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2016 hopefuls face off in first Democratic debate
Five Democrats talked about issues ranging from Wall Street to gun control and marijuana in the first of six debates scheduled for the 2016 Democratic primary
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Flight 17 downed due to "the detonation of a warhead"
The Dutch Safety Board says there is no doubt a Russian-made missile shot from eastern Ukraine brought down the Boeing 777 with 298 on board
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"Freakonomics" author got students to admit cheating
Economist Steven Levitt says students have an incentive to cheat, and colleges need to up their game
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From the archives: Buried alive for 69 days
Five years ago this week, 33 miners emerged from the collapsed San José mine in Copiapó, Chile. Four months later, Bob Simon told their story
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Sheriff: Lamar Odom found unresponsive at Nevada brothel
Former NBA and reality TV star hospitalized after partying at brothel in Pahrump, Nevada
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Gun shop found liable in shooting of two Milwaukee police officers
Two police officers who were shot and seriously wounded have won their lawsuit which could now set a new precedent for gun sales
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Small plane crashes into Florida mobile homes
Fire department says there are "an unknown number of victims" after crash, which caused at least 2 mobile homes to catch fire in Lake Worth
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Behind the scenes: Secret Service
Photojournalist Jacquelyn Martin's "inside the bubble" images of U.S. Secret Service agents protecting President Barack Obama
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Rare photo of infamous outlaw Billy the Kid surfaces
Collector bought the photo for $2 at a junk shop, but turns out, it may be worth millions
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Woman sued nephew, said his "forceful" birthday greeting injured her
NYC woman lost her suit seeking $127,000 against 12-year-old; she'd said her injury made it "difficult to hold" hors d'oeuvres
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Senior citizen returns to water-ravaged home in S.C.
Out of money and options with his home destroyed, the 75-year-old was going to sleep on a friend's floor, but he ended up hospitalized
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LAPD: Drones can "sneak up" on our helicopters
Los Angeles police are looking for ways to crackdown on reckless drone usage
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AP: California drops plan to let violent inmates fight fires
Currently about 3,800 inmates assist professional firefighters in California, but that is down from about 4,400 in previous years
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Trending Halloween costumes
As Halloween season approaches there are costume ideas galore inspired by pop culture, politics and Hollywood
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U.S. draws line on protecting CIA-backed rebels in Syria
Russian military intervention to prop up Syria's government has brought new scrutiny of the CIA's secret support to Syrian rebels
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