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Deadly shooting at university in Arizona
Suspect in custody after at least one killed, 3 wounded at Northern Arizona University
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Tunisian "quartet" wins Nobel Peace Prize
National Dialogue Quartet, given prestigious honor for work to "build a pluralistic" society and avert civil war after Arab Spring uprising
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Donald Trump and Marco Rubio: Two candidates in Vegas
Trump's locale was the Treasure Island Casino, while the setting for Rubio's event was Summerlin, a planned community 20 miles from the Strip
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Eye Opener: Deadly school shooting in Arizona
Your world in 90 seconds
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House GOP leaders begging Paul Ryan to run for speaker
Republican caucus in disarray following Kevin McCarthy's bombshell withdrawal as candidate
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Iran loses top commander helping Assad in Syria
Senior commander of elite Quds Force killed on battlefield as France blasts Russia for avoiding ISIS with most airstrikes
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Where Hillary Clinton has broken with Obama
Former secretary of state has been creating lots of distance from the president on campaign trail in recent weeks
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New pics of Apollo moon missions
A treasure trove of original NASA images gives an unprecedented view of man's first lunar encounters
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Animal abuse alleged at large dairy farm in Texas
Brand tied to nation's largest sour cream maker is also allegedly behind cruelty to livestock, says animal-welfare group
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2 California murders making headlines linked, cops say
Police in San Francisco reveal key evidence they say shows 3 suspects arrested in one slaying also carried out the other
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Lawmaker: "Dirty secret" put brakes on Wisconsin DUI legislation
As the only state that doesn't criminalize first-time DUI offenses, Badger State boasts the nation's highest level of binge drinking
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Homes: What you can buy for $150,000
It's still possible to find good housing deals for this price -- but pay close attention to the neighborhood
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Super PAC changes course on airing ad urging Biden to run
The Draft Biden campaign released and rescinded its first television spot Thursday
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​Here's one upside to an economic downturn
A financial slump appears to improve peoples' health, thanks to less indulgence in bad habits
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Boarding pass barcodes pose personal security risk
Why you should think twice about abandoning your boarding pass after landing or posting a picture of it to social media
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