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Paterno allegedly told of Sandusky abuse in 1976
Judge says insurers in litigation with Penn State claim a boy told coach Joe Paterno in 1976 that he had been molested by Jerry Sandusky
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Donald Trump and the gender gap problem with women voters
In most recent CBS News poll, Hillary Clinton led Trump among female voters by 27 points
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Don't miss tonight's Halley's Comet meteor shower
Your guide to catching the best view of the meteor shower spawned by the legendary Halley's Comet
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Millennial mocks "60 Minutes"
"I'm starting to realize I may not be '60 Minutes' targeted audience when they had to define 'to Venmo,'" one viewer tweeted
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AP: Clinton aide interviewed in email investigation
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Church murder victim received "creepy" message before death
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SpaceX launches satellite, lands part of rocket back on Earth, again
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Who's who in "Captain America: Civil War"
Marvel's latest superhero showdown features the most costumed characters they've featured in one film yet
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House Speaker Paul Ryan says he's "not ready" to support Trump
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Reports: Percocet found in Prince's system at time of death
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Why was Amber Alert for slain Navajo girl so late?
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Obama commutes prison sentences of 58 drug offenders
He's commuted more prison sentences than the past six presidents combined
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Police: Man killed estranged wife outside of Maryland high school
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L.A. serial killer "The Grim Sleeper" convicted in 10 deaths
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New rules seeking to combat tax evasion set
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