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Doomed cargo ship was "at the mercy of the sea"
NTSB team heads to Florida to study El Faro debris, conduct interviews, and look at documents to find out what went wrong
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Top U.N. diplomat arrested over Chinese bribery scheme
Former president of the United Nations General Assembly accused of taking huge cash payout from a billionaire Chinese real estate mogul
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FAA proposes record fine against company for drone flights
SkyPan accused of operating aircraft "in a careless or reckless manner so as to endanger lives or property"
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Want to get ahead? Live in the right zip code
The economic recovery means better prospects for many Americans, but for millions any progress remains elusive
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After deadly rains, S.C. gov. warns: "Don't let the sunshine fool you"
At least 14 weather-related deaths in state as officials warn that new evacuations could be ordered
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U.S. commander admits mistake in bombing Afghan hospital
Gen. John Campbell tells Congress that it was a U.S. decision to conduct the airstrike and that the hospital was "mistakenly struck"
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Suspected Pa. community college gunman in custody
A SWAT team was on scene shortly after 10 a.m.; after a search of about one and a half hours, the suspect was in custody
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Glimpsing the future, from the past
A set of collectible artist cards - "France in the year 2000 (21st Century)" - that first appeared as inserts in cigar boxes provide a fascinating look at dreams of the future circa 1900
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Russia agrees to further talks on Syria operations, U.S. says
With Russia aggressively joining the crowded military airspace over Syria, U.S. concerns about "irresponsible behavior" increase
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Questioning America's "weird obsession with recycling everything"
New York Times science columnist John Tierney argues that recycling waste is often a waste of energy
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Seattle H.S. football player dies after game injury
Kenney Bui, a defensive back, suffered a traumatic brain injury during a tackle in his school's homecoming game, his family said
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Air France executives run for their lives from violent protest
Hundreds of angry staff stormed company headquarters, forcing two top officials to flee, but not before crowd tore their clothes to shreds
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What Hillary Clinton said when asked to sum up Donald Trump in a word
"Too many words...come to my mind," she told a Telemundo anchor who quizzed her on Trump's traits
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"Thousand year" flooding in S.C.
Catastrophic flooding hits South Carolina breaking several weather records dating back more than a century
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In writings, Oregon gunman declared: "I'm the sane one"
Official says Christopher Harper-Mercer, who gunned down 9 people at Oregon community college, ranted about having no girlfriend
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