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In Germany, migrants' long journey turns to long waits
Hundreds of thousands of migrants have risked their lives to make it to Germany; but many hurdles remain
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U.S. and Russia remain at odds in skies over Syria
Russia said its fighter jets targeted several ​ISIS positions on Tuesday; but some locations are not in an area controlled by terror group
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Top U.N. diplomat arrested over Chinese bribery scheme
Former president of the United Nations General Assembly accused of taking huge cash payout from a billionaire Chinese real estate mogul
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​Animals return to Chernobyl
Nearly three decades after nuclear disaster, wildlife is back and thriving
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​Texas executes inmate for killing man in $8 robbery
Juan Martin Garcia put to death for the September 1998 killing and robbery of Hugo Solano, a Mexican missionary, over $8
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Toyota aiding Treasury Dept. probe into Mideast terror group vehicles
Over the years, Toyota trucks have appeared in ISIS propaganda videos; but how the terror group has acquired the trucks is not clear
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After deadly rains, S.C. gov. warns: "Don't let the sunshine fool you"
At least 17 weather-related deaths in Carolinas as officials warn that new evacuations could be ordered
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U.S. commander admits mistake in bombing Afghan hospital
Gen. John Campbell tells Congress that it was a U.S. decision to conduct the airstrike and that the hospital was "mistakenly struck"
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$310M Powerball jackpot winner: Take this job and ...
Michigan lottery winner says when she found out she immediately quit her "nasty, dirty" job
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Glimpsing the future, from the past
A set of collectible artist cards - "France in the year 2000 (21st Century)" - that first appeared as inserts in cigar boxes provide a fascinating look at dreams of the future circa 1900
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Suspected Pa. community college gunman in custody
A SWAT team was on scene shortly after 10 a.m.; after a search of about one and a half hours, the suspect was in custody
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Doomed ship had enough lifeboats, but was "at the mercy of the sea"
NTSB team heads to Florida to study El Faro debris, conduct interviews, and look at documents to find out what went wrong
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Orphan raccoon falls out of tree, into arms of loving family
A baby raccoon named "Pumpkin" forms an unusual bond with a family and their two dogs
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Seattle H.S. football player dies after game injury
Kenney Bui, a defensive back, suffered a traumatic brain injury during a tackle in his school's homecoming game, his family said
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Hiker found shot dead on trail with dog on leash
The victim -- identified by family as a massage teacher -- was found slain on Northern California trail; his Doberman Pinscher was wounded
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