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Chicago cop's lawyer: "Not uncommon" to be shot in back, on ground
In an interview on CBSN Wednesday, the attorney for Jason Van Dyke said he'll likely call experts who will support the Chicago police officer's use of force in killing teen Laquan McDonald
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U.N.: 2015 is the hottest year on record
Things are so bad, the World Meteorological Organization made the proclamation without waiting for the end of the year
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When a "60 Minutes" shoot becomes a stampede
Anything can happen on a "60 Minutes" shoot, as you’ll see when Lesley Stahl interviews Stephen Wainaina Waweru, a farmer in Kenya
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U.S. reveals new details on shootdown of Russian plane
Latest details come as Putin takes action in response to Turkey shooting down warplane
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Obama: No specific, credible threat indicating plot against U.S.
After a meeting with his national security team, the president tells Americans to "go about their usual Thanksgiving weekend activities"
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Arrests after "act of terrorism" against Black Lives Matter
Minnesota protesters rallying against police killing of black man say groups of whites had regularly filmed them before shooting up crowd; cops' response questioned
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"French Kiss - A love letter to Paris"
Peter Turnley's timeless photos of the city of love
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St. Louis Rams' Stedman Bailey shot in head in Florida
Wide receiver, 2 kids, cousin in car when gunman pulled up and opened fire, family members tell CBS Miami
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Brussels seeks normalcy amid hunt for Paris suspects
Many of the metros re-opened in Belgian capital and kids have returned to school
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Drug company cuts 5,000% drug price hike to 2,500%
Pharma firm's latest response to backlash over infamous price spike includes discounts of "up to 50 percent" for hospitals
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L.A. homeless camp sweep turns up machine guns
Homeless man under arrest after five guns, including two M3 "grease guns," as well as ammunition found during foot patrol
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The world's best architecture
The top architectural designs chosen at the annual World Architectural Festival in Singapore
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​Thanksgiving meal costs less, except at these stores
Cooks can give thanks this year for steady to declining food prices, although beware of some grocers
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How to avoid losing airline luggage this Thanksgiving
Extra precautions with checked baggage are a must for fliers this time of year, the worst months for lost bags
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Don't get burned by these Thanksgiving cooking hazards
Thanksgiving is a peak day for home cooking fires; here's how to help prevent injuries while preparing your holiday feast
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