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Hillary Clinton increasingly pitches down-ballot Dems
As her lead in national polling grows, Clinton has made it clear she's planning to emphasize Democrats in state-level and congressional races
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Ask Ohio: Trump and Clinton divide historical bellwether
Candidates who win here have won presidency in every election since 1964, but with Election Day around the corner, Scott Pelley finds a state divided
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Voters in Texas, Florida weigh in with new poll
CBS News Battleground Tracker finds a tighter-than-normal race in Texas; most GOP voters in key states believe Trump's claims of fraud
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Two candidates, three decades on 60 Minutes
A search turns up 30 years of stories about Trump and Clinton. Here's what we found in the archive
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2 found dead, suspect on run after Okla. cops shot
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Trump camp admits it's "behind" as poll chasm opens
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Tom Hayden, famed anti-war activist-turned politician dies at 76
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Art in the Nevada desert
Ugo Rondinone's installation "Seven Magic Mountains" - a series of Day-Glo-painted rock towers just outside Las Vegas - appears as if a mirage in the desert
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At least 13 killed in tour bus crash in Palm Springs
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Calif. man gets 1,503 years in prison for raping teen daughter
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Venezuelan Congress accuses president of staging coup
Lawmakers accuse president of violating constitution by blocking their bid for referendum on his leadership
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Olympic swimmer thanks fan who spotted concerning mole
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Halloween Dog Parade 2016
Check out the annual celebration of costumed canines at New York City's Tompkins Square Park
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Trump gets first major newspaper endorsement
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Comic’s comic Kevin Meaney found dead at age 60
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