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Blue Bell listeria discovered thanks to random testing
Health official says it was "scary" that tainted ice cream was going to consumers after deadly bacteria was discovered
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Flight 17 downed due to "the detonation of a warhead"
The Dutch Safety Board says there is no doubt a Russian-made missile shot from eastern Ukraine brought down the Boeing 777 with 298 on board
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Jeb Bush offers plan to repeal, replace Obamacare
Two-page proposal would give more power to states to regulate health insurance, but contains no specific details on how many people could be left without coverage
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From the archives: Buried alive for 69 days
Five years ago this week, 33 miners emerged from the collapsed San José mine in Copiapó, Chile. Four months later, Bob Simon told their story
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Planned Parenthood to stop charging for fetal tissue program
Responding to furor over undercover videos, women's health organization will keep controversial research program but cover the costs themselves
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All 6 officers in Freddie Gray case appear in court
Admissibility debated of damning statement made to investigators by cops charged in connection with man's death in police custody
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Bob Woodward exposes more of Richard Nixon's secrets
Memos from president's former aide reveal lies about the Vietnam War and even his most petty obsessions
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New tide of Israeli-Palestinian violence
Violence flairs between Palestinians and Israelis with stabbings and shootings in Jerusalem as well as clashes in the West Bank
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Woman sues 12-year-old nephew over "forceful" birthday greeting
NYC woman suing boy in Connecticut for $127,000, says injury made it "difficult to hold" her hors d'oeuvre plate at a party
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Palestinian "day of rage" leaves 3 Israelis dead
Two separate but simultaneous attacks on civilians mark new low for worsening violence, as panic starts to spread in Israel
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Playboy to scrap nudity in magazine makeover
Despite its success, adult magazine has suffered from the Internet explosion in which pornography is both free and easy to find
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Hillary Clinton slams Donald Trump in front of his hotel
She's in Las Vegas for the first Democratic debate, which takes place Tuesday night
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New species discoveries in Eastern Himalayas
A sneezing monkey and a fish that walks are among over 200 news species found in the Eastern Himalayas in recent years
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Leading Democratic candidates want to tax Wall Street
With the economy still hurting from the financial crisis, presidential contenders back a plan to deter harmful speculation
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A GOP revolt in the House: Can Republicans learn from history?
History hasn't been too kind to upstart House members who challenged party leadership
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