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Gunmen take guests hostage after blast at Somalia hotel
Mogadishu hotel guests taken hostage by al Qaeda-linked extremist group claiming responsibility for deadly attack
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Deadly flooding hit West Virginia from out of nowhere
West Virginia flooding destroys several homes, some torn from foundations, carried away by swollen rivers, lakes
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Why Brexit is so scary
Policymakers and bankers are in a bind as the global bull market is threatened by something they can't control: the will of voters
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"You'll be my arms, and I'll be your eyes"
GoPro goes to China to capture a story that's gone viral of two disabled friends working together to plant 10,000 trees
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Police: Family argument ends with deadly shooting in Texas
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Coast Guard makes grim announcement about missing family
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GOP senator: Obama pays "lip service" to ISIS threat
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Photos of the week
The most compelling images from the week's news June 18-23, 2016, including the Brexit referendum, summer solstice and Cavalier's victory
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Democrats weigh in on platform proposal opposing trade deal
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Actor Aziz Ansari pens op-ed on why Trump makes him scared for his family
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Louisiana mom could face felony charges after punishing sons for robbery
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Global reactions to Brexit
Reactions vary wildly after the U.K. vote to exit the European Union
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Fast-moving central California wildfire kills 2
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Keith Thurman vows to keep welterweight title in primetime boxing match
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Inside U.S. scientists' groundbreaking test to grow potatoes on Mars
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