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Police move in to end deadly Bangladesh hostage siege
At least 2 dead, dozens more hurt as group of gunmen holds hostages at restaurant popular with foreigners
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Lynch on Bill Clinton meeting: I "wouldn't do it again"
The attorney general said the impromptu gathering "cast a shadow" over the FBI investigation into Clinton's private email server
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Michigan woman on a mission to revitalize her neighborhood
Some folks see their hometown for what it is. Meet someone who sees hers for what it could be
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Best -- and worst -- things to buy in July
The arrival of summer means sales on everything from swimwear to school supplies -- here's what to pick up and what to avoid
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North Carolina lawmakers leave LGBT law mostly intact
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CDC: Brain-eating amoeba found at whitewater center after teen's death
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Mom who whipped sons after robbery learns if she'll be charged
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100-year-old "Gone With The Wind" star breaks silence on sibling feud
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Gunmen take hostages in Bangladesh
A group of gunmen attacked a restaurant popular with foreigners in the Bangladesh capital, taking hostages
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​Report: Judge who locked up 3 kids committed misconduct
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Teen who urged suicide via text will stand trial
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Possible motive in pizza restaurant owner's murder
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California animal services agency may have made fatal mistake
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Alligator attacks
In the last year alone, gator attacks have risen dramatically
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How a U.S. lab worker may have tainted $108M worth of research
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