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After Colo. shooting, Carson decries "hateful rhetoric"
GOP presidential candidate talks about anti-abortion activism, and suggests military being ignored on Syria in "Face the Nation" interview
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Police, protesters clash in Paris amid terrorism worries
Climate change activists have been barred from marching en masse after recent terrorist attacks; more than 140 world leaders attending U.N. climate summit
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​On the trail of missing persons
A Florida journalist's search for a missing childhood friend demonstrates the agony of tracking down people who seemingly disappear off the face of the Earth
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Five years as Cuba's prisoner
"Where the hell are they?" Alan Gross says he asked himself about the U.S. government in his second week of captivity in Cuba
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Pa. police officer shot and killed during call
Ray Shetler Jr., 31, captured after six-hour manhunt and booked on suspicion of killing Clair Township Officer Lloyd Reed, who died on duty
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Burger King manager: Chicago cops erased shooting video
Accusation of tampering has fueled public anger over Laquan McDonald shooting; Burger King just yards from where teen slain
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Newborn girl found buried alive in Los Angeles
Baby apparently left to die in riverbed in Compton discovered by women who thought they heard what "might be a cat" crying
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Landscape photos of Daniel Jones
Large-format photography of nature scenes with a vividness and textural depth that is startling
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Trump again slams disabled reporter at center of controversy
GOP presidential front-runner says he's been taking "a lot of heat" over mocking imitation of New York Times reporter
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Notre Dame falls out of playoffs with last-second loss
Stanford inches closer to a title shot with 38-36 win over the Fighting Irish; Alabama, Clemson win; top 25 college football roundup
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Pope brushes aside security worries in Central Africa
Pontiff takes long open car ride through country still dealing with brutal Christian-Muslim violence, saying "we are all brothers"
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New images, analysis released of Tamir Rice shooting
A grand jury in Cleveland will decide whether to charge a then-rookie police officer for fatally shooting the 12-year-old boy a year ago
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Carey Mulligan
In the span of a decade, the British actress has earned a place among the top talents working in films today
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​More deaths blamed on wintry storm in central U.S.
Slow-moving wintry storm system blamed for more than a dozen deaths in the Plains and Midwest
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Alice's journey to Wonderland, 150 years ago
Alice is the most popular little girl in English literature, and her adventures in Wonderland - first published in 1865
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