championship game).  Barker also contributed during Lake Travis/Westwood's Summer 7 on 7 State runs and again during the Cavaliers regional finals win over Dallas Jesuit.  But when people mention their fave work from M.B., they love re-watching the Raiders Homecoming video

 TIE: Senior (2014) Meg Haney (Hendrickson) - Filling the i-Reporting shoes of previous Hawks' reporter Zach Lucero was a tall order.  At 5 foot, Meg still managed to tower over expectations - covering a perfect 10-0 regular season by the two-time 16-5A champions. Haney's comfort level with the football team/coaching staff allowed her to capture HH footaage that otherwise would not have been available.  Meg's development in capturing defensive plays was one of 2013's biggest surprises - making the Hawks defensive players stars on Fanstand.  Despite not having prior experience, Meg (along with co-Senior MVP Mikayla) provided some of our radio show's most descriptive quarterly call-in's.  Check out this beautifully shot interview (Hao Lyo) of Meg and star Chance Waz

LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD NOMINEES (3): Nominees must have 2 years of i-Reporting service minimum

 Hannah Huffman - Some would argue Ms. Huffman was the first i-Reporter, single handedly capturing our legendary 2012 Summer Studio Sessions.  Hannah's contributions helped catapult i-Reporting to the next level with her performances during State 7 on 7, regular/post season games and year-end banquets.  A student at Ann Richards School for Gifted Young Women, Huffman used her non-biased approach to our advantage over the years.  Check out this Huffman flashback from 2012's season wrap.

Mandy Lee - approached by our team because of her witty football tweets, Ms. Lee quickly transformed herself into an i-Reporting legend.  The daughter of a youth football coach, her love/understanding of the game helped her capture compelling footage of the Rouse State semifnal/quarterfinal runs of 2012/2013, Lake Travis is the state seminfal (2013) and countless other 25-4A and 17-4A schools in between time.  We are proud to welcome Mandy back for the 2014 season.  <3  We think Mandy really started to scratch the surface (with shooting AND production), here.

 Jason Felts - Jason represents our first "three year letterman", i-Reporing for the Austin Maroons from 2011 through 2013 seasons.  Jason's older brother Andrew, helped us during our debut season (2010) - meaning that 2014 will be Fanstand's first season without a member of the Felts Family reporting.  Bittersweet <3


COMPELLING FOOTAGE AWARD NOMINEES (6): Awarded for most consistent compelling in-game footage

 Lauren Spikes (Round Rock) - From her early stages interviewing Sam Lawlis, though Spring camp, hosting Fanstand Life: Prom Edition, Summer 7 on 7, Two-A-Days, regular season and post season - Lauren has been the Dragons i-Reporting rock.  Lauren's footage also dominated our Summer classic: i-Reporters The Movie.

 Stasia Foster (McCallum) - A fair argument could be made for McCallum having the year's best videos, year-long.  Stasia's comfort level with the Knights was unparalleled in 2013.  Even when McCallum lost, the videos were powerful and initmate.  Her final showcase of #Knightmare playing at The Alamodome has been called the "greatest Fanstand post game video ever made".

 Courtney Costello (East View) - a late addition to our i-Reporting team, Ms. Costello got her start during the State 7 on 7 championship.  She learned quickly, and soon delivered some of 2013's most memorable videos.  Her "All of the Lights" Week 10 video has often been referred to as the "greatest Fanstand vid intro of all time".

 Taylor Searels (Vandegrift) - Sometimes the best things, are the unexpected things.  Scrambling for a Viper i-Reporter in May '13, Taylor flew into rescue us - and provide our best year of Vandy coverage yet.  The duaghter of a Division I college coach, her comprehension of the game paired with her signature personality quickly made her a fave across Central Texas.  Weekly, the Vandegrift videos were among the most exciting/unique (with a hand from our friendly neighborhood Wade).  We're excited to have Ms. Searels back for 2014. 

 Ashley Ramos (Pflugerville) - Ashley proved that the most important part about i-Reporting is supporting your team.  Our Panthers didn't make the playoffs, but because of Ashley, they were one of the area's top Fanstand schools.  Debuting at the 2012 year-end banquet, Ramos familiarized the Austin-area with #SplashGang, the new Panther QBs and Pville Football in general.  Ms. Ramos is a prime example of what a great i-Reporter should be.  Win or lose, she helped us enjoy the season.

 Ashleigh Garces (Crockett) - Ms. Garces turned a lightly covered Crockett Football team into the highly covered program they deserved to be.  Answering the call for the Cougars, Ashleigh was the face of consistency for 26-4A's district runner-up.  With a family approach to covering the team, Crockett fans were able to see their Coogs covered like "no one else".  Ashleigh proved that AISD schools can thrive under a Fanstand set, and has set a tough example for others to follow.  Lucky for us, we get to have Ashleigh for the 2014 season <3


SENIOR THANK YOU'S - The following spent their final high school football season enduring cold/heat shooting video.  They skipped Whataburger after games to upload footage.  They gave their free time and sanity (at times) to ensure their school's team was covered on the radio and on video.  We salute them <3

 Westwood i-Reporter: Boyd Kennemer

 Manor i-Reporter: Daniella Gutierrez

 Leander/Hyde Park i-Reporter: Julia Bush ('14)

 Connally i-Reporter: Tyler Lucius

 Stony Point i-Reporter: Brandi Garza

 Bowie i-Reporter: Samantha Abrego

RETURNING IN 2014:  the following i-Reporters will be leading the way in '14, with a full year of experience under their belts

 Round Rock i-Reporter Cass Kimbrough ('15)
 Cedar Park i-Reoprter: Paige Parks ('15)

 St. Michael's i-Reporter Araceli Colmenero ('15) 

 Cedar Park i-Reporter Mya Murillo ('15)

 Dripping Springs i-Reporter Izzy Cherry ('15)

 McNeil i-Reporter: Shannon Ploch ('15)

 Hays/Roving i-Reporter: Sammi Jones ('15)

 Anderson i-Reporter: McKenna Gabriel ('16)

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12/27/2013 4:03PM
Fanstand '13 Stonebarger Awards (i-Reporters)
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