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Who's leading the 2016 race in battleground states?
Despite national lead, CBS News poll shows small margin between Clinton and Trump in Florida, Colorado, Wisconsin, and North Carolina
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Scotland considers flexing veto muscle on Brexit vote
Vote to leave the E.U. lost by a large majority in Scotland, whose parliament must give consent to legislation generated in London
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​The cost of miracles
Drug companies are raising their prices of certain prescription medications, while fighting competitors' development of cheaper alternatives
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"You'll be my arms, and I'll be your eyes"
GoPro goes to China to capture a story that's gone viral of two disabled friends working together to plant 10,000 trees
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Shock after police kill mom who shot her two adult daughters
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Clinton makes surprise appearance at NYC gay pride parade
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Top mob boss caught sleeping in bed after 20 years on the lam
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Photos of the week
The most compelling images from the week's news June 18-23, 2016, including the Brexit referendum, summer solstice and Cavalier's victory
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Brexit raises historical questions about Germany leading Europe
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Mayor of town where Trayvon Martin died carjacked at gunpoint at home
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Iraq: Fallujah "fully liberated" after monthlong fight
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​Garrison Keillor signs off "A Prairie Home Companion" after 42 years
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Prominent Republicans backing Hillary Clinton
These high-profile members of the GOP have said they'd rather back Hillary Clinton than vote for Donald Trump
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Panama Canal reopens bigger than ever, despite shipping woes
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Tornado touches down on North Carolina coast
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