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Feds: Ex-NSA contractor put U.S. intel officers at risk
Harold Martin was arrested in late August and has been charged with stealing and keeping highly classified material over the course of 20 years
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DNC accuses RNC of violating agreement to not intimidate voters
The DNC filed a lawsuit in New Jersey federal court on Wednesday; federal law enforcement officials concerned about calls for violence around Election Day
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Apple rolls out a new MacBook Pro: Does it still matter?
Apple executives tell CNET why the new laptop was over four years in the making — and why we should care
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Kim Kardashian tick-tick-ticks off "60 Minutes" viewers
Pandemonium broke out on the "60 Minutes" Facebook page when people found out Kim Kardashian would appear on the broadcast
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Dakota Access pipeline protesters face off with authorities
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Putin speaks out on claims of Russia interfering in U.S. election
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Accused UW serial rapist was reported to campus police
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New details revealed about deadly accident on MLB star's boat
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The way it was: Today in history
Throwback Thursday: A look back at events on October 27
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Woman accused of killing ex-classmate with cyanide learns her fate
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Anthem singer: NBA team gave me the boot over what I was wearing
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Something is bothering the American shopper
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U.N.: Syria school attack a potential war crime
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Archaeologist at Jesus' tomb site: "What was found is astonishing"
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First-ever dinosaur brain tissue found
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