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Migrants surge across border ahead of election
Human smugglers are tempting migrants to cross now, playing on fears and hopes about Trump, Clinton
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How vulnerable are Pennsylvania's voting machines?
In Philadelphia, almost 4,000 electronic voting machines are ready to be rolled out, but Donald Trump has signaled the city has a hotbed of voter fraud
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Intel chief: Non-state actor likely behind cyberattack
National Intelligence Director Clapper talked to Charlie Rose about the attack that crippled key Internet sites in the U.S. briefly
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Two candidates, three decades on 60 Minutes
A search turns up 30 years of stories about Trump and Clinton. Here's what we found in the archive
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State of the presidential race two weeks from Election Day
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Arizona's Sheriff Joe Arpaio officially charged with criminal contempt
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The global gender gap widens in 2016
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Kevin Curran, "The Simpsons" writer and producer, dies at 59
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Regular folks who became viral sensations
Instant fame on the internet doesn't always last long or end well
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Brazilian woman allegedly gang raped tells police its not first sexual assault
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N.C. to PayPal: Give us back the welcome gift
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Missouri candidate won't be charged after fellow candidate accuses him of rape
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"You heard it here first": Man predicts Cubs World Series win in 1993 yearbook
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Wildest moments of the 2016 election, ranked
The 2016 election season has been crazy from the start, but these moments stood out as especially shocking
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Pregnant woman shot dead by deputies on tribal lands
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