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Donald Trump attacks George W. Bush on 9/11, Iraq
Ted Cruz called out Marco Rubio for his past stances on immigration and Rubio responded in a biting fashion at Saturday's GOP debate
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See why Ted Cruz started debating Marco Rubio in Spanish
The two senators found themselves in a familiar fight with a new twist in Saturday night's CBS News Republican debate
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Donald Trump to Ted Cruz: "You are the single biggest liar"
Trump leveled that charge after Cruz attacked the billionaire over late-term abortions and support for Planned Parenthood
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Republicans meet for CBS News debate in South Carolina
The remaining six GOP candidates face off for the first time since the New Hampshire primaries
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Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia dead at 79
Conservative stalwart of the Supreme Court is believed to have died of natural causes in Texas
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Obama: I plan to nominate a successor to Justice Scalia
The president could tip the balance of power in the Supreme Court from conservatives to liberals
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GOP candidates: Senate should block Obama's choice to replace Scalia
At the CBS News GOP presidential debate, most candidates said the next president should appoint Scalia's successor
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Antonin Scalia 1936-2016
The Supreme Court Justice was known for his intellect and his uncompromising advocacy of conservative opinions and an "originalist" view of the Constitution
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Video raises questions about NYC charter school
Video showing teacher ripping up students' work "is 100 percent a reflection of the culture at that school," former teacher tells CBS News
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Which dog won Westminster's agility title?
The 330 competitors ranged from Chihuahuas to giant schnauzers and included 26 mixed-breed dogs, nearly twice as many as last year
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​Chicago man dies in Puerto Rico skydiving accident
Police say that Gaby Ferraca apparently had problems controlling his parachute after it opened during skydiving festival
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​Recaptured jail inmate says he never intended to harm anyone
"I'm a nice guy," Hossein Nayeri says. "I've done a lot of things for humanity that are opposite of what I have been accused of"
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Photos of the week
The most compelling photos from the week's news, February 6-12, 2016, a woman in a bottle, a rampaging elephant and the New Hampshire primary
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What you can do to help guard against the Zika virus
At least 81 Zika cases have been reported in 21 states, and mosquito experts are urging action to stop it from spreading in the U.S.
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Police: Gunman kills Florida college student at party
Authorities say suspect fatally shot student at Daytona Beach party, seriously wounded other students
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