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U.S. to partner with vetted Syrian groups, pause rebel training program
The Obama administration has decided to "modify" its policy on the ground against ISIS in Syria
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Trump has profited from companies that stash cash abroad
While blasting U.S. multinationals for this tax-avoidance strategy, he hasn't been shy about investing in them
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Fight with frat members led to Northern Arizona shooting, suspect says
Suspect tells police he went back to his car and retrieved gun after being attacked by frat member; claims he tried to render first aid after shooting
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Stocks close out best week of the year with a small gain
Investors are betting that the Federal Reserve pushes back the timing for a hike in interest rates
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1 dead in Texas college shooting, 2 suspects detained
Houston police say they're looking for a third suspect in fatal shooting Friday morning outside an off-campus student housing facility at Texas Southern University
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House GOP leaders begging Paul Ryan to run for speaker
Republican caucus in disarray following Kevin McCarthy's bombshell withdrawal as candidate
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DHS investigating Wikipedia entries alleging Kevin McCarthy affair
The Department of Homeland Security is investigating changes made to two Republican lawmakers' Wikipedia pages
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New pics of Apollo moon missions
A treasure trove of original NASA images gives an unprecedented view of man's first lunar encounters
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Witness: Train hero broke up fight between man, woman
Eyewitness to Spencer Stone stabbing says airman got in the middle of fight after suspect hit woman in the face
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Should you give up your right to sue for $200?
Fiat Chrysler is offering a discount to entice customers to skip the courts in case of warranty disputes
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Ben Carson suggests Holocaust could have been "diminished" with guns
The Republican contender is drawing ire for his recent comments on gun control
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At Mexican site, signs of brutal sacrifice of Spaniards
New findings from age of the conquistadors tell the story of capture, decapitation and cannibalism by the defending natives
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Florida king cobra wouldn't go quietly into custody
Snake that was missing for weeks put up a fight when animal control officers showed up at its hiding spot
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Venomous caterpillar spotted in Pennsylvania
The white hickory tussock moth caterpillar, native to Canada, is bad news if you touch it
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Curses of the Cubs
Chicago Cubs fans may blame a series of unfortunate events for nearly a century of postseason woes, but "Back to the Future Part II" says 2015 could finally be their year
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