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The Patrick Phillips Show

The Patrick Phillips Show

Listen Saturday nights from 8:00pm-8:30pm on the new Talk Radio 1370.

The Patrick Phillips Show is a live 30-minute talk radio show with a focus on all things Pop Culture. Seasoned host Patrick Phillips explores a vast range of subjects (Entertainment, Fashion, Music, Technology, and Gaming) with valuable insights and lively conversation from popular entertainers, experts, athletes, authors, composers and other news-makers.
About The Host
Patrick Phillips (@patrickphillips) is an American talk radio host, public speaker, and self-proclaimed 'Maestro of Geek Chic'. Known for his articulate and entertaining interviews with celebrated guests, Phillips maintains a solid approach to each program… "It’s all about respect; I treat each of my guests as if they’ve just stepped into my living room.  The real secret to hosting a talk show is listening."

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