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Terror suspects abroad: Is the U.S. killing or capturing?
Obama administration increasingly opting for lethal force
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The best Black Friday car deals
Big discounts that last through the weekend make it a good time to go car shopping -- here's what automakers are offering
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When a "60 Minutes" shoot becomes a stampede
Anything can happen on a "60 Minutes" shoot, as you’ll see when Lesley Stahl interviews Stephen Wainaina Waweru, a farmer in Kenya
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Russia's response: Surface-to-air missiles in Syria
Tension mounts as Moscow moves its most advanced anti-aircraft missiles near to where fighter jet was downed in move Putin called a "stab in the back"
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Brussels seeks normalcy amid hunt for Paris suspects
Many of the metros re-opened in Belgian capital and kids have returned to school
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Card skimmers in overdrive at gas stations
Information getting swiped at the pump is another reason to be wary heading into the busiest travel time of the year
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"French Kiss - A love letter to Paris"
Peter Turnley's timeless photos of the city of love
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Police with machine guns at U.S. airports this holiday weekend
Automatic weapons being carried by police at LAX and New York City as police presence increased for the holiday
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ISIS used tunnels to hide under besieged Iraq city
Extensive network discovered by Kurdish troops was well equipped, but not enough to keep Sinjar in the hands of the militants
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Don't get burned by these Thanksgiving cooking hazards
Thanksgiving is a peak day for home cooking fires; here's how to help prevent injuries while preparing your holiday feast
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10 terrific holiday gifts for the home
Black Friday is almost upon us, so here are some great ideas for presents that can be used around the house
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Will Pfizer bring its tax bonanza back to the U.S.?
To hear CEO tell it, takeover of Allergan will free up cash to invest and hire domestically -- don't bank on it
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Donald Trump claims he predicted terrorism
GOP front-runner was addressing rally in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
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E. coli linked to Costco chicken salad
At least 19 people in 7 states have been sickened in the latest E. coli outbreak
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The world's best architecture
The top architectural designs chosen at the annual World Architectural Festival in Singapore
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