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Obama pushes for gun control after Colo. shooting
"This is not normal," president says after gunman fatally shoots three people at Planned Parenthood facility
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Shooting survivors describe tense moments in Colorado
"He was aiming for my head," said one witness who was inside Planned Parenthood facility during deadly attack
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Neighbors open up about Colorado shooting suspect
Colorado authorities say Robert Lewis Dear of North Carolina carried out deadly attack on Planned Parenthood clinic
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Five years as Cuba's prisoner
"Where the hell are they?" Alan Gross says he asked himself about the U.S. government in his second week of captivity in Cuba
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After outcry over mocking reporter, Trump stays on defense
Republican presidential contender in hot water after mocking impression of New York Times reporter
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Deadly mortar attack on United Nations facility
U.N. official vows attack won't impede organization's work in West African nation of Mali
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Pope urges Catholics to follow zeal of Ugandan martyrs
Pontiff honors Ugandan Christians who were burned alive a century ago after refusing to renounce their faith
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Photos of the week
The most compelling photos from the week's news, November 21-27, 2015, including rocket debris, the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and protests in Chicago
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Twin boys reunited with their World War II hero
"We don't know about how we've changed his life, but we know that he obviously changed ours," said 10-year-old Carter Hanson
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Protest over Chicago teen's shooting ties up retail district
Activists target Chicago's popular retail district on Black Friday after cop arrested in fatal police shooting
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Suicide note left by White House fence jumper
Joseph Caputo told his mother she may never see him again before he jumped the White House fence on Thanksgiving Day; psychiatric evaluation ordered
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Donald Trump prompts Nazi references
Some conservatives and political commentators say the GOP frontrunner's rhetoric has crossed the line
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Cops: Patron kills Waffle House worker
Police say a man shot a Waffle House employee in the head after she asked him not to smoke
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Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade through the years
Since 1924 the parade has made its way through Manhattan to the Herald Square Macy's flagship store
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Prosecutors: 9-year-old lured from swing by killers
Court documents filed today describe how Chicago child Tyshawn Lee was allegedly lured from a playground to the alley where he was killed Nov. 2
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