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Sheriff: Suspect confesses in killings of 2 nuns in Mississippi
Rodney Earl Sanders arrested and charged in the deaths of two 68-year-old nuns
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In wake of Italy quake, how ready is Los Angeles?
The Los Angeles skyline may look drastically different than the centuries-old villages pulverized in massive earthquake, but looks can be deceiving
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Clinton, Trump continue to ratchet up racism debate
New round of attack ads take aim at presidential candidates' comments about minorities
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A surprising way to think about slavery
Historian and museum director Lonnie Bunch shows Scott Pelley a capital of the slave trade and explains why slavery is a story of strength in survival
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Trump offers hints at immigration policy specifics
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Southwest flight makes emergency landing after major engine problem
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Trump tweet on killing of Dwyane Wade’s cousin sparks uproar
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Photos of the week
The most compelling photos from the week's news, August 20-26, 2016
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Juno spacecraft completes swing around Jupiter
NASA's Juno spacecraft completed its first low-altitude swing around Jupiter and sent back its first close-up pictures
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Italy grieves with emotional mass funeral for earthquake victims
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San Francisco 49ers QB mounts protest before preseason game
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North Korea makes violent threat at truce village inside DMZ
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State reveals when Clinton calendar release will be finished
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Mastermind in major cafe attack killed in police raid
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Stranded mariners'"SOS" in sand gets aircraft crew's attention
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