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Protesters claim victory in Dakota pipeline battle
National Congress of American Indians says Army Corps of Engineers will for now not grant easement to the Dakota Access Pipeline near reservation
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At least 33 confirmed killed in Oakland warehouse fire
Official death toll in Oakland "Ghost Ship" warehouse fire rising as authorities searched wreckage of artist workspace and illegal music venue
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With no proof, Priebus defends claim of vast fraud
Incoming White House chief of staff talked on "Face the Nation" about unverified claims millions voted illegally, Mitt Romney, and Taiwan
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World's No. 1 chess player Magnus Carlsen holds title
"60 Minutes" first met Carlsen in 2012, when he was the youngest No. 1 player. This week, he won the World Chess Championship in New York City
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Man with rifle enters pizza joint hit with fake Clinton-sex trafficking story
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Fake U.S. embassy shut down after issuing real visas for 10 years
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Iran High Court upholds billionaire's death sentence
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Pearl Harbor - Day of infamy
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College football’s 2016 playoff teams announced
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Leon Panetta on his "concerns" about Trump and daily intel briefs
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Alleged Charleston church shooter flip-flops on lawyers at trial
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Austria rejects far-right party in bellwether presidential election
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The Rolling Stones through the ages
The world’s premier rock and roll band has remained at the top of their game for more than half a century
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Gunman kills politician, two journalists in Finland
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Iran issues threat over U.S. bill renewing sanctions
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