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Northeast braces for deep freeze
Record low temperatures are in the weekend forecast for Philadelphia, New York and Boston
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CBS News releases Republican presidential debate lineup
CBS will host the next GOP debate Saturday in Greenville, South Carolina
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In surprise shakeup, toy company sells Etch A Sketch
"It'll be bittersweet, but we had to look at the long-term future of the business," said Martin Killgallon, the company's president
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What bacteria may reveal about your home
Researchers find certain types of residences may have more human bacteria on the walls and floors, including mouth microbes
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​Catholic college reinstates 2 fired professors after scandal goes national
Mount St. Mary's University fired the two faculty members amid an uproar over a plan to identify freshmen most likely to fail
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Mets pitcher Jenrry Mejia first to draw lifetime drug ban
The commissioner's office said Friday that Mejia tested positive for a performance-enhancing substance for the third time
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Help wanted: Creative thinker, must roll joints
In Colorado, legalization of marijuana has some businesses tolerating and even encouraging employees to consume weed
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​Autopsy reports found from 1929 Valentine's Day massacre
Killing of seven men still considered Chicago's most infamous gangland killing, eight decades later
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Iconic Abraham Lincoln portraits
A look back at the 16th President of the U.S. on the 270th anniversary of his birth, as seen in photos throughout his life
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Cops: Two teen girls shot dead at Ariz. high school
The students were found lying next to each other with a weapon nearby, police said; no suspects are being sought
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Stocks end losing streak as oil prices jump
Investors cheered by robust consumer spending in U.S. and signs that OPEC could act to boost crude prices
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​Lawsuit: Principal was warned about school child porn
Police say ​Deonte Carraway admitted to making sexual videos of children while volunteering at the elementary school
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Teen who allegedly hacked CIA chief's AOL account in custody
Hacker claimed responsibility for hacking CIA Director John Brennan's personal email account last year
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Experts: Tough case against ex-priest in cold case
Decades-old evidence, lack of DNA are obstacles in prosecution of John Feit in 1960 murder of Texas beauty queen Irene Garza, experts say
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Flying manhole cover kills driver in Boston
State Police say the metal manhole cover became "dislodged and airborne" before it slammed into a car just before 8 a.m.
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