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Japan PM slams Obama over "despicable" murder
Shinzo Abe says he lodged protest with Obama over murder, which has been linked to an American worker on the U.S. military base in Okinawa
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State Dept. audit faults Clinton in emails
Audit faults former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and her predecessors for poorly managing their email, responding slowly to cybersecurity risks
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"Killing children": Car seat back dangers spur Congress to act
Lawmakers demand answers after CBS News investigation found more than 100 people -- mostly children -- were severely injured or killed by seat back failures
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Morley Safer's brush with the CIA
1972: Operation Mud Hen, or how Morley Safer, producer Phil Scheffler and muckraker Jack Anderson ran afoul of the spy agency
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2 arrests after overdose of doctor found in doorway
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Warren trashes Trump as "insecure money-grubber"
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Taliban names new leader, and it's not good news
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15 revelations in Cosby case
In July 2015, a federal judge unsealed a 62-page memorandum of law that had been settled in 2006 and included numerous unsettling excerpts of Bill Cosby's deposition
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Woman's bad night didn't stop at car wreck near cliff
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Former NBA player accused of using charity for personal gain
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Unsealed police video omits shooting of unarmed man
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Stranded hikers get rescuers' attention with unique distress signal
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Former "Officer of the Year" gets life sentence for child porn
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Aches and pains? You could have "Dormant Butt Syndrome"
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Feds reveal what went wrong when man set himself ablaze
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