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In first primary, Clinton loses women to Sanders
Bernie Sanders won over by a wide margin a political constituency that Hillary Clinton was counting on
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Triumphant Donald Trump: "I can change the game"
The GOP front-runner visited "CBS This Morning" to weigh in on the state of the primary race after his N.H. win; also talked North Korea, China
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John Kasich: I love "being underestimated"
After strong showing in N.H., Kasich is taking a victory lap -- and lobbing attacks at some rival GOP candidates
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Seven takeaways from the New Hampshire exit polls
What the results in New Hampshire tell us about the electorate at the moment
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N. Korea's controversial satellite is tumbling again
The Hermit Kingdom claims to have in recent years put four satellites into orbit, but only one seems to work, and it's not the recent one
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Ex-priest arrested in 1960 murder of Texas beauty queen
The last time anybody saw 25-year-old Irene Garza, she was going to confession at Sacred Heart Catholic Church
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3 kids, 1 adult stabbed at Staten Island hotel
All four were rushed to a hospital in critical condition, according to EMS officials
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New Hampshire decides
Republican and Democratic presidential candidates pursue on-the-fence New Hampshire voters as residents head to the polls in the nation's first primary
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"You're all going to die": Drunk passenger diverts flight
Plane that left Boston and was bound for San Diego had to stop in Denver; passengers praise airline crew's response
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What does the future hold for babies with microcephaly?
Zika virus sparks worries about thousands of babies born with small heads; impact may range from normal health to crippling disability
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Large wave sweeps couple into ocean; only 1 survives
U.S. Coast Guard responds to waters off Northern California after couple pulled into water
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What we know about Apple's iPad Air 3
Consumers are getting new clues about the next generation of iPad, expected to be unveiled in March
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Hummingbirds of Costa Rica
Of the 338 known species of Hummingbird worldwide there are around 50 in Costa Rica
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This app is killing your phone's battery life
One study finds that deleting this app could save up to 15 percent of your phone's battery life
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RFK's assassin seeking parole for 15th time
For 5 decades, Sirhan Sirhan has said he doesn't remember fatally shooting Robert F. Kennedy at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles
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