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Obama apologizes to Doctors Without Borders
The president promised full investigation of deadly airstrike and possible changes to prevent a repeat incident
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Coast Guard ending search for El Faro crew at sunset
Less than a week after ship disappeared near Hurricane Joaquin close to the Bahamas with 33 aboard, rescuers decide no one could have survived
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South Carolina braces for second round of flooding
Coastal residents prepare for round 2 as rivers swollen from days of devastating rains make their way toward Atlantic
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​Think flying already stinks? Wait till you see this
Airbus is giving new meaning to crowded conditions, with a design for stacking passengers
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Oregon gunman killed himself in front of students after cops shot him
Christopher Harper-Mercer exchanged fire with 2 plainclothes detectives who were not wearing bulletproof vests, authorities say
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The real reason U.S. drug prices are so high
Pharmaceutical companies typically say costs support R&D, but an analysis of their balance sheets show that's not the case
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U.S. warplane rerouted over Syria to avoid Russians, Pentagon says
Syrian airspace increasingly crowded, with both U.S. and Russia launching airstrikes in Syria -- but backing different sides in the country's civil war
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New pics of Apollo moon missions
A treasure trove of original NASA images gives an unprecedented view of man's first lunar encounters
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Trump, Clinton still lead in three key swing states
Trump and Clinton still lead in Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania with Clinton's support eroding a bit, according to a new Quinnipiac University survey.
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S.F. slaying victim was Canadian tourist "on her first trip"
Audrey Carey, whose body was found in Golden Gate Park, was on her first solo backpacking trip, relatives say
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Weight-loss surgery may raise suicide risk for some
Researchers have a number of theories about why the risk may rise after dramatic weight loss
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Toddler dies from E. coli after visiting Maine fair
The CDC is investigating a possible link between the deadly infection and animals at the fair's petting zoo
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Actor dressed up as Hitler: Germans greeted me warmly
Nazi leader may be one of the most notorious figures in world history but some in Germany apparently still have affection for him
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Glimpsing the future, from the past
A set of collectible artist cards - "France in the year 2000 (21st Century)" - that first appeared as inserts in cigar boxes provide a fascinating look at dreams of the future circa 1900
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Blind, deaf man with cerebral palsy murdered
Sacramento police say severely disabled man was shot multiple times as he walked from his apartment to a transit stop
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