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Brandin Lea
About Brandin Lea

Brandin was born in New York and grew up with his family and friends as a very active kid involved in baseball and wrestling. Brandin always had a passion for helping people and flying. Brandin spent many weekends in school volunteering to help out his church and after school programs. Brandin even took an apprenticeship position to work around aircraft. Given this Brandin started his professional career as an Aviation Technician for the U.S. Military after graduating with Honors from High School. Mr. Lea spent his first 4 years in the military completing his first bachelor’s degree and serving his country as an Aviation technician while volunteering time with the family support office of financial matters. When not on active duty Brandin spent years of service to multy billion dollar companies as a project manager and fbudget consultant. Brandin has seen several combat deployments and humanitarian deployments in the last decade, bringing his expertise and knowledge all over the world. Brandin has had the privilege of compiling a list of great colleagues and contacts from defense contracting agencies to government offices as high as the pentagon. Mr. Lea was commended several times and recognized with many high honors for his service. Throughout his military career Brandin assisted his fellow military comrades and their families live financially balanced lives. He accomplished this through the various military family support channels. Working to assist military families reduce debt, save more and help prepare income tax returns is what lead Mr. Lea obtained his Accredited Financial Counselor to veteran’s affairs. After a few years of voluntary services to assisting military families save more and maximize federal benefits Brandin decided to start his own financial practice in Austin, TX to continue serving the community in another capacity besides military service alone.

Brandin is the director of the Uncommon Financial Solutions Group and lead host of the Uncommon Financial Hour radio program on the local Austin, TX talk radio station (96.3fm or 1370am or 95.5 HD3) every Sunday from 4pm-5pm. Brandin takes much pride in his ability to offer financial education to local business owners and individuals who listen to his show every week. Brandin is an active member of the Aviation Mechanics Guild, the Texas National Guard, the American Association of Notaries, Financial Professionals of America, the National Guard Association of Texas, Habitat for Humanity, Texas Political Public Affairs and The Enlisted National Guard Association of the United States. Brandin lives in Austin, TX with his children and can be reached at his office by calling (512) 651-3140.

About Michael Redding

Michael ReddingMichael started his professional career as an Aviation Technician and Engineering Technician for the U.S. Navy. Mr. Redding first gained experience in the aviation field after he attended an apprentice program at the Pensacola Naval Air Station. He has since become exceptionally skilled in turbine dynamics, aerospace propulsion, aerodynamic concepts and engineering, and flight dynamics, talents he lends to his position as aviation technician for the U.S. Navy. Michael has seen several combat deployments and humanitarian deployments in the last two decade. Mr. Redding was commended several times and recognized with many high honors for his service. Throughout his military career Michael assisted his fellow sailors and their families live financially balanced lives.

His skill set spans financial review, business operations optimization, estate planning, retirement & savings specialist, protection, wealth accumulation and safe conservative strategies. He constantly interacts and networks with other specialists in the financial services profession to build exceptional value for his clients. Mr. Redding focuses on customizing financial strategies and advice for each client’s unique needs, with ethics being the most critical component of his practice. The healthy referral rate is a testament to Michael’s practice. Michael works with clients both locally in Austin, throughout Texas. He attributes his successful career in both industries to his hard work, understanding, relentlessness and determination to serve others.

After retiring from 24yrs of service to our country Michael decided to continue serving his fellow American’s by educating and informing them of the ways they can save more, play more and leave more.

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