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Hero of France train attack stabbed multiple times
U.S. Air Force Airman Spencer Stone helped thwart terror attack on European train over the summer
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Failed developments in Trump-branded real estate led to lawsuits
Licensing his name for projects -- but not owning them -- meant Donald Trump would not be held responsible
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John Kasich in a struggle with opponents to define Republican Party
The Ohio governor says that when it comes to the voices from the right of his party, he also has a say in defining the party
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Recall: GM tells SUV owners not to use windshield wipers
Company is recalling thousands of vehicles because an electrical short could cause the wiper motor to catch fire
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Volkswagen exec: Cheating not a corporate decision
Several software engineers behind millions of cars rigged to cheat pollution tests, head of automaker's U.S. business says
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Russia tipping the balance for Assad in Syria war?
After more than 4 years of stalemate and 250,000 deaths, dictator who Obama said must go could be gaining the upper hand
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Dozens still missing after U.S. strike on Afghan hospital
Official death toll stands at 22 after American military mistakenly targeted facility run by NGO, but that could double
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New pics of Apollo moon missions
A treasure trove of original NASA images gives an unprecedented view of man's first lunar encounters
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South Carolina "holding our breath and saying a prayer"
Governor says danger of coastal areas being hit by more flooding remains; senator warns disaster bill could "break the bank"
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Parents of student killed in hypnosis scandal speak out
School board agreed to $600,000 settlement but the parents say lawsuit "wasn't about any money"
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Rupert Murdoch apologizes for 'real black President' remark
The head of News Corp. apologized after sending a controversial tweet about President Obama
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Ben Carson unclear about his positions on debt ceiling, default
The GOP presidential contender dodged questions in an interview this week about whether he would allow the U.S. to default
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House GOP's would-be speaker faces month-long conservative test
Conservatives will keep Kevin McCarthy's feet to the fire for a full month before the vote for Speaker of the House
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3 nations tried cyberattacks on Clinton's server: AP
Congressional document AP got spells out which ones sought to get at her emails from her time as secretary of state; unclear if they succeeded
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7 of the safest used cars for teen drivers
Insurance Institute for Highway Safety is out with list of recommended safe​st used cars for teens
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