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Chicago police chief fired amid outcry over shooting
Garry McCarthy has come under fire over black teen's death at the hands of a white cop, as well as the subsequent investigation
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Obama calls climate change an "imperative" despite terror threat
The president explained why the world is focusing on climate amid a terror threat before leaving the Paris climate talks
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​5 reasons why Americans pay so much for drugs
Other countries pay far less for prescription meds than the U.S. -- blame lots of marketing and a lack of bargaining
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Gas prices keep falling -- how low can they go?
Prices at the pump in some parts of the U.S. have plunged to $1.41, with motorists around the country also set to benefit
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Gold bar worth $500K eyed in slaying of mother, son
Person of interest named in Montana deaths; female victim recently came into possession of 25 lb. bar of gold
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Many questions in new Juneau, Alaska mayor's death
Police will only confirm that 70-year-old Stephen "Greg" Fisk's adult son discovered his father's body inside his Juneau home
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With van IDed, missing Aussies' fate in Mexico appears grim
After confirming torched van with corpses inside in rural Mexico belonged to missing Australian surfers, their families prepare for the worst
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Extreme photos of pollution
As world leaders from 196 countries try to reach a global agreement on climate change, these pictures prove the importance of environmental regulation
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U.S. to deploy additional special ops forces to Iraq, Syria
Defense Secretary Ash Carter told Congress that a "targeting" force would conduct raids, gather intelligence
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Report tracks hundreds of U.S. ISIS sympathizers on Twitter
Researchers say at least 300 American Twitter users are supporters of ISIS, and they fall into 3 categories of online behavior
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All the Democratic women senators rally for Clinton -- except Warren
The senators rallied for Clinton on Monday night at a fundraiser held at a hotel on Capitol Hill
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Express Scripts offers $1 alternative to $750 pill
After drug company's owner announced a 5,000-percent price hike earlier this year, a less expensive option will soon be available
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Ex-Connecticut mayor returns to office after 7-year prison stint
Critics say Joe Ganim cost Bridgeport millions of dollars and that his return to the city will scare away developers
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Nearly half of U.S. homes use cellphones only
A new report looks at just how many Americans are cutting the cord on landlines
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Carey Mulligan
In the span of a decade, the British actress has earned a place among the top talents working in films today
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