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Son reveals details about Md. gunman who killed deputies
Man says father David Evans shot his mother 20 years ago; believes Evans was at Md. restaurant to hurt her
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Fast, deep, out of control: The confounding market rout
Every expert has a view about what's buffeting global markets, but consensus is elusive -- including about what's next
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Meryl Streep on diversity: "We're all Africans really"
Twittersphere takes aim after actress responds to criticism over the lack of diversity on the Berlin Film Festival's jury
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Preview: Danny Clinch
Grammy photographer tells 60 Minutes about getting the shot that puts him in "the history of that moment"
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Massive gas leak at LA suburb plugged after 16 weeks, utility says
California utility tried unsuccessfully for weeks to force mud into the well to stop the leak that drove thousands of residents from their homes
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Last armed occupiers surrender in Oregon standoff
Now that the last four holdouts have left, specialized teams will look for "explosive-related hazards," according to the FBI
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Ex-priest charged in beauty queen cold case in court
"...This whole thing thing makes no sense because the crime in question took place in 1960," Father John Feit told a judge
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Einstein was right: Scientists detect gravitational waves
In breakthrough discovery, scientists confirm ripples in space-time created by violent collisions in the universe
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The way it was: Today in history
Throwback Thursday: A look back at events in history on February 11, including Nelson Mandela's release after 27 years from jail and singer Whitney Houston's death
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Arrest in case of U.S. nanny found dead in Austria
A 24-year-old man from the Gambia is in custody in Switzerland on suspicion of murder, Austrian officials say
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Plane lands in Los Angeles after declaring emergency
Air Traffic control audio captures the flight talking to the LAX air traffic controllers about smoke in the cabin and dropping oxygen masks for the passengers
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Kim Jong Un reportedly has his military chief executed
South Korean official tells AP that Ri Yong Gil was killed for alleged corruption, as Kim continues purge of top aides
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Auschwitz guard, 94, on trial for killing of 170,000 Jews
Former SS Sgt. Reinhold Hanning insists he served in part of Nazi death camp where no gassings took place
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Planned Parenthood targets John Kasich
The Ohio House voted to strip funding from the organization and the bill awaits Kasich's signature
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Cleveland apologizes for $500 ambulance bill sent to Tamir Rice's family
Mayor says overdue claim, filed to Rice's medical insurance company as part of routine procedure, has now been withdrawn
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