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Voting begins in New Hampshire primary
One small surprise already as residents of three towns cast first ballots; heavy turnout expected throughout state
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New Hampshire's independents: Which ones are likely to be the swing voters?
Gauging the impact of New Hampshire's famously independent independents
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3 key moves for boomers facing longer lives
With Americans in the midst of a longevity revolution, it's important for those who are aging to take these steps
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North Korean satellite "tumbling in orbit," U.S. officials say
Attempt to put satellite into stable orbit has apparently failed, according to U.S. officials
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Trump echoes supporter's vulgar insult of Ted Cruz
It's very likely he's the only presidential candidate in U.S. history to use this word in the midst of a stump speech
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Wife of senior ISIS figure charged in death of American hostage
Iraqi woman was charged for her alleged role in conspiracy that resulted in Kayla Mueller's death in February 2015
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Lyme disease just got nastier
Until now, scientists thought only one species of bacteria was responsible for the tick-borne disease
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On the primary trail in New Hampshire
CBS News Digital Journalist Jacqueline Alemany has been on the road in New Hampshire covering the campaigns for CBS News
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Can Hillary Clinton overcome her generation gap among women?
Younger women so far have been "feeling the Bern" in big numbers
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Homes: What you can buy for $185,000
That's the U.S. median home value, but what you'll get for this price varies wildly, so choose carefully
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Will the governors' strong ground games pay off in New Hampshire?
John Kasich, Jeb Bush and Chris Christie have spent considerably more time in the Granite State than their opponents
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Search for survivors after German trains crash head-on
Fatal wreck between two regional trains in Bavaria at start of morning rush hour leaves several cars overturned
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Europe's zombie debt crisis is stalking Wall Street
U.S. stocks feel the pain as old fears revive about euro's fate and health of Europe's banking system
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Mayor in Hawaii declares state of emergency due to dengue fever outbreak
State Health Department has confirmed 251 cases of dengue fever on Hawaii Island; same mosquitoes that spread dengue carry Zika virus
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The unsolved mystery of falling global trade
Is it due to rising protectionism, slowing globalization or a combination of factors? Answers and solutions are needed
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