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Fanstand: 7 on 7 Education

We're glad you visited this page if you are trying to understand 7 on 7 better.  What is it?  What the heck is an SQT?  Why should I care?  All great questions, that we'll try to disect here.

What is 7 on 7?

Seven offensive players attempt to score on seven defensive players on a 50 yard field.  4 downs, no rushing the QB,  touch football.  2 point conversions after every score.  Features a non-stop running clock of 15 minutes per half.  

Head coaches are not allowed to lead these teams, giving assistants and parents the opportunity to coach.  It gives the skill players an opportunity to stay sharp and develop chemistry in the passing game (offensive and defensively).

What is an SQT?

SQT stands for State Qualifying Tournament.  The top two finishing team in each 'SQT' advances to the State Championship tourney held in College Station.  4 Austin-area teams will qualify after May 26th's Round Rock SQT and June 2nd's SQT in Lake Travis.

Why Should I Care?

There is no denying, stars emerge during Summer skill season.  Lake Travis WR Zach Austin foreshadowed his 16 receiving TD season during this time last year.  Stony Point WR Braizon Fresch put his name on the map during skill league.  The examples are numerous.  This is a great opportunity to see your team's QB in a wide open passing environment.  Parents, friends, scouts and coaches are all on hand - so the pressure to impress remains high.  

Who Is Playing This Saturday?

Glad you asked.  During our Spring Camp '12 Tour, we've discovered inside info on your favorite teams.  Who can we expect to shine this weekend during Round Rock's SQT?  Click the 'pools' below.


We cover Austin area high school football like no one else...all season long.  Follow our updates on Twitter and 'Like' us on our Facebook mega-page!

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05/21/2012 8:44AM
Fanstand: 7 on 7 Education
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