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RNC chair: "We've got some drama and intrigue" in GOP
Republican National Committee chairman weighs in on Trump's profanity, state of presidential race in GOP
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Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders spar over friends and enemies
From Obama to Henry Kissinger, the candidates debated who's on Team Hillary and who's on Team Bernie
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A lot riding on Syria ceasefire deal, but little hope
Some 300,000 people could be cut off from all help if temporary truce fails, as Russia helps Syrian regime fight on
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How much will Valentine's Day dig into your wallet?
They say money can't buy love, but if that's the case, why are so many businesses capitalizing on romance?
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Double-shooting at Glendale, Ariz. high school
Police confirmed that two have been shot at the school, but have released few details
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Cops kill man after machete attack at Ohio deli
Police say "no rhyme or reason" seen in who man targeted at the Nazareth Restaurant and Deli in Columbus
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Van hits JetBlue plane at Boston's Logan Airport
Passengers traveling to Florida get unexpected jolt ahead of early morning flight
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6th Democratic debate
Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders face off in Milwaukee in the lead up to the Nevada caucuses
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Pope's visit to Mexico controversial, even before arrival
Francis' planned remarks on tetchy topic draw fire from GOP front-runner as pontiff sets off for 6-day stop in world's 2nd largest Catholic country
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Cop's comment after Black Lives Matter activist's suicide lands him in hot water
Ohio police officer's Facebook account posted controversial comment about Black Lives Matter activist who killed himself
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Living to 100: An action plan
Most Americans say they expect to live that long, but it won't happen just because you want it to
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Obama on "Ellen": Washington can "be a little depressing"
The president skipped the show's entrance ritual, but he did give a Valentine's Day shout-out to the first lady
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How couples cope with cancer on Valentine's Day
Forget chocolates and roses: "When you're cancer-free, it just puts a whole new light on everything"
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Son reveals details about gunman who killed Maryland deputies
Jeremy Evans says father David Evans shot his mother 20 years ago, believes he was at Maryland Panera to hurt her
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Carnival in Rio
Members of Brazil's elite samba schools paraded in the pre-Lenten celebration - a colorful explosion of music, costumes and dance
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