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The Austin iLab Show

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The Austin iLab was born out of the creativity and innovation that bubbles from the silicon hills. It’s hard to keep track of all the startups, corporate relocations, and headlines that fill the pages of capital city news rooms all across Austin. It’s an exciting place to be and filled with opportunities. The Austin iLab hopes to capture some of that creativity and innovation and hear it from the mouths of those who are making it happen. The iLab will be a place for entrepreneurs, innovators, evangelists, scientists, and the like to tell their story and inspire the next wave of innovation happening in and around Austin, TX. Be sure to tune in Sundays mornings at 8:30am or download the podcast. Who knows, it just might spark your next big idea!

Kyle Frazier
Kyle comes from a back ground in commercial real estate where he helps business owners who are constantly innovating, creating, and implementing new ideas and concepts.  Most companies need a place where innovation and excitement can be catalyzed through sharing of ideas and collaboration.  That’s where Kyle connects his passion for innovation and technology to his experience consulting with companies on their space needs or requirements.  The Austin iLab is where Kyle has the opportunity to discuss innovation with some of the brightest minds in Austin, Texas, and around the World.  As co-founder of an internet company himself, Kyle loves the excitement surrounding any startup.

Kyle enjoys anything outdoors but especially running or competing at one of the local races. Whether it’s the Austin Marathon or the Turkey Trot, there is nothing better than a well run race!  Both Kyle and his wife Jennifer are actively involved in non-profit work and after living in Argentina for a couple of years, have a special heart for anything Argentine.  Most recently, the title Dad has been added to Kyle’s resume and this job involves spending most free time chasing his two kids around, which he wouldn’t trade for the world.

Stefan Lubinski, Co-Host
A big idea guy with experience working for and consulting to startups in a wide array of industries from restaurants to real estate and television to technology. Current clients include businesses in the hospitality, media, technology and healthcare industries. Producer and Co-host of the No. 1 radio show about startups in #Austin on Talk 1370AM. Lover of the Austin food and beer scene. Passionate animal advocate and horse & dog rescuer.

Stuart Frazier, Producer
Stuart is one of the early adopters and advocates of the social media space.  After graduating from college he went on to manage a startup as one of the original co-founders.  Stuart can teach you a lot about living on a salary of less than $10,000 per year!  That passion for growing companies through a constantly evolving social media space led him to accept a job in Dallas with Master Link, a creative design agency that builds, brands, and develops the online presence of numerous companies.  While Stuart made the 3 hr commute to work in Dallas each week, he left his heart in Austin.  Literally, Stuart’s wife Catherine was in the middle of Governor Perry’s re-election campaign and they found a way to make it work.  3 years later, Stuart is finally back in Austin full time and has taken a position with RMM as the Social Media Manager.

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