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"Heartbreaking" floods in South Carolina still not over
13 killed, hundreds of homes and roads destroyed; 40,000 people still without safe drinking water
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Russian "volunteers" likely to fight with Assad's troops
As tension soars in wake of what NATO calls Moscow's "irresponsible" actions, senior Russian pol says ex-troops will "probably" join war
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Holocaust investigator on parallel between Nazis and ISIS
A French Catholic priest, who devotes his life to finding unmarked graves of the Holocaust, says genocide sleeps between generations
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Eye Opener: State of emergency in South Carolina
Your world in 90 seconds
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U.S. commander admits mistake in bombing Afghan hospital
Gen. John Campbell tells Congress that it was a U.S. decision to conduct the airstrike and that the hospital was "mistakenly struck"
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New info on what doomed El Faro cargo ship
Company says experienced captain planned to bypass Hurricane Joaquin, but "engine problem" left him and his crew sitting ducks
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Turkey reports 2nd day of harassment by Russian military
Turkish F-16s patrolling Syria border targeted by both MIG-29 plane as well as surface-to-air missile systems based in Syria
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"Thousand year" flooding in S.C.
Catastrophic flooding hits South Carolina breaking several weather records dating back more than a century
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Milwaukee officers' lawsuit could set gun law precedent
Two police officers shot in line of duty claim gun store owners were negligent in selling the weapon used in the shooting
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Seattle H.S. football player dies after game injury
Kenney Bui, a defensive back, suffered a traumatic brain injury during a tackle in his school's homecoming game, his family said
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American Airlines pilot who died mid-flight identified
Pilot became sick during a flight from Phoenix to Boston and later died; co-pilot safely made emergency landing
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Ten Commandments monument removed from Okla. Capitol grounds
Lawmakers promise to fight to change state constitution to allow the spending of public money for religious purposes
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Trump cries foul on unofficial campaign gear sellers
The candidate's campaign is warning them that using Trump's name, likeness and slogan are illegal infringements
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Gun control creates snag in Chris Christie's 2016 pitch
New Jersey governor usually touts his ability to reach across the aisle but is taking a different approach to gun control
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Air France executives run for their lives from violent protest
Hundreds of angry staff stormed company headquarters, forcing two top officials to flee, but not before crowd tore their clothes to shreds
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