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Ex-NYPD officer dubbed "Cannibal Cop" tells his story
New York City man accused of planning to abduct, kill, cook women opens up to CBS New York station
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Rescuers race to find survivors after deadly quake
Hundreds of firefighters, soldiers focus on ruins of residential building that folded like accordion after powerful earthquake
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As lead fades, Hillary Clinton defends her Wall Street speeches
Clinton tells CBS News "The Sanders campaign has been running this campaign of insinuation and innuendo. Say it to my face!"
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Backlash in Bay Area amid Super Bowl hype
For all the hoopla, not everyone in the San Francisco Bay Area is happy that the Super Bowl has come to town
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Multiple people dead in Texas shootout
Standoff ongoing inside small mobile home park in South Texas
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Officials look for cause of deadly NYC crane collapse
City officials say death toll caused by huge construction crane crashing onto street could have been much worse
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What would a Trump presidency mean for gay rights?
GOP candidate asked if his presidency would lead to more forward motion on equality for gays, lesbians
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Photos of the week
The most compelling photos from the week's news, including the Australian Open, a vulture accused of being a spy and the Iowa caucuses
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Seoul: North Korea moves up rocket launch window
Outside governments suspect planned rocket launch is a banned test of ballistic missile technology
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Pope's sex abuse panel tells survivor to take a time-out
High-profile abuse survivor had clashed with Pope Francis' commission
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Twitter sued by victim's family over ISIS accounts
Justice reporter Paula Reid discusses the case of a Florida defense contractor's family suing Twitter
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Obama wants big increase in clean energy funding
By 2020, the president wants the U.S. to spend more on clean energy research and development
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Deadly shooting at strip club in Florida
Police investigating what led to gunfire at club in Tampa
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SS United States to sail again after renovation
The SS United States was the fastest, sleekest ocean liner afloat
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Deadly quake strikes Taiwan
Two residential high-rises collapsed because of a 6.4 magnitude earthquake; 221 rescued and at least five dead
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