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Peace Corps workers punished for reporting sex assault?
CBS News speaks with nearly a dozen volunteers who questioned how their sexual assault cases were handled
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Where candidates stand on Medicare, retiree health care
Health care is critical for all Americans, particularly retirees, so you should know how your retirement could be impacted
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Hillary Clinton urged Obama to close Guantanamo Bay
The former secretary of state sent the president a memo just weeks before she stepped down
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Last prisoner of the Cold War
Released after five years of captivity in Cuba, Alan Gross talks with Scott Pelley in his first interview about his ordeal and the activities leading up to his arrest
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Obama, Putin discuss Turkey and Syria at climate summit
The two leaders met on the sidelines of a global climate conference near Paris on Monday
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Accused Colo. shooter estranged from family, source says
After interviews with dozens of Robert Dear's family, source tells CBS News FBI agents are still struggling to understand Planned Parenthood shooting
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Hunt continues for mother of newborn buried alive in L.A.
Authorities heard a "baby's muffled cry" and located the infant buried alive under pieces of asphalt and rubble
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Landscape photos of Daniel Jones
Large-format photography of nature scenes with a vividness and textural depth that is startling
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Synthetic drug "Spice" sickens over a dozen in Calif.
At least 14 people in the San Diego area are suspected to have overdosed this weekend, officials say
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Torched van of surfers missing in Mexico found
Dean Lucas and Adam Coleman were traveling from Canada to Mexico in a van to catch waves, and disappeared in cartel-plagued Sinaloa state
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Freddie Gray case to draw from pool of 80 potential jurors, black and white
The jury selection process could take a few days, but the judge said this first trial won't go past Dec. 17
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Police: NY toddler dies after assault by caretaker
Authorities say 1-year-old was left in the care of 22-year-old Dakota Miller and sustained an unspecified injury
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​Walmart to Marine collecting toys for kids: Step outside
Ohio store says policy does not allow Marine vet to collect donations for Toys for Tots inside its store
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Police investigate viral photo of dog with mouth taped shut
Cops in Connecticut and Florida inundated with calls after Facebook photo of dog gets passed around, "causing a serious strain" on dispatch
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Women weightlifters: "It's cool to be strong"
Weightlifting gyms say more women are giving strength training a try, and seeing benefits
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