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Clinton, ex-beauty queen respond to Trump's insults
Democratic nominee jumps into the fray, defending former Miss Universe Alicia Machado and attacking "unhinged" Trump
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Trump: Clinton "duped and used" by former Miss Universe
Early Friday morning, Trump fired off a trio of tweets personally attacking former Miss Universe Alicia Machado
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Rosetta probe ends comet mission with a bang
Rosetta spacecraft closed out its remarkably successful mission by crash landing on the comet it's been studying for the past two years
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Nate Parker says no apology for 17-year-old rape case
On "60 Minutes" Sunday, Anderson Cooper interviews the director whose film "The Birth of a Nation" had generated a huge amount of Oscar buzz until an uproar grew over a serious incident in his past
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Police reveal cause of death for U.S. sisters found dead at resort
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Disciplinary court rules on justice who defied feds on same-sex marriage
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Suspected elementary school shooter, 14, charged
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Deadly N.J. train crash
A commuter train struck a wall after entering a station in New Jersey
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Man makes grisly discovery inside woman's suitcase
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Police take action in investigation of woman missing after trip with son
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This candidate won first debate by a large margin, poll shows
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Dad with brain cancer leaves ICU to see son's birth
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Tulsa officer enters plea in unarmed man's death
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Migraines could be tied to another common problem
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Van Gogh masterpieces stolen 14 years ago recovered from barn
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