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U.S. sending more troops to Syria to help war on ISIS
Defense Secretary Ash Carter says more U.S. troops being sent to Syria to help capture key ISIS stronghold
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Russia favored Trump over Clinton: Intelligence sources
President Obama is also ordering a full review of any hacking that targeted the presidential election during the campaign
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Remembering John Glenn
In 1998, "60 Minutes" was there as he prepared to return to space 36 years after his historic first mission; Glenn died Thursday
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Eye Opener: Team Trump takes aim at a bombshell CIA report
Your world in 90 seconds
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Senate takes action to avert shutdown with time running out
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Trump chooses Goldman Sachs exec for key economic post
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Trump transition wants names of Energy Dept. employees involved in climate talks
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Oakland warehouse fire victims
Authorities have begun identifying the victims of a deadly warehouse fire that claimed the lives of 36 people
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Rudy Giuliani won't be the next secretary of state
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What do these two women have in common?
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Muslim teen who said she was harassed on NYC subway reported missing
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Former Clinton campaign staffer launches anti-Trump website to track conflicts of interest
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Kirk Douglas celebrates 100th birthday
A look at the extraordinary career of one of Hollywood's most iconic actors
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Downed power line traps 75-100 people on Portland light rail for hours
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Bundy brothers refuse to attend Vegas court hearing
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