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Race against time, floods in South Carolina
Drama intensifies in rush to shore up canal, dams as state braces for possible second wave of floodwaters
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Did U.S. forces overstep authority in Afghan strike?
Obama said force could be used under 3 specific circumstances, and it's unclear if any were met before deadly hospital strike
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U.S., Russia still at odds about skies over Syria
Moscow said its fighter jets targeted several ​ISIS positions Tuesday, but some weren't in areas controlled by the terror group
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​Animals return to Chernobyl
Nearly three decades after nuclear disaster, wildlife is back and thriving
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Oregon shooter's mom made online posts of son's guns and Asperger's
Online writings by Laurel Harper dating back nine years offer fresh insight into the gunman and his relationship with his mother
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AP: Smugglers busted trying to sell nuclear material to ISIS
Moldovan authorities say operation with FBI thwarted gangs with possible Russia links trying to sell cesium to terrorists who want to "annihilate America"
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Public health emergency declared in Flint, Michigan, due to contaminated water
When city disconnected its water supply from Detroit and started drawing from the Flint River, it was eyeing $15 million in savings
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Glimpsing the future, from the past
A set of collectible artist cards - "France in the year 2000 (21st Century)" - that first appeared as inserts in cigar boxes provide a fascinating look at dreams of the future circa 1900
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Thousands of federal inmates scheduled for early release
Sentences lowered retroactively for those convicted of drug-related felonies could mean early release for up to 40,000 people
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​Texas executes inmate for killing man in $8 robbery
Juan Martin Garcia put to death for September 1998 killing and robbery of Mexican missionary
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Toyota aiding Treasury Dept. probe into Mideast terror group vehicles
Over the years, Toyota trucks have appeared in ISIS propaganda videos, but it's not clear how terror group acquired the trucks
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NY AG opens inquiry into allegations of fantasy sports insider betting
Giants of fantasy sports industry forced to defend integrity after revelations about betting practices of employees
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$310M Powerball jackpot winner: Take this job and ...
Michigan lottery winner says when she found out, she immediately quit her "nasty, dirty" job
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St. Louis develops disaster plan for nuclear waste dump
If fire were to reach the waste, it could sent a plume of radioactive smoke over the densely populated St. Louis metropolitan area
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Hiker found shot dead on trail with dog on leash
3 persons of interest being sought after being caught on video; victim was prominent massage therapist and teacher
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