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Protest near Disneyland over off-duty cop firing gun turns violent
At least 24 arrests; dozens hit Anaheim's streets to protest earlier confrontation at home of off-duty LAPD officer
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Trump team reverses Obama policies on transgender bathrooms
It will now be up to states and school districts to interpret whether federal sex discrimination law applies to gender identity
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7 Earth-size planets found orbiting dwarf star
NASA says planets discovered in a solar system nearly 40 light-years away are in the zone that could hold the potential for life
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On "60 Minutes," former gymnasts allege sexual abuse
Hear more from three women who say the U.S. team doctor abused them, including how he earned their trust and how they believe the program enabled him
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Powerball $435 million jackpot has one winning ticket
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Standoff after triple shooting at crowded Kansas bar
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Town hall protesters scoff at Trump admin's claim they're paid agitators
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25 Oscar Best Picture winners
The Academy Award for Best Picture is a great honor, but which winners stand out as the best of the best?
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Standing Rock protesters arrested in North Dakota
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NASCAR facing speed bumps -- falling attendance and revenues
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Shooting leaves at least 3 dead outside Wichita
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Charges filed against former USA Gymnastics doctor
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Boy, 14, charged with beating classmate, 12, into coma
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Cops say murder victim recorded suspect in chilling audio
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Bao Bao, U.S.-born panda, lands in new home in China
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