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Before New Hampshire, Marco Rubio is knocked off his game
In contrast, GOP governors use Saturday night's debate to make strong closing arguments before a crucial primary
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Larry David joined on "SNL" by Bernie Sanders
Comedian in a "Bern Your Enthusiasm" sketch explains why candidate lost Iowa; Sanders and David also argue aboard a sinking ship
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Bush slams Trump for trying to "take property from an elderly woman"
In New Hampshire debate, the GOP front runner finds himself once again defending his position on eminent domain
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​Taiwan rescuers find signs of life in quake rubble
Families wait anxiously for word on possible survivors trapped by 6.4 magnitude quake
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Highly radioactive leak found at N.Y. nuclear plant
There has been a history of groundwater contamination at Indian Point; Gov. Cuomo says "latest failure" is "unacceptable"
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North Korea fires rocket seen as covert missile test
Critics say the long-range rocket is meant to test banned technology for a missile that could strike the U.S. mainland
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Multiple people dead in Texas shootout
Deadly shootout followed by standoff with police
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8th Republican debate
The Republican candidates meet for a final debate ahead of the New Hampshire primary
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How much will hosting the Super Bowl cost San Francisco?
The Big Game is a big tourism draw, but it's also a financial gamble for the host city
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Officials look for cause of deadly NYC crane collapse
City officials say death toll caused by huge construction crane crashing onto street could have been much worse
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Ex-NYPD officer dubbed "Cannibal Cop" tells his story
New York City man accused of planning to abduct, kill, cook women opens up to CBS New York station
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Social media video part of strip club shooting probe
Video posted to Twitter's video-streaming app Periscope appears to capture first sounds of gunfire at Florida club
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Deadly quake strikes Taiwan
Two residential high-rises collapse due to a 6.4-magnitude earthquake; hundreds rescued, hundreds more injured, and at least 18 dead
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Officials: Suicide bomber may have blown hole in jet
Somali government blames Islamic extremist group al-Shabaab for midair explosion that forced emergency landing
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​Cars fall through ice at Lake Geneva's Winterfest
Bringing new meaning to the phrase "Park at your own risk," more than a dozen vehicles parked on thin ice sink into Wisconsin lake
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