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Preseason Austin-Area Slighted and Sleeper Team '12

Not every player can be chosen as the very best.  After reading two days worth of reactions to our preseason All-Austin Area Teams, we had to drop a follow up.  This is a look at some of the stars we may have overlooked in our first go-round.  We then follow up with some players flying 'under the radar'.  Any of our highlighted up-and-comers could end the upcoming season as one of its top producers.

THE SLIGHTED: Players we whiffed on Round One 4A FIRST TEAM / 5A FIRST TEAM.  


Griffin Stuesser ('13), McCallum

Aiden Kahn ('13), LBJ

Jonathan Caldwell ('14), Travis

Aidan Barrera ('13) Stony Point

Jonathan Jones ('14), East View

Easton Johnson ('13), Anderson


Thomas Middleton ('14), Cedar Park

Deon Baker ('14), McCallum

Samuel Charles ('13), Lanier

Nathan Harwell ('13), Cedar Park

Adrian Duncan ('13), Vista Ridge

Brandon Woodward ('13), Pflugerville


Tevin Smith ('13), Leander

Jeremy Carr ('13), Stony Point

Cole Rogers ('13), Dripping Springs

Dylan Hosek ('13), Vandegrift

Luther Yamthe ('13), Connally

Daryl Harrison ('14), Hutto

Cory Calhoun ('13), Manor

Lee'Anthony Dawson ('13), LBJ

Trevon Louis ('14), Crockett

Leo Dawson ('14), Connally

Austin Weston ('13), Georgetown

Kelton Evans ('13), Manor


Rex Printz ('13), Marble Falls

Frank Pendleton ('13), Stony Point

Bobby Dwyer ('13), Westlake

Thomas Gabel ('13), Round Rock

Marc Teal ('13), Vandegrift

Edin Balic ('13), McCallum

TJ Kawesja ('13), Leander

Dominique Thomas ('14), Travis

David Gerts ('13), Cedar Park

Brian Resa ('13). Leander

Connor Prater-Burgess ('13), LBJ

Ross Hufstedler (--), Pflugerville

Kody Brown ('13), Vandegrift

Lucas Quintero ('13), Vista Ridge

Silas Connoley ('14), Westlake


Edward Armstrong ('13), McCallum

Jacob Green ('13), Leander

Clement Oyewale ('13), Manor

Jamir Bowser (--), Connally

Clark Shellhorse ('13), Bowie

Angel Avila ('13), LBJ

Rashad Jarmon ('13), McCallum

Elijah Thompson ('13), Bowie


Keith Tambe ('13), Cedar Park

Marln O'Neal ('13), Dripping Springs 

Jamie Faglie ('13), Vista Ridge

Alek McCracken ('13), Austin High

Jackson Paine ('13), Cedar Park

Zach Kanz ('13), Bowie

Dillon Carter ('13), Vista Ridge

Curtis Williams ('14), Manor

Darrell Songy ('14), Connally

Leo Quintana ('13), Leander

Martin Nwakamma ('14), Leander

Tyler Lamy ('13), Travis

Jamison Gerraci ('13), Vista Ridge

Tristen Mendez ('14), Reagan


Brian Schrubar ('13), Marble Falls

James Felderhoff ('13), Hutto

Michael McGregor ('13) Dripping Springs

Mason Alexander ('13), Georgetown

Jon Garcia ('14), Crockett

Sebastian Canizares ('13), LBJ

Chris Hendricks ('13), Rouse

Greg Kelley ('13), Leander

Trey Hicks ('13), Georgetown

Jerryl Young ('13), Crockett

Taylor Sugar ('13), Leander

The Sleepers: Players flying below the mainstream radar, that could impact their team significantly


Michael Richardson ('13), Marble Falls

Chris Johnson ('13), Manor

Juan Padron ('14), Del Valle

Nikko Tamez ('14), Crockett

Jarard Loyd ('13), Akins

Nate Grimm ('14), Cedar Park

John Albert Mansour ('15), Austin High

Nic Medina ('13), Lake Travis

Trey Blake ('14), Austin High

Zach Lowe ('14), Vista Ridge

Gerald Cannonier ('13), Manor

Alec Kana ('13), Bastrop


Travis Wilde ('15), Westwood

Christian Lee Reyes ('15), Vandegrift

Dezel 'Flash' Feaster ('15), Del Valle

Thomas Hutchings ('15), Cedar Park

Deandre Conner ('15), McNeil

Bill Estevanott ('14), Cedar Park

Andre Alger ('15), Rouse

Keith Jerome ('14), Marble Falls

Colton Austin ('15), Hutto

Chris Canter ('15), Westlake

Kris Bigham ('14), Cedar Ridge

Eric Strait ('14), Travis High

Christian Levy ('14), Leander

Tory Dominguez ('13), Georgetown

Jonathan Wallace ('15), Pflugerville

Nick Morello ('15), Cedar Ridge (sTp transfer)

Tristen Paffe ('13), Vandegrift


T.J. Richardson ('14), Dripping Springs (LT Transfer)

Billy McCrary ('15), Rouse

Rodney Mollette ('14), Manor

Travis Dale ('14), Westwood

Carson Bowen ('14), Marble Falls

Blake Gossett ('14), Vista Ridge

Eli Shelton ('14), Dripping Springs

John Gromley ('13), LBJ

Noah Thompson (13), Georgetown

Brandon Harris ('15), Hutto

Jake Walton ('14), Bowie

Preston Dupree ('14), Lake Travis

Joseph Featherston ('14), Akins

Ben Harris ('13), Westwood

Grant Foster ('13), Lake Travis


Davis Moss ('14), East View

Sam de la Rosa ('14), Del Valle

Brandon Quinterro ('14), Lake Travis

Brandon Donnermeyer ('14), Manor

Allen Penjic ('14), Connally

Jarvis Brawley ('14), Bastrop

Grant Shewmaker, Leander

Jose Flores ('14), Cedar Creek

Brendan Moore ('14), Westwood

Brian Boatwright (--), Georgetown

Gabriel Hernandez ('15), Connally


Drew Petersen ('13), Dripping Springs

Joseph Miele ('13), McNeil

Lucas Dielman (--), Westwood

Kyle Gruber ('13), Vandegrift 

Mason Pitts ('14), Westlake

Zach Hill (--), Bowie

Kyle Adair ('13), Dripping Springs

Jayvon Dempsey ('14), Pflugerville

Troy Nash ('15), Elgin

Trey Nash ('15), Elgin


Johnte Evans ('14), Crockett

Donnie Holmes ('14), McNeil

Michael Denmon ('14), Rouse

LB Nico Escalante ('14), Lake Travis

Zack Pleasant (--), Round Rock

Trace Farley ('15), Marble Falls

Marcus Fisher-Jones ('15), Westwood

Tre Battle ('14), Dripping Springs (LT transfer)

Colin Snell ('15), Elgin

Kyle Elliot ('14), Vandegrift

Hagen Patterson ('14), Lake Travis

Patrick Tobin ('14), Georgetown

Tyler Fry ('13), Marble Falls


Juwan Cannon ('14), Cedar Ridge

Tristan Prukop ('14), Dripping Springs

Desmond Barrett ('14) Austin High

Kevin Harris ('15), Vista Ridge

Travis Eldred ('13), Vandegrift

Trevor Spoher ('14), Cedar Park

Daniel Fry ('15), Westwood

Vince Villagomez ('14), Lake Travis

Patrick Snead ('15), Manor

Chris Collins ('14), Anderson

David Hourin ('14), Lake Travis

Trai Mosely ('14), Hendrickson

Chance Callihan ('14), Dripping Springs

Spencer Engelke ('14), Cedar Ridge

Jordan Vise ('13), Rouse

Da'Tean Simmons ('14), Elgin

Deryon Smith ('13), Lanier

Jay Watson ('13), Marble Falls

07/27/2012 11:55AM
The Good, The Slighted and The Up-and-Coming
Please Enter Your Comments Below
07/27/2012 3:26PM
McNeil WR
Noticed that Ryan Murphy hasn't shown up on y'all's lists. Just wait. He'll be a big factor for the Mavs this season.
07/27/2012 5:29PM
Mcneil's receivers have been insignificant in the past due to the offense they run. Receivers make more of an impact blocking than anything else.
07/27/2012 5:46PM
anderson Trojans
Xavier Garcia is a returning 15-5a all district TE who's going to start both ways but I haven't seen him on your lists. He'll be a stud
07/27/2012 6:09PM
McNeil WR - Ryan's on our first list :)
Indeed, Ryan is the man. We put him on our first installment, when exclusively talking 5A. We also S/O Nick Parinella. Read it here http://bit.ly/OlMtxg
07/27/2012 6:11PM
Anderson Trojans, Garcia listed as DE on 1st installment
Xavier is a great TE (as is Wake Smith for Anderson). Since they both play defense/offense, we listed them on the first installment of our 5A talk. Check it out here: http://bit.ly/OlMtxg
07/28/2012 12:14PM
Manor lb
Quinton Grant from Manir now that he is back at lb will cause problems and Barion Henry at safety well just ask an Lopez bout the hit he took from him
07/28/2012 10:43PM
vista ridge
What happen to vista ridge QB Leland Dunn? We seen this kid in some camps and he looked great.
07/29/2012 5:25PM
Players selection
How are the player selected for FNFS talk show?
07/30/2012 5:26PM
Totally Whiffed
Hunter Streuling - FS Lake Travis - He will be an impact player on LT's D.
07/31/2012 4:10PM
Manor LB, Grant and Henry are some hard hitters. 17-4A will be one of the most fun districts to watch. Vista Ridge, the Rangers' Dunn is still the projected starter on our watch list. We had Lowe down as an up-start, since Leland's entering his senior year. The team actually talks about the QB situation in an upcoming video (drops before August 3rd). Totally Whiffed, we have Hunter on our first installment of 5A highlighted players: http://bit.ly/OlMtxg Players selected: We reach out usually in rounds by district. Is there a school you want to see get some pub? We try to keep the teams from our main coverage area: 17-4A, 25-4A, 26-4A, 15-5A and 16-5A
07/31/2012 11:59PM
Ñoah Douglas, not Thompson. Just want to help with the correct name. Thank you
08/30/2012 4:11PM
The good the slighted the up and coming
Notice only one Marble Falls receiver on your list. The starting four are interchangeable. Gray is the big speed guy, Ishia Carson also a deep threat, and Parnell who had to play qb last year on varsity level. Brennen Parker at linebacker could be a force.
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