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Congress faces looming deadlines amid chaos of House speaker election
Kevin McCarthy's shocking withdrawal from race for top House spot adds to pressure on lawmakers
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Whole milk vs. skim: What's best for your diet?
Conventional wisdom says lower-fat dairy is better for your health, but a growing number of experts disagree
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Donald Trump and Marco Rubio: Two candidates in Vegas
Trump's locale was the Treasure Island Casino, while the setting for Rubio's event was Summerlin, a planned community 20 miles from the Strip
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Coral bleaching crisis spreads worldwide
Triggered by global warming and El Nino, record hot ocean water is causing fragile coral to go white and die
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Super PAC changes course on airing ad urging Biden to run
The Draft Biden campaign released and rescinded its first television spot Thursday
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North Charleston approves $6.5M settlement with Walter Scott's family
50-year-old was shot in April by ​North Charleston officer Michael Slager while trying to run from a traffic stop
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Hero of France train attack stabbed multiple times in Sacramento
Airman 1st Class Spencer Stone helped thwart terror attack on European train over the summer
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New pics of Apollo moon missions
A treasure trove of original NASA images gives an unprecedented view of man's first lunar encounters
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Mom says Playmobil pirate set comes with racist instructions
Pirate play-set comes with instructions to shackle a dark-skinned character who appears to be a slave, California mom says
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Boarding pass barcodes pose personal security risk
Why you should think twice about abandoning your boarding pass after landing or posting a picture of it to social media
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At least 6 injured in Washington state dam explosion
Blast happened at Priest Rapids Dam in Grant County
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Volkswagen exec: Cheating not a corporate decision
A few individuals were behind millions of cars rigged to cheat pollution tests, head of automaker's U.S. business says
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South Carolina's capital scrambles to protect its drinking water amid flooding
Drinking water for most Columbia residents comes from a canal that collapsed in two places
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Several Russian cruise missiles landed in Iran, U.S. officials say
As many as four of the 26 long-range cruise missiles that Russia said it fired at Syrian targets landed instead in Iran, say U.S. officials
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John Lennon's 75th birthday
A look at the life of the former Beatle on what would've been his 75th birthday
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