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President Obama reveals what stresses him most
President opens up to "CBS This Morning" co-host Gayle King in the Oval Office about his final months on the job
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New Hampshire primary: Tracking the candidates
Voters are casting ballots on Tuesday in the first-in-the-nation primary
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N.H. independents: Which ones are likely to be the swing voters?
Gauging the impact of New Hampshire's famously independent independents
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Picking the brains of New Hampshire's late-deciders
CBS News talks to holdout voters who are waiting until primary day to make their final decision
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"Shaking all over": Cruise ship passengers describe terror in storm
Florida senator calls for federal investigation into Atlantic Ocean journey that ran into 30-foot seas
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Trump echoes supporter's vulgar insult of Ted Cruz
It's very likely he's the only presidential candidate in U.S. history to use this word in the midst of a stump speech
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"My head hurts": Dad listens to daughter's shooting death on phone
"I didn't realize at the time but I was just having the last conversation with my daughter," David O'Connor said of his kid, a recent Chicago transplant
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New Hampshire decides
Republican and Democratic presidential candidates pursue on-the-fence New Hampshire voters as residents head to the polls in the nation's first primary
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Lyme disease just got nastier
Until now, scientists thought only one species of bacteria was responsible for the tick-borne disease
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Tenn. parents fight Gay-Straight Alliance in high school
Student group formed in response to bullying over gay issues compared to terrorists by parents; supporters told there's "no place" for them
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U.S. intel chief offers warning about N. Korea nuclear threat
James Clapper also weighs in on ISIS and cyber threats while delivering annual assessment of the top dangers facing the country
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Homes: What you can buy for $185,000
That's the U.S. median home value, but what you'll get for this price varies wildly, so choose carefully
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N. Korea used a new cagey new trick in rocket launch
Analysts first thought weekend launch was a failure, but only because the North is getting better at covering its tracks
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Ex-Texas DA loses appeal on disbarment over false conviction
Former prosecutor used false testimony and withheld evidence to send now-exonerated man to death row for 12 years
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3 key moves for boomers facing longer lives
With Americans in the midst of a longevity revolution, it's important for those who are aging to take these steps
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