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Flight 17 downed due to "the detonation of a warhead"
Dutch Safety Board says there is no doubt a Russian-made missile brought down the Boeing 777 with 298 on board over eastern Ukraine
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Blue Bell listeria discovered thanks to random testing
Health official says it was "scary" that tainted ice cream was going to consumers after deadly bacteria was discovered
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From the archives: Buried alive for 69 days
Five years ago this week, 33 miners emerged from the collapsed San José mine in Copiapó, Chile. Four months later, Bob Simon told their story
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Eye Opener: Democrats square off in Vegas debate
Your world in 90 seconds
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"They did not die in vain": 2 firefighters killed in K.C. blaze
Fire crews save two people from spreading flames before building collapses, authorities say
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Violence in Israel intensifying
Police say latest deadly wave in Jerusalem includes stabbings, gunfire on bus and attack at bus stop
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Gunmen in Haiti kill U.S. missionary in her car
Police say attackers also kidnapped a 4-year-old child from the car after shooting her at close range
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New species discoveries in Eastern Himalayas
A sneezing monkey and a fish that walks are among over 200 news species found in the Eastern Himalayas in recent years
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Beer giants agree to merge, create world's biggest brewer
Anheuser-Busch InBev would take over SABMiller in deal worth well over $100B; combo needs regulators' OK
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A GOP revolt in the House: Can Republicans learn from history?
History hasn't been too kind to upstart House members who challenged party leadership
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Playboy to scrap nudity in magazine makeover
Despite its success, adult magazine has suffered from the Internet explosion in which pornography is both free and easy to find
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Is sitting as bad for our health as we think?
New research challenges claims that sitting for long periods of time leads to risk of earlier death
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Leading Democratic candidates want to tax Wall Street
With the economy still hurting from the financial crisis, presidential contenders back a plan to deter harmful speculation
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Should high school freshmen start applying to colleges?
​Dozens of elite colleges think so, and they're backing a new process -- but many school counselors think otherwise
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How to save money during Medicare open enrollment
Most people just re-enroll in the same plan, but that can wind up costing you -- with higher premiums and inadequate care
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