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Republicans accused of intimidating voters
After Donald Trump's repeated claims of a "rigged" election, the DNC files lawsuit in a bid to block the RNC from engaging in voter intimidation tactics
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Poll finds Clinton's lead over Trump is dwindling
In the homestretch of the general election season, a new national poll gauges views of likely voters
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New leaked emails add fuel to Clinton Foundation controversy
Clinton campaign is under new pressure as WikiLeaks emails reveal how a former White House aide worked to obtain “in-kind services" for Bill Clinton and his family
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Kim Kardashian tick-tick-ticks off "60 Minutes" viewers
Pandemonium broke out on the "60 Minutes" Facebook page when people found out Kim Kardashian would appear on the broadcast
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Putin speaks out on claims of Russia interfering in U.S. election
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New details revealed about deadly accident on MLB star's boat
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Woman accused of killing ex-classmate with cyanide learns her fate
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The way it was: Today in history
Throwback Thursday: A look back at events on October 27
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Anthem singer: NBA team gave me the boot over what I was wearing
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Dealer takes unusual step to stop sale of cars with defective airbags
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Firefighter saves man from deadly NYC blaze with daring rescue
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Ted Cruz raises possibility of keeping seat vacant on Supreme Court
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Trump denies using undocumented workers to build new D.C. hotel
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Something is bothering the American shopper
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Some kidney transplants coming with big potential catch
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