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What to expect from the Democratic debate
Five candidates to take the stage in Las Vegas -- likely without the fireworks launched by the GOP rivals
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Flight 17 downed due to "the detonation of a warhead"
The Dutch Safety Board says there is no doubt a Russian-made missile shot from eastern Ukraine brought down the Boeing 777 with 298 on board
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Jeb Bush offers plan to repeal, replace Obamacare
Two-page proposal would give more power to states to regulate health insurance, but contains no specific details on how many people could be left without coverage
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From the archives: Buried alive for 69 days
Five years ago this week, 33 miners emerged from the collapsed San José mine in Copiapó, Chile. Four months later, Bob Simon told their story
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Gun shop found liable in shooting of two Milwaukee police officers
Two police officers who were shot and seriously wounded have won their lawsuit which could now set a new precedent for gun sales
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U.S. draws line on protecting CIA-backed rebels in Syria
Russian military intervention to prop up Syria's government has brought new scrutiny of the CIA's secret support to Syrian rebels
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Woman sued nephew, said his "forceful" birthday greeting injured her
NYC woman lost her suit seeking $127,000 against 12-year-old; she'd said her injury made it "difficult to hold" hors d'oeuvres
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Union: Chronic shortage of air traffic controllers creating crisis
Dozing on the job reported by 61 percent of air traffic controllers; union says its work force is lowest in 27 years
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Blue Bell listeria discovered thanks to random testing
Health official says it was "scary" that tainted ice cream was going to consumers after deadly bacteria was discovered
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Behind the scenes: Secret Service
Photojournalist Jacquelyn Martin's "inside the bubble" images of U.S. Secret Service agents protecting President Barack Obama
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​Artist tries to make U.S.-Mexico border fence "invisible"
Artist Ana Teresa Fernández is leading an effort to paint the border fence in Nogales so blue that it blends with the sky
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Planned Parenthood to stop charging for fetal tissue program
Responding to furor over undercover videos, women's health organization will keep controversial research program but cover the costs themselves
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"Freakonomics" author got students to admit cheating
Economist Steven Levitt says students have an incentive to cheat, and colleges need to up their game
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New York AG probes drugmaker accused of price gouging
State regulator looking at whether Turing Pharmaceuticals violated antitrust rules by restricting access to 62-year-old drug
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Trending Halloween costumes
As Halloween season approaches there are costume ideas galore inspired by pop culture, politics and Hollywood
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